Sunday, 27 May 2018

Return to Thailand

Return to Thailand

Some people misunderstood "Looking for an alternative to Thailand". I did not relocate, I just had a closer look if I can get along with language, food, gay life, living in Taiwan. The results are positive, nonetheless I'm happy to go back to Thailand after 90 days of absence (longest absence in the last 5 years) for a month before spending the summer in Germany.

While in Taiwan, I was chatting with some boys in Thailand (stay in contact with old friends and scout new talent), a preview of what awaits me.

I have been chatting (both in person  and online) with a Lao boy who works at Klong Toey market, and who speaks surprisingly good English, for over a year . He would sometimes great me "You look handsome today!", a compliment that I would return. I did tiptoe about the issue of sexual orientation before, getting more and more direct without a clear answer, but now finally:

Two in quick succession asking "what are you doing now?"

Found some new talent on facebook and chat:


My translation, simplified:
CPFC: I'm Christian from Germany.
Thai Boy: Oh. Then you must be rich! Right?
CPFC: I live in Bangkok.
Thai Boy: I want an Iphone X. How can we do? 
Is there any good-hearted person who will buy me one? 
Thai Boy: Please some money first.

Language note: ใจดี jai di = good heart, in the context of gay dating means "a sucker who will send money in advance or buy gifts".
Suddenly, Top is active on facebook again! Out of prison after about four months for drugs (info from his girlfriend).


my translation:
CPFC: I though you are lost. Where have you been?
Top: When you come back to Thailand, please bring a gift for me.
CPFC: Yes. Where exactly in Bangkok are you?
Top: My mobile phone is broken and I can't use it any more. Are you going to buy me a new one? Will you buy me one? I have been asking you to buy me a mobile phone since we first met.
CPFC: I can't buy you a mobile phone.
Top: Why not?
CPFC: Cannot. 
If we meet, I will fob him off with 500 THB as before.  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
And boys in Pattaya as well are eagerly awaiting ChristianPFC's low season alleviation program.

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  2. Chjristian, you mentioned low season in Pattaya. I was the first time at low season in Pattaya this year in May. It was great. Marina Inn Hotel for less than 200 bath/night with an Internet coupon. This Hotel is now more a short time hotel with a lot of female sex noise in the evening, but I love the slutty ruffish atmosphere at this place. Nobody say anything if you take more than one boy on the room. Sunee Plaza is rnot dead. Ok, a lot of bars have closed but there are still a lot of young boys there, who do really everything for low season prices.

    1. I just spent some days in low season in Pattaya and it was great. Sunnee rather quiet, and many bars low numbers of boys and customers, but Nice Boys was packed, and deservedly!

      Maybe I should get into booking hotels online (I do mainly walk-in); for Taiwan hostels I checked last year and I can confirm that prices online are lower than walk-in.

      And now Baan Dok Mai online 415 THB, whereas I paid 600 per night walk-in.


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