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Repost: Non-offable boys

Repost: Non-offable boys

Fifth anniversary of the “Non-offable boys” post (20may2013). At that time I didn't have my blog (another anniversary coming up!), so I posted my experience on the forums:
(can’t find the post on gaybuttonthai any more)

What I wrote on 14nov2016 here:
still holds true. 

Sitting at Hotmale beer bar with a Farang friend recently and looking what is passing through the soi, I realize that the non-offable boy in 2013 was a turning point for me. Before I thought you can get fair deals, although expensive, but then slowly (only now I fully realize) dawned on me that they are just screwing me, grabbing as much money and providing as little in return as they (bars and boys) can get away with.

Before I though the customer is king, they will accommodate my wishes (always reasonable, if a boy says he doesn't bottom I accept that), but charge me dearly. But then I realized I'm being fooled, and that's a huge insult to me.

That event (boy does not want to go with me) eventually lead to me leaving the Soi Twilight scene (except for 2 or 3 visits per year with Farang friends who come for holiday) and taking all my business to Pattaya, online or even better look for free encounters. 

The greedy waiter at Classic boys fits in as well. That was around 2013-2014. There was (and still is) one who speaks good English and is not stupid. One day we got into chatting, which was interesting. On our several chats, I bought him the one or other beer, but one day I realized, he is not interested in friendship, he is interested in the beer I buy him!

Reading on the forums, many people seem to be content just sitting and chatting (with online translation if necessary) with these boys, I am not.

People like my loyal reader vinapu are as happy as a pig in mud stuffing 100 THB notes into every gogo boy who has not hidden by the count of 3's underwear, and paying short time rates over 2000 THB, but I find it all grossly overpriced, and can't bear the cacophony, smoking, and fake smiles any more.

Now I have the answer for those who find nothing wrong with boys rejecting customers. The job of a prostitute is a bit more intimate than other jobs, but a hairdresser or a doctor cannot reject a customer. Just like a doctor has to swear the Hippocratic Oath, anyone working in a brothel should have to swear the 

Oath of the Prostitute: I shall not decline a customer based on their race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, weight or height. I shall serve all customers with equal enthusiasm. 

(This does not apply to customers who are inebriated, poorly behaved, known for previous misconduct. But these should already be intercepted at the door.)

Going to a brothel and not being able to pick one of their staff defies the purpose of a brothel! Then I can as well go to a sauna or online, where I can’t pick whom I want either, but don't have to pay!

Original text in italic: 

Non-offable boys
As if I hadn’t had enough trouble and deception and disappointment in finding sex (I’m not even talking about love!) in Thailand, now I became a victim of the “non-offable boy” as well.

Saturday 18.05.2013 

After having sat at Hotmale bar (water, 40 Baht) for two hours and observing the passing traffic, I stroll through Soi Twilight and there he is, the boy of my dreams at Scorpion Bar! He even smiles at me and invites me to the bar. I ponder if I should go eat first but it is starting to rain, so I enter. Another boy sits next to me and asks if I would like a massage (neck and shoulder), I agree. After massage, he asks for 100 Baht tip, which I give him. Should he have mentioned that the massage is not for free or should I have asked if the massage is for free? But that’s not my point.

I ask him to call over the cute boy and offer him (the cute boy) a drink. The cute boy does not speak English, so I try in Thai, only to learn that he is Vietnamese. Communication was impossible, I tried in English and Thai, he didn’t understand anything I said and I only understood “mai ruu”, so everything reported furthers is translated by staff (it seems he understands their Thai).

He is 18 years old (but could be underage, I should have had my request to see the passport translated, so I could be sure about age and know how long and how often he has been in Thailand). After fruitless attempts at conversation, I ask to off him. I won’t let language problems between us.

Staff member one says he cannot go off because he is new boy, only drinking and talking (if you speak Vietnamese!).

There is a slight probability that the Vietnamese boy I had in Fresh Boys last year badmouthed me because we had a very unpleasant negotiation of his tip (he wanted 2000 for short time, I finally shoved him out of my hotel room with 1600) and this message spread via other boys to this boy.

I don’t give up, wait until another staff member walks past and ask again. Same answer. Finally, they call the owner. He is Thai, but lives in Paris most of the time (he is fluent in Thai, English and French as far as I can judge and has local knowledge of Paris, so I believe him that he speaks Chinese and Vietnamese as well). The cute boy is family (whatever that means) and cannot go off at all, not now and not later. He has been working there for almost a month (didn’t notice him before, should have asked to see his passport!) and returns to Vietnam every 30 days to get a new visa.

Now I wonder: how does he earn money if he can’t be offed? I even wonder how other Vietnamese boys who can be offed, but have to do a visa run every 30 days, can come out with a positive balance (even if they get 2000 for short time).

I pay for our drinks (orange juice, 100 Baht each), no tip for waiter, no tip for boy. I don’t go to bars to drink or to chat with boys (if I could speak Vietnamese), I go to off!

I should have told the owner that I feel deceived. 

After four years of whoring around in Thailand, I became slightly jaded, so the moments are rare that I see a boy and within milliseconds I know “this one and nobody else for tonight!”. This is the second time it happened this year. 

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  1. vinapu, loyal reader indeed needs to defend his name in view of post above - while all you said is true and I'm happy to pay over the odds, reason being I'm not flying all the way to Thailand to be unhappy, I don't like short times and I off boy short time only if I really like him and he is not available long time with good reason ( work, chores at home, he is such a star that has enough short time income ).

    As for rules of prostitute conduct, while you are on something with your proposal I think if boy doesn't want to go with me it's better to let if go than somehow look for ways of forcing him to as it may result in disaster in the room. It's why I always advise to off boy who is smiling at us, even if smile is fake , it's better than disinterested look

  2. Christian you really need to up the dosage on what ever medication it is that you are taking for all of your mental health issues.


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