Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Words of Praise: Bangkokbois blog

Words of Praise: Bangkokbois blog

Today marks one year of the last entry on Bangkokbois blog. This should be an obituary, but "words of praise" sounds more positive.

I have been asked many times in private messages or as comments on my blog if I know what happened to him. We were in contact by email (and months away from meeting in real life), but that broke down upon his disappearance, so unfortunately I do not know any more than can be found here:

What happened to Rush's blog?

The blog was accessible under the following URLs: http://bangkokbois.wordpress.com/
(problems with wordpress due to pornographic content)

Many thanks to surfcrest and Moses from Sawatdeenetwork for hosting and maintaining Bangkokbois blog. 

Other great blogs that disappeared:  
gayboythailand (in 2009, owner lost interest and didn't renew domain),  
shamelessmack (in 2011, blog went private, nobody knows what happened), 
ricequeendiary (in 2012, owner lost interest and didn't renew domain?). 

Details here: http://christianpfc.blogspot.com/2015/02/gay-forums-blogs-guides-and-encounters.html

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  1. as for RQueen: I remember that it was said (I think from some personal contacts) that the writer has more interest in fotography and thought he had written about all there was to say. What was written lasted for 1 more year or so and thrn also vanished, I guess he did not want to pay for hosting anymore.

    1. The owner was very sensitive and took offense at a comment (suggesting "ignorant" instead of "stupid" for tourists who pray to the crematorium of a Wat), then took that article off his blog (unfortunately I don't have copy, but clearly remember), and later the blog disappeared.

  2. as far as I know Rush died last fall

  3. Personally, I would class the "other great blogs" as great blogs, but Bankgokbois would not be considered in the same class.


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