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Pattaya quicky Sat 13. – Sun 14.8.2016

Pattaya quicky Sat 13. – Sun 14.8.2016

Another one-night visit to Pattaya, on the way from Rayong to Bangkok.

Sat 13.08.2016
Check into Baan Dok Mai 14:55. I had messaged an old acquaintance (A, whom I saw again a week before, but did not have time for more) and he arrives 15:20. While being on the bus from Rayong to Pattaya, I found he is not at the massage shop at the moment, and changed my plan from just popping into the massage shop to staying over night (because hotel room is more comfortable and costs about the same as using massage room). An ok dry massage, followed by afters and a nap together. Give him 1000 as agreed in advance and 200 more because I learnt that he came all the way from Chonburi by bus.

After dinner, stroll on Beach Road around 19:00: one boy whom is available and whom I know from before.

At Bali Hai pier masses of Chinese disembarking, around 19:40-20:10 pier and square full, spot several cuties:

Vassa 20:40-21:23 Pineapple juice 160 Baht. 11 Boys in towel and bare feet. Music too loud, temperature and light ok. There is #18 Dew who used to work in Wild West Boys, my type, but boring in bed. #15 looks very promising (name Add and big tattoo ADD on back and tattoo between eye and ear), will keep him in mind for next time. #23 looks promising and big bulge. Tip #15 and #23 each 100 Baht when leaving. Total 3 customers during my stay.

Wild West Boys closed, Funny Boys closed.

X-Boys 21:40-23:01. Orange juice 150 Baht (that’s the first time price comes down, I remember paying over 200 for drink in their old place across the soi). 15 Boys in ES briefs and street shoes. I would take #14 for free and pay for #2 if he was less hairy (hairy upper thighs, crab ladder, hair on chest). Underwear poorly fitting, loose on back and front. But a neck like a giraffe which I love, and dark brown skin. Fast rotation, but they rotate by 180 degrees, I have two views of #2 where he is either in second row in front of me or in first row on the other end of the stage. Show is 22:01-50. They leave us waiting 22:01-04 playing video before boys finally appear on stage. About 20 customers during show, 3 of which smoke. Tip #2 100 Baht when leaving.

Walk around and chat with L (new acquaintance from a week ago) on Line, offer him “no money no sex” stay over night, but he doesn’t take it.

Sun 14.08.2016
Chat with L again, this time sex and money, efficient communication and quick arrival, and have a good time 10:30-12:08. 1000 Baht well earned. Visit Tourism Authority of Thailand Pattaya office, then back to Bangkok by van (100 Baht, dep South Pattaya 13:41, again this unacceptable petrol stop 14:11-22, arr Victory Monument 16:29).

New bar 360 degree boy (in place of X-Boys and Lucky 7):

Cupidol old location closed and venue for rent:

Looking forward to my next trip, probably visit Vassa again, BoyzBoyzBoyz and Dreamboys (I don’t like the boy’s dress in new 360 degree bar, will only go when they change it, similar to X-Boys Bangkok which had hideous underwear for about two years, half a year ago changed to something that is fine with me, but with an upcoming Pattaya trip I’m not going to spend 400 Baht for a drink) and probably meet L again.

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