Wednesday, 3 August 2016

WOP: HP printer and Philips shaver

Words of praise: HP printer and Philips shaver

Nowadays electronic devices don't last long, it is even claimed they are constructed to break down after a certain time:

Here some electronic devices in my possession that have a very long life.

Hewlett-Packard printer hp LaserJet 1200 series

When I was studying in Berlin, there was a fire that damaged the right side of the plastic cover of the printer. The printer was going to be discarded, but I took it home and made some repairs (copper sheet and screws), and it has been serving me fine and we celebrate our 10th anniversary this year. Most amazing it that I'm still using the same toner cartridge from 10 years ago!

Recently there were some stripes on the paper which made the printouts unsuitable for job applications. I searched the internet on how to clean the drum and wiped it with tissue wetted with alcohol, which worked great.

Update 10oct2016: dry wiping works as well, whereas acetone attacks the drum. Can still print, but now some spots and shadows that will stay for the rest of the life of the toner cartridge. 

For black and white print, I prefer laser over ink printers. Laser print quality is excellent and it's very fast. With ink you have the problem that it dries when the printer is not used, printing is slow and quality can be poor. Sometimes I have the misfortune of having to print something in an internet cafe, and the document is in color where b/w would be fine (flight or hotel booking), takes ages and quality is so-so.

Philips electrical shaver

(lying on paper tray of printer) This shaver has been in my possession since 1999 (inherited from my uncle), but not in continuous use (I used to mainly shave wet, and now shave only twice per month). It still has the original battery (probably Ni-Cd or Ni-MH). A bit weak with battery, if possible I shave with connection to mains, but still an impressively long life for a battery!

Nokia 6210 mobile phone

(not in picture, but see here: Bought in 2000 and taken out of active service in 2009. But I still keep it charged and switch it on a few times per year, battery lasts 2 days in stand-by (down from 5 days in 2000).

General note

ChristianPFC uses things until they break down (and then tries to repair if possible/feasible) or technology is very far advanced. For a computer or mobile phone that would be about 10 years. 

And I'm not the only one! A month ago I visit a former work colleague, and he had a computer with a CRT screen and Windows 98 in operation (not connected to internet, as he has no internet in his apartment).

Common failures on clothing are widened necks on shirts and widened waistbands on underwear (my mother will replace the rubber band if I ask her nicely), shoe soles cracking perpendicular to direction of walking (many cases, my father has this problem with shoes bought in Germany as well) and with flip flops the hole in the sole widening and the strap between the big and second toe becoming loose.

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  1. with age you will discover that common failure on clothing if that it will not fit anymore due to expanding waistband


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