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Boyfriend candidate 6 in 2015

Boyfriend candidate 6 in 2015

Friday 04.12.2015
Stay in all day waiting for a message. Finally he writes and we make appointment for 8:30 and Nicky is on time. Talk for an hour, but don't go further than hugging. First time I ask a boy if he has a boyfriend out of serious interest: Nicky is single! (But has many Farang friends.)
He has to go visit friend in hospital, I walk him to MRT Lumpini and there we say good bye. He will go to Ubon next day in the morning, but will not be available to meet when I pass through Ubon around Dec 20 and 26. That means next chance to meet is mid-January!

My dear readers, should I stay celibate until we meet again in mid-January or continue fucking as usual?

Monday 7.12.2015 He messages me he will come to Bangkok on Tuesday!

Communication on Line continues to be erratic, like on space missions, see here http://christianpfc.blogspot.com/2015/06/dating-thai-boys-30-pulling-teeth.html). He says he doesn't stay logged in on Line (?), that's why replies take so long. How strange!

A Farang friend said he can already hear the wedding bells ringing, but I can already see a decline and wonder if there are technical difficulties or the boy is stringing me along. Judge by yourself and take a look at the times below (my message usually not read until his reply), I simply can't work with such delays! And now he wants to meet in Future Rangsit (20 km away), when we live 100 m apart in Sathorn! (At least he told me his family owns a condo 100 m from my place, where he stays when in Bangkok.)

The boy is intelligent: reads books in English, asks me for dictionary, puts the doormat in door to road to prevent it from closing when he goes to 7/11 (but why did he spend to much time in 7/11 and didn’t bring anything back to my room?), has been to Scala cinema and likes it.

Thursday 17.12.2015
Go to see Nicky in Rangsit (where he works now, but he will be back to Sathorn in January) to watch movie in cinema.

That is not an easy feat. Go back and forth between timetable and counter two or three times to find movie that is English with Thai subtitles and not in 3D. At Major Cineplex, you have to buy 3D glasses for 50 Baht. Then then they are yours, and you bring them next time you watch a 3D movie, however there is a good chance I will forget them at home. No thanks! (Polite for: Fuck you!) I will stay with other companies that lend you 3D glasses for free. In addition, they have these self-service ticket counters that have one staff explaining how to operate it. Utter nonsense! And you have to get a card to pay at the machine, and the card will expire some day and the credit will be lost. No thanks!

We finally settle on Star Wars. In a misunderstanding (I think he wants the 20:15 which has already started, he thinks I want the 20:15 which has already started), I buy tickets for the 20:15 movie and we enter 20:50 and miss part of the beginning. However upon leaving, I lead him to another screening room where enter just when the movie starts (after 30 minutes !!! of advertising) and catch the 5 minutes we missed.

In the course of December 2015 go once again to see him in Rangsit, then give up (too far, no chance of action).

Summary of below chat on Line: communication erratic (long time until message read and answered, can’t plan anything with such delays), he asks for something and I agree, then doesn’t take the offer (wants to stay with me for one month, asks for white shirt), some weird questions (visa requirements for Mexican to Thailand, PrEP).

A lot of time (two trips to Rangsit, one to Silom Soi 4 to his workplace, one to his place in Thonburi, and endless chat that makes me miss out elsewhere) and money spent. On our first encounters we had very promising foreplay (and I left it at that). Now I can clearly see serious character flaws, so no boyfriend candidate any more, but will try to get at least a free fuck out of this (unless more promising boys comes along).

Here the entire chat with comments in italic.
Chat with BFC6in2016

9:07 Christian Good morning.
18:55 Christian Good evening.
19:51 BFC6in2016 Good evening
20:06 Christian Where are you now?
21:17 BFC6in2016 I'm sathorn
21:19 Christian I'm on bus to sanam luang. See you later?
(actually to Saranrom looking for boys, but can’t say this in conversation)
21:19 BFC6in2016 Ok

24:01 Christian Tired from walking. Go home soon. Are you free tomorrow?
9:14 Christian Good morning
9:35 Christian [Photo]
18:38 Christian Good evening.
21:18 BFC6in2016 Hi
21:19 Christian Hello
21:19 BFC6in2016 How are you ?
21:19 BFC6in2016 Where are you ?
21:19 Christian On the street, 7-11
21:19 BFC6in2016 Ok
21:19 BFC6in2016 Your place ?
21:20 Christian Ibis hotel, walk home now.
21:20 BFC6in2016 Ok
21:20 BFC6in2016 You bit celebrate?
21:20 Christian And you?
21:21 BFC6in2016 Siam
21:21 BFC6in2016 Paragon
21:21 Christian Where do you go for New year?

13:56 Christian Hello
14:08 BFC6in2016 Hello
14:08 Christian Good afternoon.
14:09 BFC6in2016 Yes
14:09 BFC6in2016 Good afternoon
14:14 Christian Where are you now?
20:44 Christian Why do you not reply?
20:50 BFC6in2016 Hi
20:52 Christian  Why do you not reply?
21:07 BFC6in2016 I'm watching movies

16:46 Christian In Vietnam, Saigon and Vung Tau.
16:47 Christian [Photo]
16:47 Christian [Photo]
16:47 Christian [Photo]
16:47 Christian [Photo]
16:47 Christian And you?
16:51 BFC6in2016 Gracias

12:38 BFC6in2016 Good morning
13:36 Christian Good morning. I'm still in Saigon.

14:45 BFC6in2016 Hi
14:45 BFC6in2016 How are you ?
20:28 Christian I'm fine. And you? In Hanoi now, tomorrow to Bangkok.
20:40 BFC6in2016 How long in Bkk ?
20:40 BFC6in2016 I have to talk somethings to you
20:41 Christian I will stay in Thailand two months.
20:41 BFC6in2016 Oh
20:41 BFC6in2016 I want to stay with you for 1 months
20:43 Christian In my room?
20:43 BFC6in2016 Yes
20:44 Christian We can try. But I have only one key. What will you do during week daytime?
(After meeting a few times before, admitting to 1 month is a bit much. Nonetheless agree, if it doesn’t work out I will find a reason to kick him out. Got a second set of keys for another Thai friend in Mar 2016 so he stay in my room independently from me.)
20:44 BFC6in2016 Im gonna find work
22:41 BFC6in2016 It's ok for you ?
22:46 Christian We can start and see how it works out.
22:49 Christian What kind of job are you looking for?

9:30 BFC6in2016 Hi
9:30 BFC6in2016 How are you ?
9:48 Christian Good morning. I'm fine. And you?
13:04 BFC6in2016 Where are you ?
13:32 Christian Sathorn
13:34 BFC6in2016 So what do you think about I will stay with you for a while ?
13:34 Christian Yes, can.
14:02 BFC6in2016 Thank you
14:03 BFC6in2016 So what time you want I be there today?
14:07 Christian A friend stays Fri and Sat already. He asked before you.
14:07 BFC6in2016 Oh I see
14:07 BFC6in2016 So I can be there only Sunday?
14:07 Christian After that fine.
14:08 Christian From Sunday on.
14:09 BFC6in2016 Fine

12:33 Christian I'm home now. Might go out later but be back at night. You can stay with me.
12:42 BFC6in2016 Ok
16:27 Christian What time will you come?
16:28 BFC6in2016 What time you free ?
16:28 Christian I will go to Lumpini and Silom later, back around 10 pm.
16:28 BFC6in2016 Ok
16:29 BFC6in2016 I will send you messages
16:29 BFC6in2016 If I didn't send you messages 18.00 so that's  mean I can't be there
16:29 BFC6in2016 Ok ?
16:29 Christian I don't understand.
16:30 BFC6in2016 Because I'm looking for walk
16:30 BFC6in2016 Now I'm walking to find work
16:30 Christian ok
16:30 Christian Where are you walking?
16:30 BFC6in2016 Bangna
16:30 BFC6in2016 I will walk around Bkk
16:31 BFC6in2016 My college is near the baiyok
16:31 Christian I know.
20:59 Christian I'm in Silom now, dinner with friend from Germany
22:43 Christian Home in one hour. Where are you?
23:04 BFC6in2016 I'm eating
23:32 Christian I'm home.

24:19 Christian When will you come?
24:32 Christian No Answer
1:03 Christian Cancelled Call
1:04 Christian I go to bed now. Knock on the door when you come, I will open. My phone is switched off over night.
(nothing came out of this request to stay with me, just wasted time waiting and couldn't pursue other boys)
10:02 Christian Good morning.
16:09 BFC6in2016 Hi
16:12 Christian Hello
16:13 BFC6in2016 Did you have white shirt?
16:14 Christian I have white shirt in my wardrobe.
16:14 BFC6in2016 Have my size ?
16:15 BFC6in2016 I got work at reception
16:15 Christian Medium size, t-shirt and polo shirt
16:16 BFC6in2016 Because I have to take a white shirt for work
16:17 Christian Polo shirt in wardrobe, t shirt in laundry
16:29 Christian I will leave 17:15 and be back 22 at night.
21:13 Christian Going home now.
23:46 Christian Good night.
(nothing came out of this request for white shirt)

18:45 BFC6in2016 Hello
18:45 BFC6in2016 How are you ?
18:46 Christian I'm fine. ยอดพิมาน now with friend from England.
(Yodpiman river walk near Pak Klong Talad)
18:46 BFC6in2016 Hi
18:46 BFC6in2016 How I take a bus from victory monument
18:47 BFC6in2016 To krungthonburi bts ?
18:47 Christian Go by BTS
18:48 BFC6in2016 It's expensive
18:48 Christian I don't know about direct bus
18:48 BFC6in2016 So I have to change
18:49 Christian 172 is direct bus
18:49 BFC6in2016 So
18:58 BFC6in2016 Thank you

22:17 BFC6in2016 I wanna cry
22:52 Christian Why?

22:37 Christian Hello
22:58 BFC6in2016 Hello
22:58 Christian Where are you now? I'm in my room.

14:32 Christian [Photo]
14:32 Christian [Photo]
14:32 Christian [Photo]
15:02 BFC6in2016 :)
15:31 Christian And you?

8:35 Christian I'm back in my room.
8:35 Christian Where are you?
8:36 BFC6in2016 Hi
8:36 BFC6in2016 I'm in Chiangmai

21:08 Christian [Photo]
21:08 Christian [Photo]
21:25 BFC6in2016 [Photo]
21:36 Christian Where are you now?

9:44 Christian Hello

14:14 BFC6in2016 How can I work as unicef or embassy

10:36 Christian I don't know.

14:51 Christian Hello
16:26 BFC6in2016 Hello
16:26 Christian I'm back in Bangkok from visa run in Vietnam. Where are you now?
16:36 BFC6in2016 In soi 4
16:36 Christian Silom?
16:36 BFC6in2016 Yes
16:37 Christian Open already?
16:39 BFC6in2016 You want to meet me at soi 4 ?
16:41 Christian I will not go out today. Stay in my room and relax from traveling, same room as before.
16:42 Christian What do you do in Soi 4?
17:18 Christian Did you find a job?
17:29 BFC6in2016 Yes
17:29 BFC6in2016 Part time
17:30 Christian What do you work?
17:36 BFC6in2016 If you soi 4
17:37 Christian I don't go often, this year only one time so far.
17:37 BFC6in2016 Bring me some money
17:37 Christian How much and for what?
17:37 BFC6in2016 I forget money from home
17:38 Christian But I will not go today.
21:46 Christian Where do you live?
21:46 Christian (Place 100 m from my room where he stayed before and told me his family owns a condo there) or elsewhere?

13:25 BFC6in2016 Hello
13:25 Christian Good afternoon.
13:25 BFC6in2016 How are you ?
13:26 Christian I'm fine.
13:26 BFC6in2016 What you doing
13:27 Christian In my room, play internet. And you?

10:04 Christian Good morning.
13:34 BFC6in2016 Hi
13:34 BFC6in2016 Good afternoon
13:46 Christian What are you doing now?
18:23 Christian Good evening.

1:31 BFC6in2016 Hello
9:15 Christian Good morning.
17:06 Christian Hello
21:40 BFC6in2016 Hi
21:40 BFC6in2016 Please come to my work
21:40 Christian Where exactly do you work?
21:41 BFC6in2016 Part time
21:41 BFC6in2016 At the bar
21:41 Christian Which bar
21:42 BFC6in2016 (Bar in Silom Soi 4)
21:43 Christian I know. When do you finish work today?
21:43 BFC6in2016 2 am
23:15 Christian I'm tired tonight. Will not go out. See you another day.
23:23 Christian Sleep soon. Good night.

19:17 BFC6in2016 Hey
22:50 Christian I'm in Pattaya now. Back tomorrow.

19:15 Christian Back in Bangok, in my room now.
19:21 BFC6in2016 Hey
19:22 BFC6in2016 I want to have friend some food and drink
19:24 BFC6in2016 I would like to have you
19:24 BFC6in2016 Around here
19:24 BFC6in2016 I am alone now
19:24 Christian Where are you?
20:16 BFC6in2016 Nana
20:16 Christian Alone?
20:16 BFC6in2016 [ตำแหน่งที่อยู่] (Location on google maps)
20:16 BFC6in2016 Yes
20:17 BFC6in2016 Please come here
20:17 Christian Where do you stay now in Bangkok?
20:17 BFC6in2016 Yes in bangkoj
20:17 Christian Where is your room?
20:17 BFC6in2016 Close the river
20:18 BFC6in2016 Not far from anantara
20:20 Christian The map is not Nana (Sukhumvit Soi 4). I will go buy fruit at Klong Toey market. Cannot go elsewhere today. If you want to meet, you can come to my room.
20:20 BFC6in2016 Will you come here ?
20:21 BFC6in2016 So you not come here ?
20:21 Christian Cannot go today.
20:21 BFC6in2016 Nana soi 22
20:21 BFC6in2016 [Sticker]

3:12 BFC6in2016 [Sticker]

19:13 BFC6in2016 Hello
19:22 Christian  Good evening
19:34 BFC6in2016 I want meet you
19:34 BFC6in2016 Now i am at soi 4
19:35 Christian  I'm at book fair in sirikit center. Will stay one more hour.
19:36 BFC6in2016  Ok
19:36 BFC6in2016 Take your time
21:27 BFC6in2016 Did you have friend who is make up artish ?
21:27 Christian (indeed I have, details)
21:28 BFC6in2016  He live in bkk ?
21:29 BFC6in2016 I need some make up artish
21:32 Christian From surin, now shop in Pattaya.
21:38 BFC6in2016 Did you have her numbwr ?
21:41 Christian (phone number) from many years ago. Maybe he has new number nite.
21:45 BFC6in2016 Thank you
21:45 BFC6in2016 :)
21:47 BFC6in2016 Christien
22:14 BFC6in2016 My bar so quiet
22:14 BFC6in2016 You want some drink ?
22:14 BFC6in2016 100 all night
22:15 BFC6in2016 I give you free one glass
22:15 Christian  Yes. See you in 1 hour at (bar in Silom Soi 4)
22:18 BFC6in2016 Ok
22:18 BFC6in2016 Thank you
(Have a drink in his bar, but nothing we can do, he has to work and I find Soi 4 too loud, boring, and if I’m particularly unlucky I get second hand cigarette smoke)

24:41 BFC6in2016 Thank you for coming
11:11 BFC6in2016 Good morning
11:27 Christian Good morning.
19:07 BFC6in2016 Hey
19:19 Christian  Hello. I'm not free tonight.
19:20 BFC6in2016 Lol

19:24 BFC6in2016 Christian
19:51 Christian Hello

12:22 BFC6in2016 Good afternoon
12:22 BFC6in2016 You like to ice skate ?
12:23 Christian Yes
12:25 BFC6in2016 [Photo]
12:25 BFC6in2016 You want to go ?
12:28 Christian Yes. But not free today and tomorrow.

2:52 BFC6in2016 Hey
2:52 BFC6in2016 One guy from germane he hurt me
10:13 Christian I'm sorry for that. How did he hurt you?
12:03 BFC6in2016 Christian
12:03 Christian Yes
12:05 BFC6in2016 Thai visa ?
12:05 Christian What?
12:05 BFC6in2016 Why people from us need visa ?
12:06 Christian I need a visa to travel in Thailand longer than 30 days.
12:07 BFC6in2016 How you get it ?
12:07 Christian From Thai embassy or consulate outside of Thailand.
12:08 BFC6in2016 Its difficult ?
12:08 Christian Not difficult.
12:09 BFC6in2016 Take how long ?
12:09 Christian In Saigon over night, in Phnom Penh several days.
12:10 BFC6in2016 My frind he from us
12:10 Christian For US similar to Germany
12:11 BFC6in2016 He will flight in 1 hour
12:11 BFC6in2016 But he dont have thai visa
12:11 Christian How long will he stay in Thailand?
12:12 BFC6in2016 22 day
12:12 BFC6in2016 How i can do ?
12:13 Christian If he stays only 22 days, he doesn't need a visa. He can get visa exempt entry.
12:13 BFC6in2016 How ?
12:14 Christian Just get stamp at immigration.
12:15 BFC6in2016 Where is immigration
12:15 Christian At the airport when he arrives by airplane.
12:15 BFC6in2016 Airport ?
12:16 BFC6in2016 So dont need to go thai embassy ?
12:16 Christian Has your friend been to Thailand before?
12:16 Christian No need for embassy is you stay less than 30 days.
12:17 BFC6in2016 No
12:19 BFC6in2016 If not citizen ?
12:19 BFC6in2016 He s not citizen
12:19 Christian He is citizen of what country?
12:20 BFC6in2016 Maxican
12:21 Christian I don't know visa rules for Mexians. He has to check on the internet.
12:23 BFC6in2016 Ok
12:33 BFC6in2016 Can you check me for ?
12:36 Christian Mexicans need visa for Thailand. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visa_requirements_for_Mexican_citizens

11:00 Christian Hello
16:18 BFC6in2016 What is your ppan for today?
16:18 Christian Meet friend from Germany for dinner at 6. And you?
16:20 BFC6in2016 Nothing
16:21 BFC6in2016 Alone no plan
16:21 BFC6in2016 Can i meet you ?
16:21 BFC6in2016 I am lonely
16:22 Christian I'm in my room. Free now. Where are you?
19:28 BFC6in2016 Hello

20:23 BFC6in2016 Christian
20:24 BFC6in2016 Can i meet you ?
20:24 BFC6in2016 When you leave bkk ?
20:24 Christian Yes. I'm in my room. Where are you now?
20:24 Christian On 10. May I fly to Germany.
20:31 Christian Where are you now?
20:35 BFC6in2016 My room
20:36 Christian Where in Bangkok?
20:36 BFC6in2016 I take pep so i cant even wake up
20:36 Christian What did you take?
20:37 BFC6in2016 Medicine
20:51 Christian Where in Bangkok are you now?
20:51 BFC6in2016 (Place on Thonburi side) condo
20:51 Christian And what time do you wnat to meet?
20:52 BFC6in2016 I dont knos
20:52 BFC6in2016 I have to make sure that i can walk
20:52 Christian Walk where?
20:53 BFC6in2016 Walk down to get transport
20:53 Christian From my room you can get bus or MRT.
20:53 BFC6in2016 Not like that
20:54 BFC6in2016 I am ony in bed
20:57 Christian So do you want to come here? Same room as before.
20:57 BFC6in2016 Ok
21:07 Christian What time do you want to come?
21:07 BFC6in2016 I cant meet you today
21:07 BFC6in2016 I am sorry
21:07 Christian Ok, see you another day.
21:21 BFC6in2016 Ok

13:19 BFC6in2016 Christian
13:26 Christian I'm in bang saen now, back tonight
13:28 BFC6in2016 Ok
19:41 BFC6in2016 Help me
19:51 Christian How can I help you?
20:09 BFC6in2016 Can you come to my place ?
20:14 Christian Where?
20:14 BFC6in2016 [ตำแหน่งที่อยู่] (location on google maps)
20:14 BFC6in2016 Please
20:15 Christian I'm just back from travel in chonburi province. Not even home yet. Tired and don't want to go out tonight. But you can come to my room.
20:16 Christian [Photo]
20:16 Christian [Photo]
20:16 BFC6in2016 I cant walk
20:16 BFC6in2016 Please
20:16 Christian Grand canyon chonburi and snowy mountain
20:16 BFC6in2016 For one hour
20:16 Christian Why can you not walk?
20:17 BFC6in2016 I am sick
20:18 BFC6in2016 I just want to talk to you
20:18 BFC6in2016 For a while
20:22 Christian I have to go home first. Message you again when home.
21:03 Christian In my room now, shower already.
21:10 Christian I can go to see you.
(messages not read that night)

12:09 BFC6in2016 Hello
12:09 Christian Good morning.
12:10 BFC6in2016 Did you know about pep ?
12:10 Christian Do you mean Pre-exposure prophylaxis (or PrEP)?
12:11 Christian Yes I know but I never used it.
12:11 BFC6in2016 Ok
12:11 BFC6in2016 They have pep is when have risk
12:11 BFC6in2016 Prep is for protection
12:19 Christian Do you have risk?
12:19 BFC6in2016 Yes
12:20 BFC6in2016 I start pep 1 week ago
12:20 Christian I don't need prep, I always use condoms.
12:21 BFC6in2016 Ok

17:30 Christian Hello

3:56 BFC6in2016 Hello

13:41 Christian Hello
13:41 Christian Where are you now?
13:43 Christian Calling Time 1:41
14:50 Christian I'm on the way to (his place on Thonburi side).
14:58 Christian Calling Time 0:35
(meet there on the parking lot, I am fishing for an invitation to his room, but he tells me he has to go shopping, so we say goodbye after 5 min chat on the parking lot)
17:32 Christian [Photo]
17:32 Christian [Photo]
17:32 Christian [Photo]
(pictures from subsequent sightseeing in that area)
17:35 BFC6in2016 Thats nice

20:41 BFC6in2016 Hey
20:41 BFC6in2016 If have time
20:42 BFC6in2016 Can you come to my bar ?
21:32 Christian Home now. I don't like soi 4. Too loud music and smokers. If you want to meet, it has to be elsewhere.
21:50 BFC6in2016 No more loud music
21:50 BFC6in2016 Ok

13:12 Christian And light not good in (edit). And you have to work, we cannot talk there. (No sorry, I will not go to your bar again. It leads nowhere. Just a waste of time and money for me.)
13:13 Christian I hope we can have sex next time we meet, your room or my room. And what are you looking for with me?
(I have to expedite things. Too much talk and too little action. Let’s get to the point!)
13:14 BFC6in2016 Hey
13:14 BFC6in2016 I talk when i wake up ok ?
13:14 Christian yes

19:16 Christian Hello

16:49 BFC6in2016 Hello
21:23 Christian Did you think about what I wrote above? What are you looking for with me?

15:36 BFC6in2016  You lookng for only friend right ?
15:36 Christian Friend and sex. And you?
15:36 BFC6in2016 Thats what i thought
15:37 BFC6in2016 So i will not answer you what i am looking for with you
15:37 BFC6in2016 But you understand
15:39 Christian Why will you not answer?
15:39 Christian I don't understand.
15:41 BFC6in2016 Only friend with you
15:42 BFC6in2016 And sex somethime
15:42 Christian Ok. But now I'm running out of time. Return to Germany on 10 May. But when I come back we can see again.
15:43 BFC6in2016 Ok

9:35 BFC6in2016 Hi
9:35 BFC6in2016 How much you pay for your room ?
11:23 Christian 8000
15:15 BFC6in2016 Ok
15:15 BFC6in2016 Can i stay with you tonight ?
15:16 Christian No. I'm packing for return to Germany, a lot of stuff standing around.
15:26 BFC6in2016 Ok
15:26 BFC6in2016 So may i just put my bag ?
15:26 Christian Yes can.
15:26 BFC6in2016 I will take my bag 2 am when i finosh my work
15:27 Christian Ok
15:27 BFC6in2016 Okay
15:27 BFC6in2016 I will be in your place in 1 hours
15:27 Christian But I'm out now, back in 2 or 3 hours.
15:53 BFC6in2016 Ok
16:26 BFC6in2016 So can you just text me ? When you are your room
16:34 Christian Yes
16:35 BFC6in2016 I hope you coming home soon
16:48 Christian Swimming now, at least one hour. Home 18 or 19
18:48 BFC6in2016 Ok
18:50 Christian 15 min to home
18:59 BFC6in2016 Ok
19:04 Christian Home now
(He indeed brought his bag and kept it in my room over night. I couldn’t let him in as I was packing and had other guest. Of course, keeping someone I barely know’s bag in my room is not such a good idea.)

1:32 Christian Please confirm that you come after work. If you want to pick up tomorrow, I can go to bed.
2:06 BFC6in2016 Ho
2:06 BFC6in2016 I am on my way to pick up
2:26 BFC6in2016 Hi
2:26 BFC6in2016 I am here
2:28 BFC6in2016 Down here
2:29 Christian Moment I come down.
2:31 Christian Good night. Bye.

22:46 Christian I'm in Germany with my parents now. Sorry I was busy last time we met. Next time I hope we have time for more.
22:47 BFC6in2016 :)
22:47 BFC6in2016 Iam great to know you are safe

13:52 Christian [Photo]
13:52 Christian [Photo]
13:54 BFC6in2016 [Sticker]

Back in Thailand, Aug 2016 walk through Silom Soi 4 and say hello. He remembered that I was in Germany. I didn’t message him when I came back, because I have other boys with less talk and more action. But now after saying hello, send some pictures from my recent travel. All messages below not read by Sep 2016.

8:22 Christian Back in Thailand, but travel a lot.
8:23 Christian [Photo]
8:23 Christian [Photo]
8:23 Christian [Photo]
8:23 Christian [Photo]
8:23 Christian [Photo]
8:23 Christian [Photo]

21:34 Christian [Photo]
21:34 Christian Travel everywhere in Thailand.

15:41 Christian Hello

Copyright 2016 ChristianPFC


  1. I think you're showing too much patience.

  2. You must have been bored feckless to have taken the time to post that. And no I didn't read it all. Got bored after the 2nd para.

  3. Not boring at all, love it!
    But I don't understand why you think this guy is bf material, that doesn't make sense to me.

  4. You know he is not BF material. I know he is not.

    1. With hindsight, there were signs from the very beginning that he has some issues, but I was smitten for days (see Dec 2015) and disregarded them. Now it's ex-BFC6in2016, and I won't spend much more time on this boy.

  5. Probably the wrong spot to ask but how do you netvigate Sarunrom Park? I was dropped off there in the gated park but it was ghostly empty at 10pm and would even close(?) i will be going to bkk this week and living in sathorn. Will try your ibis lunch buffet but wondering if I should venture that part of the city again. PS great writing and much appreciate the level of details (ie drink price/time/boy numbers) you include here

    1. The roadside prostitution is around the park and the palace, long after the park closes. For details see my previous "gay activities of the month" or tag "street trade" posts. Number of boys was low on my last visits, I recommend planning alternative activities in that area (e.g. going to Khao San), so time is not wasted should there be no activity.


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