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Gay activities July 2016

Gay activities July 2016

03.07.2016 (still in Germany)
Chat one hour on Line with Wut Hua Lampong. Make appointment for seafood dinner Tue 12jul2016 at 7 pm in Pratunam area with him (and he will bring friends). I know well this is not going to happen – he will forget about it – but simply agree to everything to this over. Next time I will simply say goodbye at some point instead of suffering through 1 hour of chat making detailed plans for a week in advance with a boy who can’t think further than his next meal. Wut offers to pick me up at the airport by tuk-tuk when I arrive. No thanks (I will get home quicker and cheaper alone.)

12.07.2016 Tue
Arrive in Bangkok from Germany. ARL, MRT and walk to my room. Bom from Minburi messages me on Line, and I invite him to my room. 1000 for short time and another 100 for taxi, and when he is gone I count money in my wallet: 300 Baht missing.

Unwell with jet lag (? – never had this before) and cold, stay in room most of the time, no gay exploits.

17.07.2016 Sun
Daytrip to Ang Thong with friend, no time and energy for more.

18.08.2016 Mon
Sightseeing in Bangkok and meet friend in evening, no time and energy for more.

19.07.2016 Tue Asanha Bucha day
Meet a boy A from hornet and his sister in Chatuchak Park. Everything positive, he is boyfriend candidate 3 in 2016 (BFC3in2016). Then go to Wat Ladphrao together and separate afterwards.

Continue to Seed. 19:35-20:38. Underwear day. About 10 customers. Some furniture moved since my last visit over two months ago. Inflatable pool from Songkran seems to be gone (room closed and locked). Have fun with a Cambodian boy who afterwards asks for money: sorry cannot. He is fluent in Thai and works in Samrong. In locker room in light looks not so convincing.

22.07.2016 Fri
And old acquaintance Chok comes to my room and stays over night. 300 Baht for taxi from/to Ramkhamhaeng.

23.07.2016 Sat
Message several boys: JJ no reply, Wut wants 1500 (after long chat about place and time to meet – better talk about money first, same with Kiw screwboys), appointment with Got at 9 pm, then get a message 21:30 he is eating and will come 22:00. When I still have no message at 23:00, I leave for sauna.

Farose 2, 23:42-01:40. 170 entry. Over 100 customers, 5 worth a second look, but no action for me. Free mocy ride by another customer to Seed. 

Seed 01:50-02:41. 100 entry. About 15 customers, but no cute.

Then at midnight several messages and calls from Got, but sorry, too late!

24.07.2016 Sun
Meet BFC3in2016 again at Chatuchak, then bus to MOCA (Museum of contemporary art). Hast been on my list for a long time, and fully worth the trip and 250 Baht entry. Say goodbye to BFC3in2016 and continue to sauna.

39 underground 19:31-20:18. 160 entry. About 100 customers, 2 bordercases, 1 cute staff. So much menthol in steam room that foreskin feels cold and I have to cough. After leaving pass Zap Zap (karaoke at entrance of the soi), one staff tells me it’s open (but no customers yet), the other cute staff or freelancer is busy with his phone and doesn’t notice me. Well I will not disturb him, but search for sexual partner elsewhere.

The Bridge Massage about 20:30-21:40. 450 for 1 h oil massage. Select masseur Bank from pictures on tab. Massage good, afters so-so, 800 tip.

Pass through Soi Twilight 22:30 and Silom: so-so.

25.07.2016 Mon
JJ comes at night and stays over night.

26.08.2016 Tue
Some indecent touching in the morning, but we don’t take it further. He wants to go to Terminal 21, so we take taxi and have lunch there. When we first met in Pattaya on hornet, he asked me how much I will pay him. So I was waiting for money request up to the end when we said goodbye at the BTS station, but there was none! He even paid for his lunch.

Train to Nakon Sawan, my friend Win picks me up at railway station and I stay over night with Win and Bom at their place. The following days sightseeing in Phetchabun and Chaiyaphum province, traveling with Win’s car. 3 days, 2 nights no sex, only hugging.

29.07.2016 Fri
Goodbye to Win and Bom. Bus to Khon Kaen. Meet Non from my last stay in KK again (the only purpose of this stop was to see him again). Dinner together (he insists on paying for both), then spend one enjoyable hour in my hotel room (but not as good as last time).

31.07.2016 Ubon
Now traveling with Farang friend FF by his car. FF brought a Thai boy. There was a misunderstanding about return to Bangkok, and Thai boy has to get back by bus and asks FF for bus fare. FF usually does not pay for sex, and doesn’t even give taxi money (picks up boys with his car and takes them back home instead), so they have an argument in the 7/11 (where Thai boy pays for bus ticket after online booking). After that argument, FF asks me if the boy can stay with me over night (no problem) and sends the boy to stay with me. Following morning they reconcile (after checking messages, FF notices that he was wrong, trip will be longer than he told the boy) and refunds the money for bus.

Summary (July 12th – 31st)
3 free sex: Seed, Chok (300 for taxi), Non in KK.
2 paid sex: Bom 1100 (+300 stolen), The Bridge Massage 800 = 1900.
4 sauna: Seed, Farose 2, Seed, 39 underground.
4 no sex: BFC3in2016, BFC3in2016, JJ, Win and Bom.
1 no show: Got.
1 massage: The Bridge massage.
Several wanking.
Less activities than average due to illness and lots of traveling.

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  1. Airport pick up by tuk tuk? You should have accepted. Nothing better to beat the jet lag then a two hours drive in a tuk tuk...

    1. I assume you are joking. From experience the scenario is the following: I would message him as soon as I have signal, so he has enough time to come. When I'm ready to go, up to one hour wait for him and several calls or messages about place and time to meet. Then a slow and uncomfortable ride home, followed for some money request. The result would be that it takes me twice as long, twice as expensive and less comfortable than going home alone.

      Anyway, arriving or departing at/from airport is like going to toilet: I prefer to do it alone.

    2. Yes I understand but don't take all the toilet paper please.

  2. I like this comparison of airport to toilet, I'm the same and don't like any welcoming / farewell committees there.

  3. There is a perfectly good railway link from the airport.

    Well, fairly good at least, since they botched the connections..... but miles better than any taxi or tuk tuk

    1. that's correct but for thousands landing past 11 pm. trains is no use as it stops at midnight so by time luggage is collected and immigration passed taxi/ car is only option or for thrifty ones -waiting till 6 a.m when train starts again

  4. Curious between the way westerners would normally (IMO) react to having cash taken from their wallet and how you reacted by going on a trip with Bom. Is your reaction conditioned by how Thais would react if acquaintance sole from them or is it based on a strong attraction to Bom that allows you disregard his behavior? You seem very forgiving in this regard--actually, an admirable trait.

    1. I didn't take Bom on a trip, so far it has only been "fuck and go". I consider a boy being a thief just one of the many character flaws I put up with (e.g. lazy, stupid, unreliable/unpunctual, greedy). I go as far as saying I rather have a boy who is a thief than an unreliable boy. But I would draw the line at stealing things other than money (cf. the boy who tried to steal my camera - worth 22 kTHB - and whom I kicked out). Bom is good in bed, I will invite him again and prepare my wallet and video surveillance of my room to get a video of him stealing from my wallet (not to confront him, just for my own entertainment and for a post). That might take a while, but he is on my list!

    2. It's just like you are increasing Bom's tip and if he is good in bed, I'd say go for controlled stealth

    3. I appreciate your response because it confirms what I suspected: most westerners (me among them) automatically apply their standards of behavior and are perplexed--often angered--when confronted by typical Thai behavior.

      It's apparent that you've been much quicker to grasp the differences and make adjustments, even if reluctantly. It certainly represents the road of least resistance and the rationale most likely to reduce frustration. I tip my hat to you and only hope that I can adopt your approach.

      P.S. Can't even contemplate what a tuk-tuk journey from BKK would be like.


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