Friday, 30 September 2016

Budget Hilton Sri Bam Pen is no more

Budget Hilton Sri Bam Pen is no more

There use to be Budget Hilton in Soi Sri Bam Pen. I intended to stay there for one night in Feb 2011 (?), but after seeing the room, I decided otherwise (must have been around 300 Baht per night, everything very old and worn). Shortly after, the hotel closed for good and the building has been vacant for years until Aug 2016 when construction work set in. Alas, it's not for renovation, it's for destruction!

I liked the architecture and the yard in front and looking through the tunnel I could see a garden and pool in the back, now it's all being torn down.

What will be constructed in its place? A condo? A mall? Something even more exciting? We will see.


13.7209661,100.5469388 = 13°43'15.5"N 100°32'49.0"E

google street view Dec 2011:


For history of Soi Sri Bam Pen see here:

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