Friday, 9 September 2016

WTF: Key deposit in hotel

What the fuck! Key deposit in hotel

Key deposit in hotel means two things, whoever came up with that idea assumes that:
1. The customer is unable to look after the key
2. The customer will not pay for damage he caused

That might apply to 1 out of 1000 customers, by why insult and inconvenience the remaining 999 customers? Or do they know their customers better than I do?

I used to avoid these places, but they are everywhere, so now I don't care anymore. (Whereas restaurants adding 10% service charge and 7% VAT to menu price I still avoid.)

One could argue this deposit is not just for the key, but for general damage. However, in water parks that I have been to there is a key deposit and a deposit for towel and a deposit for a hair cap should you need one. And here a price list from a hotel in Buriram:

If you go to Pattaya, there are even crazier notes in hotels:  

More things that I would do differently in a hotel:

I have been to rooms with no free power plugs, had to unplug TV and that plug was so high, I had to leave my phone hanging from the charger. 

Recently stayed in a dorm where each bed had a lamp and a power plug, however they were connected to the same switch (switch off lamp and there is electricity for the plug!) If you want to charge your phone and keep it next to you, only with light on!

Each bed had a locker, and there were plugs near the locker. A clever idea would be to cut a slit in the locker wall for the cable to put your phone in the locker while charging. 

I further noticed that glasses at breakfast buffets are minuscule (estimated 150 ml volume).

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  1. Maybe they read your article about cost saving, especially about the toilet paper.

    1. thanks for a good laugh Hen

  2. the Malaysia hotel bkk had to start charging a deposit upfront due to Indians leaving without paying, I hope its got nothing to do with them


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