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Bangkok buildings that look like things

Bangkok buildings that look like things

Elephant tower
13.825393, 100.568312 = 13°49'31.4"N 100°34'05.9"E 
(Phahon Yothin Soi 26, Phahon Yothin / Ratchadaphisek intersection)

Robot Building
13.720375, 100.526903 = 13°43'13.3"N 100°31'36.9"E
(Sathorn Soi 9, Sathorn / Narathiwat Ratchanakarin intersection)

The building opposite Malaysia hotel (picture taken from Malaysia roof across parking lot) looks like a robot face:

Viva Garden Serviced Residence (looks like a bird)
13.698200,100.603975 = 13°41'53.5"N 100°36'14.3"E
(Sukhumvit between Soi 60 and 60/1, near BTS Bang Chak) 

(the only picture I have, poor quality taken out of passing vehicle, will take a better some day when I'm there on foot)

The Nation Newspaper (looks like a bird)
13.663553, 100.651715 = 13°39'48.8"N 100°39'06.2"E
(Bangna-Trat Road between Soi 56 and 58)

The Royal Navin Tower (is supposed to look like a ship)
13.715076, 100.553185 = 13°42'54.3"N 100°33'11.5"E 
(Chuea Phloeng road near Rama 3 Soi 79)

Diamond Tower (looks like a pyramid)
13.724753, 100.529551 = 13°43'29.1"N 100°31'46.4"E
(Narathiwat Ratchanakarin, between Silom and Sathorn)

Bangkok City Hall Din Daeng (looks like a crystal)
13.770052, 100.555273 = 13°46'12.2"N 100°33'19.0"E
Aerial picture by a friend's drone. No good view from ground level, but when you know it's there, you can see it from elevated tollway.

G Tower (looks like letter G)  
13.756870, 100.565604 = 13°45'24.7"N 100°33'56.2"E
the Pearl Bangkok
(Ratchadaphisek / Rama 9 / Din Daeng intersection, near MRT Rama 9) Aerial picture by a friend's drone. This is the only angle where you can see it unobstructed (from above Fortune Town).

The Pearl Bangkok (looks like a cucumber or penis)
13.777867,100.543405 = 13°46'40.3"N 100°32'36.3"E
(Phahon Yothin Soi 5, near BTS Ari)   
Aerial picture by a friend's drone. I'm not the only one who thinks it looks like a penis. It even has balls!

In Pattaya, there is Waterfront Pattaya that looks like a giraffe to me. (Pattaya 3rd road, near Bali Hai pier)
12.924783, 100.866129 = 12°55'29.2"N 100°51'58.1"E

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