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Gay places in Taipei May 2017

Gay places in Taipei May 2017 

Gay saunas, bars, hot springs, gyms and gay cruising that I visited May 2017, in alphabetical order. For address, location and further information see and my Dec 2016 report I don’t know about gay massage and discos, and it’s not my area of interest.

Top picks: Soi13in Sauna, Peace Park, Huang Ding Hot Spring. 

Aniki WOW sauna
Blacklisted in Dec, way OVERPRICED and OVERRATED. 

Commander D bar
Fri 5may2017, 24:00-01:22 (i.e. Sat morning). Entry 300 TWD including one drink. The bar was full, and there was kind of bondage show running (first with a girl, than a boy). There is a dark room (their storage room, judging from crates of beverage) where customers can go for a grope and a kiss. It looked promising, I would surely find someone if I went a few times, but it’s too late, too expensive, too crowded (that can be mended by going earlier, but then there would not be many customers). Music level ok. 

Hans Men’s sauna
Tue 9may2017, 19:12-20:55. Entry 350 TWD. One shapely is in room lying in bed (they have real mattresses and comforter/duvet, but they might be contaminated by various body fluids and lube). So I join and we have a nice time. “Do you speak English?” – no reply, so I left it at exchanging body fluids. (He gave me a blow job, and on subsequent kissing passed part of it back to me, thus I came to taste and eat my own cum.) 

Huang Ding hot spring
Entry 230 TWD (was 250 in Dec 2016). Bring your own towel (or walk around wet naked until you are dry, or use the hair dryers to dry your skin), and they don’t even have keys for the locker; you set your own 4-digit code.

Fri 5may2017, 18:27-20:38. About 50 customers throughout. One cute is interested, and we spend some time in the steam room.

Sat 6may2017, 17:10-19:25. From under 50 to over 100 in course of my stay. Just when I want to leave, a very cute enters. What should be simple question (“Sex?”), takes me half an hour to communicate. Fluent in English, but does not seem interested. However in steam room I get inner circle access and have a wank. (In steam room all are standing, and everyone is free to grope/lick/suck/kiss within reason. The cute boy is in the center, then there is an inner circle with about 5 who have direct body access, and an outer circle of about 10 who can at least get their hand on the boy in center.) 

10may2017, 19:45-21:20. Between 10 and 15 customers (around 20:15 count 9 pairs of shoes and 11 customers). When I enter one very shapely, but leaves shortly after I enter. We exchange a few looks, and he plays on his phone in locker room, but shortly before I would approach him gets up and says “Bye bye” and leaves. Missed this opportunity. Play on my phone, but nobody interesting comes.

From my observations (total 5 visits including Dec 2016), numbers can vary greatly: on weekdays between 10 and 50, on weekend between 50 and 150 customers. 

Online dating
On hornet and gayromeo fewer fake profiles, merchants (Viagra, poppers, sex toys, penis enlargement), and better texts than in Thailand. But I didn’t get anyone. I found the following set of stats in some profiles: hight in cm / weight in kg / age in years / cock size length in inch (?) / cock size circumference in inch (?) / sexual position (0 = bottom, 1 = top).

In general, I found Taiwanese gays better educated and more civilized than Thais, but brown skin is important to me, and here Thais and their neighbors score higher. 

Peace Park = 228 Park
Thu 4may2017, 22:25-23:45. About 30 boys throughout. Meet another foreigner and have long and interesting chat. Nowadays, unexpected intellectual exchange is better than most sex that I have.

Mon 8may2017, 20:52-21:06. About 15 cruising and about 10 general folk.

Tue 9may2017, 22:47-00:15. About 30 boys throughout, but spend most of the time chatting with same foreigner.

Total 5 visits (including Dec 2016) and while I have yet to hook up with someone there, it looks promising. 

Rainbow sauna
Changed location and name, see following entry. 

Soi 13 In Sauna
Sun 7may2017, 18:02-20:18, entry 500 TWD (reports about double pricing on the internet, but I did see only one number and only Chinese at the reception). From about 50 to over 100 customers during my stay. Several worth second look. Everything similar to Aniki WoW, at half the price! Floors and in bathrooms wall as well chessboard pattern. Ground floor reception, locker (384), smoking corner. Basement 1 group shower, sauna well lit and warm (not hot), steam room warm (not hot), two pools with warm water, toilets, free soft drinks and coffee and tea. Basement 2 private rooms (35) with light (not dimmable). Group darkroom enough light, busy, civilized groping. About 50 customers (could easily accommodate 200), all nude. One green towel (too small to wrap around waist), condom and lube provided. 

Taipei I/O sauna
Sun 7may2017, 16:09-59. Entry 350 TWD. Over 20 customers, all too old and/or fat for my taste. Steam room luke warm. Condom and lube provided. 

XL club gay gym and sauna
Sat 6may2017, 23:08-42. Entry 150 TWD and 100 key deposit; entry depends on time: 
Mon to Fri before 17:00 250 TWD, after 17:00 200 TWD,
Sat-Sun before 17:00 300 TWD, after 17:00 250 TWD,
any day between 21:00 and 02:00 150 TWD
(thanks to a friend for translation). Price list and sign to take off your shoes (and bench to sit on and bags to put them in) on 3rd floor. On 4th floor reception, lounge, 4 computers for internet, but their illuminated “XL Club” above the monitors is blinding (same at reception). Small stairway to 3th floor (so small, I touch both sides with my upper arms) with gym and steam room (hot and well lit). 6 other customers, in underwear or naked. Towel too small to wrap around my waist. Private rooms with light and mirrors (but mirrors do not reach to floor). Elsewhere mirrors as well, I think someone is walking towards me, but it’s my mirror image. Dark group room. They have a rooftop on 5th floor (no garden because no plants, but plenty of space), access via public stairway. 

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