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Gay activities in Myanmar Aug 2017

Gay activities in Myanmar Aug 2017

There was no dearth of cute boys, I would even say Myanmar (as well as Cambodia) boys are cuter than Thai boys, certainly they are slimmer and darker. I exchanged many a smile, in some cases even look back at each other up to three times (when passing in opposite direction, then the distance becomes too far). But I didn’t get involved with any of them for various reasons:

Language barrier. I don’t speak any Burmese, and most of them don’t speak English. (Lame excuse: a friend doesn’t speak local languages, and his English is rather poor, nonetheless he gets boys in every country he visits.)

No venues. There are no gay saunas or cruisy places that I know of. There is only one gay massage in Yangon.

Can’t bring anyone home. Hotel rules did not allow guests in all places I stayed in. And the rooms were not nice by my standards, and I had my stuff spread out.

Furthermore, everything I tried in Thailand and that doesn’t work here, probably won’t work in Myanmar either.

But here some of my attempts and reports by others in chronological order:

A farang friend FF visited Myanmar in 1984. When he came back to the hotel at night, all the staff were sleeping in the reception hall. He beckoned one of the male staff to come to his room, and gave him 1 USD afterwards. Minutes after the man was gone, another of the male staff knocked on his door and said “I want a Dollar.”, and in the course of the night FF had the entire male staff coming to his room.

Another Farang friend FF (with vast experience propositioning straight boys in many countries) visited Myanmar some years ago. He reported everyone he laid his eyes on would have gone with him, but they were all afraid of being seen with a foreigner / being reported to police or whatever. But he managed to take one into the bushes.

When I had dinner around 10 pm in a local restaurant in central Kin Pun Sakhan (Kyaitko, base for trip to golden rock), there was a group of male locals on the next table. One of them chatted me up and quickly came to the point of offering me massage by lady. I showed him some gay porn on my mobile, which was met with indifference.

Online dating
Not much activity compared to Bangkok. I messaged two on gayromeo, one hasn’t read the message yet, the other replied and we met on Sunday at his work place. Efficient communication, good English, civilized, has been abroad, but not so much my type.

On hornet, I messaged 7 (4 no reply, 1 not his pictures, the other two inefficient communication). One messaged me, not my type.

National Swimming Pool
I go to swimming pools mainly to ogle at boys in swimwear, with swimming just a side activity for me. The national swimming pool has a restaurant overlooking it, where I could sit in shade and have a meal (extensive menu in Burmese and English, delicious food at low prices) to see if it’s worth going in, and it was. 

View of swimming pool from restaurant:

Open 9-12 and 13-16, closed on Friday (wrong opening times on google maps, correction submitted). Entry 1000 MMK for locals and 3000 MMK for foreigner. Lockers are provided, but they were dusty/dirty and you have to bring your own padlock. Shower, changing room, toilets nearby, all very basic. The changing rooms (with shower) have a door that reaches from my knee to chest. There is no hook to put your clothes (and floor is wet), I had to hang them over the door. Water in the pool is ok (some turbidity, cannot see clearly to the ground). No restriction on what you can wear, no need for cap for hair.

When I went on Sun 13aug2017 from 10:05-11:30 (when sky covered in the water, when clear sky out of pool into nearby shade to avoid sunburn), there were about 50 others in and around, out of which 10 cute boys. Exchanged smiles with some of them, and one chatted me up and afterwards we (I, cute boy, and two of his friends) had lunch in the restaurant. I would have paid for all 4 of us, but when it came to paying, the most unusual thing happened: the cute boy insisted on inviting me. After some weak protest I gave up and accepted the invitation. Unimaginable in Thailand! 

(You could argue that this is just a trick I haven't had before, but I told him that I leave Myanmar the next day, and will be back in January. He said when he comes to visit me in Germany, I can invite him, but that was just to save face and end the discussion, he has never been outside Myanmar. The invitation was genuine!)

We exchanged facebook, but the big question is: what is he looking for with me? We chatted to the point that both of us are single. Before I meet him again on my next trip, I have to make my intentions clear to avoid wasting time.

Here our chat so far. You can interpret whatever you want in it. My messages preceded by CPFC, his by BurBoy or nothing. (When you copy conversations from facebook messengers, it does not copy who wrote the message.)

Aug 13th, 12:14pm
CPFC Hello
Aug 13th, 5:08pm
BurBoy accepted your request.
BurBoy Hello .....
Nice to meet you
CPFC Nice to meet you, too.
You go to visit finished
CPFC Dinner in Myanmar plaza now.
I think you go to travel lovely
You understand?
CPFC I went to gems museum. Now I eat dinner.
Tomorrow you will come back !
Good luck [my name]
CPFC Tomorrow 12:00 I fly to Bangkok.
To eat you will go to gems museum
CPFC [selfie with my dinner]
CPFC [selfie at gems museum]
You So beautiful...
CPFC Thank you. You are handsome.
You can make car driving
CPFC I don't drive a car.
Just now to eat
You eat
CPFC I finish dinner.
Ok ok
CPFC Offline now. Bye.
[He has no internet on his phone, plays facebook in internet cafe or at home. While I have internet on my phone, I had to travel, then I don't want to chat, so cut it short.]
Ok bye
See u ...
Aug 13th, 11:08pm
CPFC Miss you. Good night.
You are sleep
just now
Ok are sleeping sweet dream
Aug 14th, 11:39am
How are you?
Aug 14th, 1:57pm
CPFC I'm fine. I'm in Bangkok now.

Buying underwear in Yangon
Similar to Thailand, underwear is sold on the street in Yangon, at about half the price (1000 MMK = 25 THB, where similar would be 50 THB in Thailand).

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  1. Invitation for lunch at swimming poll looks genuine , perhaps he was thrilled to host foreigner just for a fun of it

  2. Not that I would now but they were the golden days the 80's when fishing for the local lads was so easy, as like you Ive heard so many stories from older friends also of how the easy the pickings were, & now countries are saturated with westerners (cheaper easier travel), that the locals got used to use which is a shame or they found easier ways of making cash than letting us get our thrills from them for money reward, I wish I was on the scene years before but at least I got into it or visited Thailand early than many guys with regrets on the forum not going earlier than they could - shuee

    1. Golden years meaining abusing and exploitong lads ... shame on you.

    2. Nobody is being abused or exploited. All fair deals where everyone can walk away any time without repercussions.


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