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Gay activities Jul 2017

Gay activities Jul 2017

Details about Safe House (Sukhumvit Soi 78), Silom/Surawong update, seducing straight boys.

Sun 25jun2017 (better fits here than in June)
Safe House (sauna in Sukhumvit Soi 78) not open yet. The label says opens 7 pm, but the owner (who lives in the building?) says they changed it to 6 pm. State cinema reported in June. On hornet, chat with a cute boy Lek, move chat to Line.

Sat 1jul2017
After several chats over the week, time to go to see Lek in Samut Prakarn.

The usual problem: boy does not know the way to my place, and has no money for taxi anyway, so I have to go to pick him up near his place, in this case at Paolo Memorial Hospital Samut Prakarn, about 2 hours trip with traffic jam by bus for me.

I do such trips only after efficient communication, and better even a video chat, on Line. If a boy is slow in replying, or does not answer call, I rather find someone else who does.

Meet there and yes, I want to get my hands into his pants. I invite him to Imperial Samrong for dinner (taxi 73 Baht, foodcourt for two 150 Baht). Then he asks me “What else do you want to do?” A straight question deserves a straight answer “I want to have sex with you”. He agrees. But taking him to my place would take too long, and then I would have to give him money for taxi to return. But I did choose Imperial Samrong wisely because Safe House sauna is nearby, and I will take him there!

Safe House 20:08-36. Entry 100 each. Everything as I remember from my last visit http://christianpfc.blogspot.com/2015/09/safe-house-sauna-in-samrong.html, still the best value for money in Bangkok! When we enter, two other customers, one of them very shapely and I would have had a further look despite him being heavily tattooed, if I had been alone.

Shower separately and then up to the rooms. Lek is slim and brown and warm and dry skin, all perfect. But the walls of the room do not reach the ceiling, and from being afraid someone looks over the wall, he loses his erection, so I have to hurry to cum before he loses interest.

He recommends going to a short time hotel, which rents over night as well, near his place next time. Perfect, so I will stay there over night and can cross off Samut Prakarn off my list of provinces where I stayed over night (being so close to Bangkok, there is no other reason to stay there), and combine with sightseeing in Samut Prakarn the following day.

Give him 100 for taxi (the fare for coming here was 73), he asks for 100 more, we are already going down this slippery road! But altogether, a good start for the month. (Didn’t have time to go to see him again, however in subsequent chat he asked me to send 200 online, which I declined, but offered 200 cash next time we meet.)

Tue 4jul2017
Rit the Muslim, this time I forbid him to take pictures or video. 1000 well deserved.

In the afternoon go to meet a boy Dream in Central World, a “maybe”, but neither of us has texted the other afterwards.

Wed 5jul2017
I have business in Silom, time for a stroll and some updates (mixed from several days in July).

Thai Best Massage in Silom Soi 8 is gone

Health Massage (?) in Silom 64 building is gone, no more boys and not even a sign left.

Fresh boys and X-Size boys in white briefs. Lee the analphabet outside X-Size fully dressed at bar 22:08, next time ask if he does massage, then I will go for him! (Arranging a meeting when I first met him last year failed because he cannot read and write English and Thai).

Jupiter 2018 (Jupiter 2002 moved from Surawong to Silom Soi 4), from street spot boys in trousers 21:58. Ask staff: for show 22:15 there will be boys in underwear. But I don’t want to wait, and boys in trousers is not worth supporting even at just (relative to Soi Twilight) 250 Baht.

The building behind Classic Boys and the beer bar is being demolished.

Next to Classic Boys, used to be an apple store (?) has been a hostel for many months already:

Thu 6jul2017
Go to Pinklao to meet a boy Chin from hornet. He asked me to invite him to cinema, and wants to watch Spiderman Homecoming. Not my first choice, but I agree.

No sign of the boy fishing for an invitation to my room, anyway no sex after midnight, say goodbye but I surely want to get my hands into his pants another day.

Fri to Mon 7-10jul2017 long weekend in Chaiyaphum. A friend from Myanmar joins all the trip and we share a hotel room, but we do not go beyond a few hugs and gropes.

Mon 10jul2017
Chat with Chin Pinklao from 18:20-19:16, I try to get him to take bus (he doesn’t like bus) or taxi (I offer return fare) to come to my room, at the end he asks for unspecified amount of money, I tell him the taxi will cost about 100 each way and I will pay for it, then he tells me he is too tired for traveling (he might have been fishing for 1000 for short time).

Wasted one hour (doing other things in parallel, but couldn’t chat with other boys), however I suspected early on this will fail.

Message several other boys, not free or no reply, among them Kuk Chan finally: not interested in sex with me again, details here: http://christianpfc.blogspot.com/2017/07/dating-thai-boys-55-im-busy.html

Wed 12jul2017
Resume contact with a straight boy GPlok whom I have known for almost two years (in between he was without phone, months without messages). He is free to meet and would like to bring his younger brother as well. Younger brother sounds great! (In Thai, น้องน nóng can refer to any younger sibling, and only on the way in taxi to pick him up I realized that it could a well be a younger sister!). On time, taxi back to my room.

Let them play on my computer in my room for about 2 hours, but then I realize I have to tell them what I’m looking for, something I’m not good at. So I start asking if they know Saranrom, then tell him I used to go there looking for boys, and used to pay 500 for wanking, but now there is nobody left. GPlok tells me he once went with a Thai there, and from we quickly get to business.

I was wondering what to do with his younger brother (too fat for my taste), let him wait outside my room or in my toilet, but GPlok asks if I want both of them, an offer I cannot reject. All of us cum, and GPlok is shapely and has a big dick (I measured 15 cm semi-erect afterwards), but involving his brother was a waste of money. Next time only GPlok.

Not even out of the door, GPlok asks when we can meet again. I don’t know, and first I have to wean him off me coming to pick him up by taxi. Should have told him to pay attention to the way when we took taxi to my room, so he can do alone next time.

Fri 14jul2017
A Farang friend is in Sake and invites me, and I can bring a boy. Message Chin Pinklao, and he is very interested and is there on the main road even before I arrive. However he is 19 years old and minimum age is 20, so they won’t let him in. We chat on main road, he is reluctant to come to my room because he has to work at 10 am tomorrow (but he can go to disco!), but finally agrees to go with me.

Back in my room, after prying him loose from his mobile phone (weak hints do not work, strong hints do not work, just grab that damn phone, throw it on the floor and step on it), everything fine in bed, worth a repeat.

He wears cosmetic contact lenses (I didn’t notice) and tells me his eyes hurt from the contact lenses. Stores them in tap water in my bathroom while we have sex.

Dress and go down to main road with him to hail a taxi. Give him 100 Baht for taxi, however later I realize that fare to his place is probably closer to 120. Should have given 200!

Tue 18 to Thu 20jul2017

Fri 21jul2017
Silom Plaza ground level The Best Massage some boys sitting outside 16:30.

Go to Huay Kwang area to have dinner with a boy Bas from hornet who will become BFC6in2017, and ex-BFC6in2017, full story soon separately. Spend some time with him, hence lower other activities rest of the month.

Thu 27jul2017
Nake and Farose II saunas.

Fri 28jul2017
Rit the Muslim, 1000 Bath, no pics and video, all fine but is getting boring.

Sat 29jul2017
Macho Sauna show, fatty and Golf (41 years old and still cute face and shapely body), warm upper back but cold butt cheeks, gets heavily involved with one customer, my style, and I get first row access to grope him and get a full erection. Wanking would be a waste of cum, I should have asked if someone in audience wants to suck me. 

Sun 30jul2017
Take bus to Victory Monument to meet a boy Game there. He is indifferent to my sightseeing suggestions (a temple and a museum in walking distance, both are on my list anyway), so I suggest we got to my place (by bus and walking; taxi sends a wrong signal). In my room all fine in bed, and if he hadn't too much body hair could be BFC. Doesn’t accept 100 THB for return, a good start, will meet again some day! 

Summary Jul 2017: 

A new trend emerges: fewer saunas, instead go to meet boys near their place. Time and money spent is about the same, but with only 1 out of 5 sauna visits successful (statistic over 200 sauna visits in 3 years, often I don't even take condoms as an act of defeatism), and 1 out of 2 boy visits successful (i.e. leading directly to sex, the others not my type or I'm not their type or sex on second date*, early estimate), I will explore that road.

*I don't have to have sex on first date, but if we don't have sex on second date, there is something wrong.

6 Free sex: Lek Samut Prakran (200 taxi), Chin Pinklao (100 taxi), 3xBas, Game ViMo.
7 Paid sex: Rit the Muslim 1000, GPlok and his brother 500+500, Gaeng Nice Boys 1000, Micky Vientiane 1000, Rit the Muslim 1000 = 5000.
Health no expenses.

4 Sauna: Safe House, Nake, Farose II, Macho.
6 Gogo: Winner, Nice Boys, Power Boys, Prism, Kawaii, A-Bomb.
3 no sex: Dream, Chin Pinklao (1st meeting), Bas Plok (1st meeting).
1 Host bar: Euro Boys.
5 Boys from hornet: Lek Samut Prakarn, Chin Pinklao, Micky Vientiane, Bas Plok, Game Victory Monument.

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  1. Very dynamic report. I'm surprised nobody reported that there's Hostel right in soi Twilight or perhaps I overlook it on forums. Good luck with boys


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