Thursday, 3 August 2017

Dating Thai boys (56) You're not my type

Dating Thai boys (56) You’re not my type

Boys who are not my type who contact me online, instead of ignoring them or telling them I’m busy (see previous post), I now write “Sorry you are not my type” or in Thai “ขอโทษ ไม่ใช่สเปค” kŏr tôht mâi châi sà-bpàyk.

(สเปค สะ-เปก sà-bpàyk from English spec = specification)

On hornet, when someone who is not my type contacts me once, no reply means not interested. But if he continues, I will write “Sorry you are not my type” or “ขอโทษ ไม่ใช่สเปค” depending on which language we started the chat.

And when I ask for facepic or private pics and get to see them, but am not interested, as well. (I used to completely disregard profiles without meaningful pictures, but now I’m grasping at straws and if someone contacts me, I will ask for pictures, there is a chance about 1:1000 that he is my type.)

And when chatting get to the point quickly and ask what he is looking for, and tell him I’m looking for sex. This should go without saying on online dating, but the number of boys who look for boyfriend and won’t engage in sex before marriage, or who expect remuneration, is too high to leave it to luck.

“You are not my type” is received in three different ways.

Most just say goodbye:

Some become offended (stitched together from screenshots, read from left top to right bottom):

I wrote about a similar issue before, where it dragged out too long:
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At that time, “you are not my type” came after meeting once or twice and wasting a lot of time and energy, now I put it at the beginning of a conversation.

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  1. Saying he's too fat is very harsh, you make him loosing his face.

    1. It's just him and me in this conversation. Does losing face apply if only two people are involved? In public, I would be more diplomatic to avoid him losing face.

      Variation of: when tree falls down in the forest, and nobody is there to witness, does it still makes a sound? If I have been to a place but didn't take a selfie to post it on social media, have I really been there?

    2. But even if you communicate one on one, politeness goes a long way.
      And isn't there a German saying you always meet each other twice in life?

      Nevertheless, it is a pleasure to read your trials and tribulations and it often brings a smile to me face. Sometimes I shake my head in disbelief....


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