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Moulmein attractions

Moulmein attractions

Places I have visited during my 25-26dec2017 stay in 
Moulmein = Mawlamyine = Mawlamyaing, 
in chronological order:
Nowrlaboo Taung Pagoda 
Zin Kyaik Waterfall
Unnamed elephant rock shrine
Unnamed Hindu shrine
Kyaik Kabaraye Pagoda 
Unnamed brick chedi ruin
Win Sein reclining Buddha in Mudon
Kyauk Ta Lone Pagoda Taung
Thanlwin Bridge
This is just a selection of what Moulmein and environs has to offer. Having rented a car with driver, I skipped walking around town, because I can do that on a repeat visit on my own.

(1 THB = 42 MMK, 1 EUR = 1600 MMK, 1 USD = 1350 MMK)
Night train from Yangon to Moulmein, upper class 5500 MMK, schedule 20:00 - 6:00, real 19:58 - 6:15. My driver is already waiting. Originally I thought 75 kMMK is a bit expensive for one day, but in hindsight it seems a fair price including petrol and a total of over 14 hours (pick up 6:15, bye 20:30).

Nowrlaboo Taung Pagoda
16°38'30.5"N 97°30'10.2"E = 16.641817, 97.502838 
Park car at base camp on main road. From there 6.6 km up the mountain by shuttle service (3 kMMK for front seat, cheaper on the back, 8:21-45). 

Not just one, but two overhanging rocks, covered in gold, with a pagoda on top! 


View west (Gulf of Martaban):

We got there early with only few visitors, but on our way down three full trucks passed on their way up:

Zin Kyaik Waterfall
16°41'23.6"N 97°26'03.4"E = 16.689877, 97.434268
Only a dribble of water in dry season:

There is a roofed stairway to the upper levels, with some stones painted as crocodile or fish:

Aerial picture by a Farang friend's drone in Aug 2017:

Unnamed elephant rock shrine
16°39'12.6"N 97°26'45.6"E = 16.653506, 97.446005
Accidental find, a cluster of rocks that have been made into two elephants, stop on return trip to take picture:

Unnamed Hindu shrine
16°35'40.2"N 97°28'15.8"E = 16.594498, 97.471056
Accidental find, stop on return trip to take picture and record location:

Kyaik Kabaraye Pagoda
16°35'28.8"N 97°28'51.0"E = 16.591324, 97.480827 
Another accidental find driving past by car, stopping on return.
A Bodhigaya replica and a garden full of pagodas and statues, can be seen from the railway that passes.

Unnamed brick chedi ruin
16°32'10.9"N 97°35'45.1"E = 16.536371, 97.595872
Pointed out by my driver, and I love ruins, stop for picture.

Win Sein reclining Buddha in Mudon 
16°19'24.1"N 97°43'27.9"E = 16.323348, 97.724415
At the time of construction (start 2010, now structure complete but interior not) it was the longest reclining Buddha in the world, at 180 m length. 

But since then matters have become more difficult: in Thailand there is one to be 209 m long once construction is finished and the Chinese carved one out of rock that is 416 m long (but the structure is not man-made, and only parts are carved)

So at time of posting this is the longest structurally complete, man made reclining Buddha in the world.

Across, in anti-parallel orientation, facing the complete Buddha, a construction site for another:

Interior is incomplete. Various mural drawings and statues, i.a. depictions of Buddhist Hell.

Mausoleum with the body of the founding monk:

Entrance gate from main road. There is misinformation  on the internet, the statue is not visible from afar, you have to get on the premises and close to see it.

Kyauk Ta Lone Pagoda Taung  
16°19'03.1"N 97°42'19.4"E = 16.317519, 97.705379
Accidental find on the way to Win Sein reclining Buddha in Mudon. Mountain with various chedis on top. Entrance to stairs:

From there it's 411 steps to junction, and total 491 to left (southern) top (woman not allowed to climb up):

or 522 steps in total to right (north) top (note the gray stone and very sharp edges in second picture):

And there is a cave that passes under the mountain:

Sunset prevented further sightseeing. Following morning walk to 

Thanlwin Bridge
which has two lanes for cars and pedestrians and one for railway. Some day I want to walk across the bridge!

The island next to the bridge Shampoo Island has several pagodas and there is a boat service, but will have to wait for another trip.

Aerial picture by a friend's drone Aug 2017:

Some great attractions, and I have packed as much as possible in my short stay. I will be back to explore the town!

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