Monday, 15 January 2018

Pattaya 9-12jan2018

Pattaya 9-12jan2018

Tue 9jan2018
Bus 46 for 9 THB to bus station on Bangna Trat road, then bus 48 for 108 THB to North Pattaya bus station, then songtheo for 10 THB to South Pattaya road. Total 127 THB and about 4 hours door-to-door.

I decided to give the sensory overload boy a chance, and messaged him on Line some days in advance. He is in Pattaya, looking for work, and can come to see me. And everything works out fine! Good English, can read clocks and maps. Worth a repeat. We did not talk about money, and at the end I hand him 1000 THB.
“Why you give me 1000?”
(I was a bit perplexed, and in my naivety thought “First boy of the year in Pattaya, for free? Great!”)
“You said 1500!”
(He reads our Line chat again, and of course as I remember, we didn’t talk about money at all, so drops the subject.)

Say hello to joe552 from sawatdeenetwork, and by chance meet several other Farang friends during this trip. Nice to meet you, Joe, and have a nice time in Pattaya!

Nice boys 20:33-21:20, hot tea 150 THB. 13 boys and 5 customers when I enter, increasing during my stay. Boys in individual white trunks and closed shoes. I would take #6 and #15, but at the end tip #1 for most entertaining.

Winner boys 21:28-22:03, fruit juice 79 THB. 8 boys and 14 customers. Boys in individual underwear (a great improvement from towels before) and closed shoes.

Winner boys is an example of a well-run bar. I counted 8 boys and 14 customers, and about 5 fully dressed staff. A visit to Classic Boys in Bangkok days before gave estimated 20 gogo boys, 20 fully dressed staff, to tend to a maximum of 30 customers.

Eros closed without notice [update: at time of posting opened again].

BoysBoysBoys pass 22:17, through the open door spot fully dressed boys on stage.

Dream Boys 22:21-32, fruit juice 180 THB. 8 boys and 4 customers, some smoking. The only cute boy #12 Nat is being offed, so I don’t stay long.

360 degree Boys is closed. 

Road construction is nearing completion.

Prisma 22:38-23:13, hot tea 180 THB. 8 boys 3 customers. Individual underwear and bare feet. None of the boys my type.

Beach road 23:20-40 no available boys.

Kawaii 23:45 only 3 boys, not worth going in. But an ex-gogo boy from there who became a friend is there hanging out outside, and we spend the rest of the night chatting.

Wed 10jan2018
Heavy rain in the morning! Borrow an umbrella to go to meet Farang friend for brunch. On way back, spot a cute boy at

All of me massage (behind Tuk-Com). 1 hour oil massage 400 THB. Massage ok, afters good, worth a repeat. Tip 800 THB. Exchange Line as he is there only in passing (on way to Satthahip, in the navy).

Chat on hornet with a boy who has been around for years, but we never got past the saying hello stage. He is interested, but cannot meet me near Tuk-Com as there is too much police around [I never noticed police around Tuk-Com]. The problem is that he took drugs and has to wait until they are out of his body/urine/blood.

In 2012, a friend asked me what I’m looking for in a boyfriend and I replied: “no smoking, no drinking, no tattoos”, but my standards have fallen, now I would have sex with someone who admits taking drugs (but still would draw the line at bringing drugs into my room).

Sansuk Sauna 16:57-18:50, entry 230 THB. Quite full, but mostly Whites. One very cute staff and one Thai friend I haven’t seen for years, and who is as cute as before. Even without getting anyone an entertaining evening.

Walk back and pass a family (?) of older man, younger man, women. Older man chats me up (I had my eyes on the younger), and they turn out to be from Madagascar and are gay. Exchange Line with F (the young and slim one).

Back in my room, have a look at hornet and there is one cute D only a few hundred meters away, good English and efficient communication, can fit him in before going to the bars. Meet at Tuk-Com, then to my room, and “fit in before going to the bars” turns out to be about 20:20-22:00. All positive, will meet again!

The tricky part is that he lives in Chanthaburi and is in Pattaya only for holiday, visiting friends who work in Sunee Plaza. Money boy or not? We go to his friend’s bar Euro boys and have drinks there (fruit juice for me 60 THB, whisky for him 110 THB).

Not much to talk about, but a Farang friend FF is there so I ask to join his table, and so we have entertainment. D will stay at Euro boys until 2 am, which is far too late for me, and boring as well (now that FF has left). Ask D “Are you money boy or did you go with me for fun?”, but only get a smile in return. I take that as a No, make plan to meet again tomorrow morning, pay and leave.

[Update: as of posting, he is still in Pattaya. In Euro Boys it is difficult for me to avoid being seen, anyway someone will tell him when I’m back in Pattaya. This (offing other boys) is going to get difficult to deal with on my next trip.]

Power boys 23:10-18, invitation by FF who has a bottle of whisky there. Only 4 boys and 3 customers left. (But passing Nice boys, look through the door and find it full.) Move on to

Cupidol 23:28-00:35, invitation by FF who has a bottle of whisky there. 11 boys and 7 customers. Individual white underwear and bare feet. #36 used to work in Dream Boys Pattaya #16, where I admired his very handsome face last year. Now I learn that he is Vietnamese, but good in bed. What to do?

In front of Toy Boys (bar full with boys and customers as far as I can see through the glass door) a very cute fully dressed chats me up. He works there infrequently, exchange contact information.

Thu 11jan2018
Wake up and message D Chantaburi, but after a short reply he falls silent.

1:02 Christian I go to bed now. Miss you. Good night.
1:02 Christian See you tomorrow morning.
1:03 D Ok
1:04 D Good night
1:04 D [Sticker]
9:00 Christian Good morning
9:01 D You too
9:02 Christian I just woke up. And you? [not read]
9:19 Christian I'm eating breakfast now, then I'm free. See you soon. [not read]
9:19 Christian [Sticker] [not read]
9:59 Christian And you? [not read]
10:10 Christian Canceled call [not read]
10:29 Christian ??? [not read]
Have to cast a decision: abort and pursue other boys. Resume chat in the evening:
19:24 Christian I'm back in Bangkok.
19:25 Christian Did you sleep this morning? I had to check out and couldn't wait any longer.
19:27 D I'm sorry to not see you
19:28 Christian What happened? Are you ok?
19:28 D I have some problems.
19:28 Christian What problem?
19:31 D where are you now
19:32 Christian In Bangkok
19:33 D Ok
19:33 D I'm sorry
19:38 Christian What problem?
19:41 D I have problems with my friends.
19:44 D And I was not in Pattaya this morning.

The MCA maximum credible accident! My well laid plans (meet D in the morning/midday, departure 2 pm because I will go directly to the next appointment in Bangkok) fucked up! He didn’t even say he cannot come, could turn up any minute. Work my way down the list of boys I want to meet, and the boy F from Madagascar is number 3 in my list, but the first to answer.

Of course, the chances that a Madagascan on holiday in Pattaya comes to my room for free sex within one hour of contacting him are slim, so I inquire about his job and get MB, pronounced em-bee, as reply. Everything fine, worth a repeat. We did not talk about money, 1000 accepted afterwards.

That’s my first encounter in bed with an African. However, Madagascans look different from continental equatorial Africans (or their offspring elsewhere, most notable the USA), and the hunt for sex with a continental equatorial African is still on. Thoughts and encounters here:

So many who I missed! The boy whom I met in Sansuk sauna and who works in Jomtien and who qualified for a repeat; the one from Eros was away anyway; Good Boys had a lot of boys and some were my type. Have to go to Pattaya again as soon as possible!

Thanks everyone, Farang and Thai, I met, for making this a great start of Pattaya this year.

Copyright 2018 ChristianPFC


  1. Hi Christian,

    nice report, thanks! Is #1 in Nice Boys still 'Nat' (quite a few tattoos, some more European-style ones rather than Thai, including one going up his neck)?

    If so, yes, he is entertaining and I normally spend a lot of time drinking with him when I'm there (though have never actually offed him)!

    1. I didn't talk to him, I don't know his name. Don't remember tattoos. I haven't seen him there before, and I don't expect to see him again. They have quite a turnover.

    2. #1 was still there on 19jan2018. No tattoos on his neck. Not shy.

  2. Good and dynamic report , you covered a lot of boy territory in those few days


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