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Soi Twilight 18.09.2013 Hotmale, Classic

Soi Twilight 18.09.2013

A friend from Austria is in Bangkok, we meet for dinner at 18:30 and then hit the bars. During dinner, I see the first person who uses a punpun bike, on Surawong road. I rarely go to bars alone. I could go any day, but with a friend you can talk about the boys and exchange stories. Enter Hotmale 21:00. The coyote boys are in individual underwear, the other boys are in underwear provided by the bar (not my style, but it could be worse) and in sleeveless shirts. Shirts! If I had gone alone, I would have left. I don’t pay gogo bar prices to see boys in shirts. Third-hand information: the shirts come off after the first show. Coyote boy 03 is my type and he smiles at me when our views meet, I tip him 100 Baht and might come back to off him. The drink price has been raised to 320 Baht for soft drink (I remember 250 from less than two years ago and 300 a year ago). We leave about 22:00.

It’s show time, but we don’t want to watch the shows. We go to Classic boys, as there is sufficient time left before the show starts. Much better! Several boys are my type, and they being shirtless and wearing underwear of their choice certainly helps. I stay through the show (from memory: boys dancing, ladyboy lipsync, boys dancing, underwater, acrobatic fuck show). There are several boys I could have offed, 13 would be on top of my list, I tip him 100 Baht and might come back for him. Leave about 23:30.

Another stroll through Soi Twilight, second dinner and walk to bus stop at Sam Yan. When I pass Wat Hua Lampong, a Thai man Dan approaches me. After a few sentences, I remember him, I met him at the bus stop in April (?). He is a tourist guide in Silom area and lives in Rangsit. He is gay and has a sexual interest in me (in April he wanted to come to my room). He asks me to pay his bus ticket (8 Baht). Well, if it’s that important to him to ask me, I can hardly reject this request. I even let him keep the 4 Baht change, after he asks for it. From previous rides, from memory, I can generalize that bus 29 leaves from Sam Yan about midnight and then again about 1 am (I will go through my records for a full analysis of bus departure times).

Further observations:

There seems to be a migration of boys to Dream Boys (two boys I talked with recently moved to Dream Boys after working in other bars). The expected short time tip there is 2000 Baht. That seems to attract the boys, but then they don’t get offed there often and complain about lack of offs (third hand information).

The cute Vietnamese boy at Scorpion is still there. A friend who speaks basic Vietnamese has been there, bought a few drinks and was asked which boy he would like to take home. From that, I conclude that the offability depends on various factors: presence or absence of the owner, number of drinks you buy, your ability to speak Vietnamese, to start with. (I recently witnessed the cute Vietnamese boy conversing fluently in Thai with a Thai boy at the bar, but his English seems to be poor.)

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