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Park at BTS Sathorn Saturday 21.09.2013

Park at BTS Sathorn Saturday 21.09.2013

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On the river boat, we pass a bridge under construction for the MRT blue line.

bridge under construction over Chao Phra Ya for MRT blue line

At Sathorn pier, I stroll around. There is a park next to the BTS station. I spot a group of boys (age around 15 estimated and confirmed by asking two of them) sitting and drinking. I make a detour to walk past them. Still over 5 meters away, one of them says hello to me and raises the cup. I join them for a chat. Immediately, I notice a flask of Ceza syrup and an empty blister pack of medicine and empty capsules on the floor. I drink only small sips of the coke from the shared cup, as I don’t know what they put in it and which effect this will have on my body.

They speak a few sentences of English, most of our conversation is in Thai. They want to know where I am going (Sathorn Soi 1) and offer me a ride on a motorbike for 50 Baht. I accept. In the following conversation, numbers between 50 and 500 Baht are were asked for, but I do not increase my offer. Anyway, I want to have a chat first and listen to them talking with each other and find out what they put into the coke.

Among seven, they were sharing (as far as I could see):
Coke Big 1.5 l with ice,
Ceza syrup 60 ml (each 5 ml contains Cetirizine hydrochloride 5 mg Catergory: Antihistamic),
Tramadol HCl 50 mg (about 10 capsules)
Anyone have any idea what this is good for?

They want to know about my work, so I show them pictures of me at work that I took with my phone. They scroll through the pictures on my phone and I worry what to say when they reach pictures of boys from Saranrom in a short time hotel that would require further explanation. But luckily, just one picture before, they ask me who this is on the picture (a boy and I fully clothed), I use this opportunity to take my phone back before we get to pictures that would require explanation. That leaves me a choice: either put those pictures in a separate folder to avoid similar situations or keep them and make a plan to use them to my advantage.

They are eager to give me their phone numbers and facebook profiles and invite me to join them again. Quite different from boys in my area, where I am more or less met with polite disinterest (but the circumstances there are different).

They are leaving, I get on the motorbike. I insist on wearing a crash helmet, so we drive to the boy’s place (without helmet) and pick up two helmets for the longer part of the ride to Sathorn Soi 1. No problem to bring a farang back to his place (I wait outside on the motorbike while he gets the helmets). Arrive in Soi 1 at 18:00. I give the boy 100 Baht (instead of 50 as agreed at the park), many thanks and wais. Walk along Soi 1 to Babylon Sauna.

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