Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Saranrom park Friday 20.09.2013

Saranrom park Friday 20.09.2013

Take taxi to Sanam Luang. Stroll around the night market. Arrive in Saranrom area 21:45. A poor start, less than 20 boys (estimated) in the entire area. I have dinner in City Walk. Go for a second round. More boys. A cars stops next to me and the driver chats me up. A Thai man, not at all my type, but in a profession related to mine. I get into his car, on the passenger seat, so we can have a chat (more comfortable than bending down to talk through the window). He drives us around the park and the palace a few times, trying to find a boy for me.

The first time I see Saranrom from a driver’s perspective. He says he pays 500 Baht for the boys. The windows of his cars are dark, you can’t look inside, but you can look outside. But this is not my style (letting boys come to the window to chat with them and have a closer look, furthermore I don’t know what he is up to), I prefer to walk. I indicate that I would like to continue alone. He stops in a quiet area and he asks if he can see my dick. After some hesitation, I let him open my belt and my pants and play with my dick. But when I offers me a blowjob, I have to refuse, there are limits of what I’m willing do to for German-Thai friendship. We exchange phone number and I hope we can meet again to go to a gay disco.

I continue on foot. Around 11 pm to midnight, it looks better then when I first came. Finally I see Eat again (whom I could not take last time because I went with – forgot name - already). Exactly what I was looking for! We take taxi to a short time hotel and have a nice time. Not much activity in bed, but a cute face, great body and good manners. Therefore, I can’t deny him the extra 100 Baht he is asking for (in addition to 500). There are boys who follow the line “you cum – we are done – you pay – I go”, not him. I was playing with a cat outside the short time hotel, he was waiting for me to look up to say goodbye again. Eat stays in Bang Sue and goes to Saranrom by taxi (100 Baht). That means, he could come to my place by taxi if I give him the fare? I will try next time, this would save me a lot of time.

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