Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Soi Twilight The Zeus Sunday 22.09.2013

Soi Twilight The Zeus Sunday 22.09.2013

After all the events on Saturday, I stay in my room to play internet on Sunday afternoon. Then I have a stroll to my local wat and shopping center, and take the bus to Sam Yan (Wat Hua Lampong). Stroll along Rama 4 road and through Lumpini park to meet a friend in Soi Ngam Duplee. We have dinner and then take taxi to Soi Twilight.

New gogo bar "The Zeus". We enter 22:10. There are few other customers. It is too cold and the music is too loud. The cushion on the seat is lose and overlaps, you have to be carefull when you move on your seat not to fall down. The bathroom is very simple. There are about 15 boys, one is offable, another one or two I would take for free. One boy looks like he comes from Africa. All wear the same underwear, a style I can live with. Interesting to compare: it suits some boys well, it doesn't suit others. But I have the impression they are having decoys in their underwear. Not just a sock (that's easy to recognize), but something that imitates the shape. It even moves when boys rearrange their private parts. I would guess they used silicon dildos and cut them in half? Drinks are 300 Baht (water, beer). My friend leaves after half an hour, I stay until 23:00. 

Update: closed since Dec 2014

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