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Wat Ahong Silawad in Bueng Kan province

Wat Ahong Silawad in Bueng Kan province
วัดอาฮงศิลาวาส อ.เมือง จ.บึงกาฬ 
part 2 of "Temples with huge stones in Bueng Kan province"

location (center of peninsula with large rocks): 18.4244578,103.4704604 = 18°25'28.1"N 103°28'13.7"E

Narrowest point of Mekong river, about 210 m wide.
But not deepest:  
"The deepest pools, including the single deepest pool (90.5 m), are found in the narrow bedrock reach between Mukdahan and Pakse where the Mekong cuts across the Phu Phan Fold Belt and the edge of the Khorat Plateau, where resistant sandstones are exposed."

(Update: other narrow point is near Sam Pan Bok in Ubon Ratchathani province with 56 m in dry season.) 

Our visit was late in the day, only little sunlight left, hence poor picture quality.

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