Monday, 18 July 2016

Words of praise: pornography and wanking

Words of praise: pornography and wanking

1. It's free. I can cover my whole pornography requirements (I can work with pictures or video) with free porn. If you are looking for new stuff or higher quality, you might have to pay.

2. It's instant. No time to travel or waiting for someone.

3. It's safe. No sexually transmitted diseases, no danger of theft or robbery.

4. It's repeatable. I had some boys who were good first time, and so-so next time. Not with porn!

to be continued

I admit, writing about pornography and wanking when spending most of my time in Thailand is an admission of defeat, but after contacting five boys (mixed pay and free) and being unable to get any of them to come to my room after one hour of chat (see recent monthly reports), I simply give up.

This post might give the wrong impression that I'm hanging on the internet searching for porn. Searching for porn is a slow business, plenty of pop-ups and other advertising, poor quality (both actors and resolution), but when you find something, it's for life!

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  1. Hi Christian
    You should consider Manila or somewhere else in the Philippines. There is no comparison with Thai and Pinoy guys when it comes to free love. I had more free sex there in a week than I could ever have in a month at TH. The Traffic and lack of a decent Public transport in Manila is a down side but on the plus side the city has 20M people so the density of guys is double that in BKK so not far to travel.
    Even the money boys seem satisfied with 300 – 500 pesos and cultural peculiarities like Thai guys seem to have an oversupply of are few if any with Pinoy guys.

    1. The few encounters I had with Pinoys in Thailand were so-so. For me, mainland SE-Asians are more attractive than Pinoys. The lack of public transport in Manila is a major deterrent for me.

  2. Just gay porn. Plenty there and much of it vgq

  3. Maybe so, but your readers would have missed out on your many adventures.


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