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Wat Phu Tok in Bueng Kan province

Wat Phu Tok in Bueng Kan province

full name: Wat Jetiyakhiri (Wat Phu Thok)
วัดเจติยาคีรีวิหาร (วัดภูทอก) ต.นาสะแบง อ.ศรีวิไล จ.บึงกาฬ
part 3 of "Temples with huge stones in Bueng Kan province"

Phu Tok is a solitary sandstone rock that can be climbed. There are 7 levels of platforms around the rock, representing the 7 (update later).... But you don't have to walk around the rock 7 times, there are several shortcuts. Level 5 has a viharn at the northern end and a religious place with a skeleton at the southern end. Level 7 is the top of the rock, no buildings but a path to the southern end which gives a spectacular view.

Main entrance gate at
18.1289119,103.8791059 = 18°07'44.1"N 103°52'44.8"E
can easily be missed when coming from another entrance in the north-east.

Chedi at
18.1302201,103.880780 = 18°07'48.8"N 103°52'50.8"E
with museum as seen from mountain:

Passing chedi, lake and some buildings, you get to the entrance gate to the mountain:

Walking towards the mountain, there is a bifurcation (sign in Thai says "both ways lead to the rock")(and several more bifurcations later):

Now finally the spectacular views, not suitable for people who are afraid of highs:

At the northern end of 5th level is a viharn, view from 6th level:

And access to viharn from 5th level:

inside the viharn:

View of viharn from drone:

View from viharn to north-eastern side of mountain:

and drone view of viharn and north-western side of mountain:

On north-eastern side of rock, there are large numbers of bee-hives on the rock. Underneath the hives, you can see dark spots on the wood from stuff that fell down.

On southern end of 5th level are buildings with religious places and a skeleton:

On 6th level, there is a bifurcation where you can climb over the roots on the left or continue straight on the left, both ways will lead to the southern end on 7th level (flat top of mountain, no buildings, only paths through the forest):

Southern tip offers spectacular view over buildings on ground level and surrounding countryside:

Southern tip seen from drone:

Southern tip seen from ground level (from close; from far see top picture):

Verdict: Spectacular even on second visit (I went already in Feb 2013). This was the peg for a five day trip through Esan with a friend, and he found it worth the trip from Bangkok.

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  1. No doubt you found yet another unheralded gem Thailand seems dotted with

  2. I agree with Vinapu. I would have loved to hear about this place while I was still in country. In some ways it reminds me of Mt. Po pa in Myanmar

  3. I live in the area and have to agree that it is a nice temple to visit ,but a hard climb to the top


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