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Gay activities April (2) – May 2016

Gay activities April (2) – May 2016

Monday 25.04.2016
Meet Pai from hornet at Wat Hua Lampong. First chat in Chamchuri square, he is fishing for invitation to my room, so I invite him. Some indecent touching, but not so much my type. Stays over night. No character flaws and good English.

Wednesday 27.04.2016
Chat with boys in Klong Toey slum. Talk quickly turns to sex and dick size. I offer a cute boy 100 Baht to touch his dick and he accepts. However quite shy, will require a lot of work to get something useful.

Walk around and chat with other cute boys. The usual problem: there is a fatty who is chatty and difficult to understand, whereas his cute friend is shy. In addition, cute boy lost phone, get Line of fatty.

As usually, the subject quickly goes to vices. 
Here I use my old joke:
“No smoking, no drinking, only fucking.”
“ไม่สูบบุหรี่ ไม่กินเหล้า เย็ดอย่างเดียว”
mâi sòop bù rèe - mâi gin lâo - yét yàang dieow
Which causes great mirth.

I ask boys I’m interested in for their age anyway, and if talk comes to cocks I ask for cock size, then I quote the cute boy’s stats:
“Ek, 19 years, 53 kg, 179 cm, condom size 54 mm”

It’s dinner time for me, and after my food arrives (fish grilled with salt), I realize it’s more than I want to eat now, so I sent them a picture on Line and invite the boys for dinner.

After writing to and fro, the boys arrive and order take away. That was not what I had in mind. Misunderstanding? That brings me back to the last day of my second holiday in Thailand which was in Jan 2010. At that time I was seeing a boy Nicky and we were in Silom, so I invited him to spend my last dinner with me. He chose McDonald’s Silom and ordered take-away, which I paid for, and then said goodbye.

That was the first time I realized that a boy is not interested in spending time with me, just grasping the opportunity to have a meal paid by me. From there, it still took me years to grasp the full extent of “greediness and deception” versus “cultural differences and misunderstandings”. And still, I sometimes fall for their scams.

During this dinner, chat on Hornet with a nearby cute boy K, then move to Line and switch from English to Thai on his request. Confusion about location (he cannot read maps?), but that is solved by a phone call. Walk 10 minutes to convenient meeting place, and he appears soon after and is my type.

Reminds me of the boy Earth who features in many Thai gay porn and is still around in Bangkok or Pattaya on the gay apps, and I spotted him in real life a few times over the years since he left Sunee Plaza.

K came by mocy, and tells me to wait at bus stop while he takes the mocy back home. I was wondering if that is just a ruse to get rid of me, but he is back even before I check the time to count waiting time. Taxi home.

I shower first, he showers second, then to bed without much talk. Have to dry his skin and wait until it gets warm, but then everything good. (I write “good” instead of “great” because I occasionally have problems to get hard with free encounters, but not with paid encounters.) He is hard from the beginning, nice cock and balls and ass. He asks for condom and lube, I acquiesce (I would rather have a wank or a suck, but to keep him agree on him fucking me). Ticklish on the neck (I like to get my lips and hands on neck).

Afterwards shower together. Then he points to his mobile phone lying on my bed and says he would like a new phone. I tell him that he has a phone already and then change subject. He plays on his phone (hornet, asks me to translate messages in English; and facebook) and waits for a friend to pick him up to go out for drinking. Then the dreaded question:
“Can you give me some money?”
“How much?”
“1000. (short pause) Or 2000, if you have.”
(fiddle around with my towel to gain time to ponder this request)
Hand him 1000 Baht.
He asks for 100 more, but I don’t react on this.
Say goodbye with intention to meet again tomorrow evening.

That money request came as a surprise (although I was forewarned by the request for new mobile phone). If he were a moneyboy, he would have had to tell me earlier. I guess he was fishing. But in my situation, I cannot risk losing a good contact over 1000 Baht, and in the future I can dictate place and time and sexual activities. He asks if he can have some chocolate from my fridge, and holds a full bar in his hand. I tell him this bar is not open yet and give him a piece from an open bar. Similar to another boy, who didn’t want to take a cookie, but the full box with him when leaving.

What would my readers have done?

Thursday 28.04.2016
K comes to my room (by mocy, remembers way), negotiate from 500 down to 300. The previous night was promising, but now I realize: he is my type, but not my style. He is kind of:
“I want to fuck you, but don’t touch me, can I have some money?”
Whereas my style is:
“No fucking, I want to touch you, no money.”

Dejavu 21:40-22:35. Show in progress on 3rd floor (schedule 9 pm), over 30 spectators, over 50 customers (but count about 120 lockers with padlock), one boy nice body and warm dry brown skin but not interested. A Thai English teacher chats me up and is interested, but not my type. I leave while show still in progress. Steam room closed defect, Jacuzzi cold not operating.

Theme days: underwear Mon, Wed, Fri; naked Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun.
Free drinks at bar, free condom 54 mm and lube at reception.

Seed 22:44-23:57. About 7 customers when I enter and 10 when I leave. One cute boy on internet, not interested (I open door to his cubicle and stroke his leg, no reaction). Still restructuring in progress, inflatable pool, underwear day observed.

Farose 2, stay 00:22-01:01. I was rather tired, but it’s on the way home. Less than 50 customers, some look promising. On way to rooftop for dinner pass cute boy N. Boy follows me and we indicate mutual interest and he would sure have liked to go to a room, but I’m tired and I don’t like the room. Exchange Line instead to meet another day.

Friday 29.04.2016
Spend an hour messaging or calling a dozen of boys:

Find out that N from Farose 2 last night works in X-Size (I was there weeks ago and now vaguely remember him), that is convenient location to meet before or after work, and now that it’s clear he is a money boy I could even offer 1000 for short time, but will not go to take him out of the bar.

Chok is with friends, but can meet later. Then no reply.

Tartar Asiatique needs to raise 2500 for his mother. I offer to contribute 1000 if he comes to see me, but he is not free now because he has to raise 2500. (Not sure what to make of this, probably a moneyboy who doesn’t say so.)

Bank Khon Kaen is working, but days before he wrote he works 8:30-17.

Conversation on hornet with Dong Rama 3 trickles out (several messages read no reply), then call him. It turns out he cannot speak English (our written communication was in English), switch to spoken Thai. Starts positive, he is free and wants to meet, asks if we are going to have sex (in such cases I always reply I want to meet and talk first). Then asks for money, I offer money for taxi (even though he is only about 1 km walk away), he asks for 2000, then lowers to 1500, I say goodbye.

That boy was a case where I have to meet in real life to see if I want to have sex with him at all because I can’t tell from the pictures on hornet.

That’s a general problem: the problem is not that I wouldn’t pay 1000 for a boy I like, but I don’t want to commit without seeing the boy first (that’s why I still go to gogo bars!). Pictures were promising but not convincing.

Several no reply.

Nature Boys 22:38-23:18. Coke 150 Baht. Music, light, temperature ok. Excessive smoking (if it hadn’t been a research trip, I would have turned around immediately). Up to 12 boys, but only half of them in underwear (mostly orange Calvin Klein trunks), the other fully dressed for a birthday party of one boy (?). 3 boys soso, I would take them for free in a horny moment. One other customer.

Fake Club Ratchada 00:16-02:xx. Invitation by Farang friend who has better luck with boys. Get in and walk around until I find my friend’s table. That confirms what I thought before: can get in without buying a drink! (Some other places have some staff lead you to a table when you enter.)

I spot other customers (young Thai) with earplugs (so I’m not the only one who thinks the music is too loud). Queues at the toilets. But in the audience, still some empty tables at the perimeter and can walk around easily (I thought it would be worse, but it turns out to be acceptable unlike DJ station where I don’t go Fri-Sat because it’s too crowded). Over 20 coyote boys in silver costumes (not my style, similar to previous visits) 00:57-01:15. There must have been 1000 customers, of which 5 Farang and about 10 boys who are my type. 02:22 music off.

Saturday 30.04.2016
Call or message several boys, not free:
JJ was sleeping and will continue sleeping, Pong is working.

Kiw Screwboys agrees on 1000 Baht, but wants to eat first, then no show. (I thought so!)

Follow another contact from gboysiam website. Has been posting there for over 6 months, with promising pictures of several boys. I had chatted in the past, but then gave up when I realized that I’m not chatting with one of the boys from the pictures, but with their pimp.

Now write on Line again and inquire if all boys from the pictures are physically present so I can choose one when I arrive (I don’t want to choose from pictures, that’s why I still go to gogo bars). But the pimp manages to press me into choosing from pictures.

Get into rain (first rain this year, have lunch while waiting for rain to stop). Bus to Ratchayothin area. Arrive at the 7/11 that was given as meeting point. Wait there until the pimp picks me up on mocy (another case of poor sense of orientation: she could have told me to walk into the soi for xx meter and go to yy shop, that would have taken me a minute, instead she let me wait 10 minutes and many more messages).

The pimp is the ladyboy owner of a of wedding accessories shop and the boys live nearby, but only the one I chose before from pictures is present. Go with Kim to his room nearby. Cigarette butts in ashtrays in room but no smell. Chat and finally get a price: 1500, no room for negotiation. I wank first, then Kim wanks to white gay porn. Chatterbox, have to tell him to shut up because I don’t like talking during sex. Has never been in gay sauna. Wanks 2 or 3 times per day. Overall positive, but considering distance and price, it’s not worth repeating.

39 underground stay bout 18:25-19:25. Free entry after 6 paid with coupon (oldest from 2557=2015). Soso. Less than 100 customers, one nice underwear (Calvin Klein trunks grey with silver waistband).

Seed 00:08-01:05. Over 20 customers, hugging with a bordercase.

Farose 2, stay 01:28-02:25. Over 100 customers, some look promising.

Sunday 01.05.2016
Meet a boy from hornet, Bank from Khon Kaen, in Lotus Pinklao, not so much my type. Speaks fast (only Thai) and poor acoustics where we sit.

Orion sauna 17:33-18:20. (I didn’t take any notes.)

MachoX sauna 18:47-21:05. A boy who is cute and who looks vaguely familiar enters and goes to rooftop fully dressed. Follow him and ask for name: Bom from Minburi, whom I met last year in Wave Club Ramkhamhaeng 89/2 (now closed) and then lost all contact (phone number, Line and facebook!). He will be in the show. What a great surprise! Exchange current contact information.

Show about 20:30-40 in porn room (schedule 19:30, receptionist says 20:00), two boys erotic dancing in underwear, some pubic hair and balls visible, nothing to write home about. Job offer for show in locker room.

After show, the two boys from show in dark zone for groping (the other boy much more popular), but Bom doesn’t want to go to room with me. Leaves afterwards to Muffil sauna for other show.

Bus to Chinatown where I am grooming some boys. I am lucky, they are there* and we chat and I invite them for dinner. They ask if they can order take-away for friends: no way!

*Else I would just have gone to Hua Lampong. There is no direct bus at night from Pinklao to Rama 4, would have had to change at Hua Lampong anyway, and once in the are I can as well look for cute boys.

Top Suk62 called me around 9 pm when I was leaving sauna, I told him I will be home 11, now call him back: no connection.

Mon 02.05.2016 Khon Kaen (1st day of Esan trip with M)
A Farang friend M has a car and wants to visit several places in Esan, so we go on a 5 day round trip and share costs for petrol.

Weeks before, I spotted an picture with an awesome body and so-so face on facebook, messaged him and he is interested in meeting in Khon Kaen.

Good communication in Thai, not pushy or sentimental. Is free from 9 pm on. We meet outside at my hotel, then invite him to my room. Fully dressed not convincing, but when sitting on my bed and looking at a map of Esan, I put my hand around his waist and from there it takes expected course.

Both of us have a great time, warm and dry skin throughout. Afterwards dinner at night market. He would stay over night, but would have to leave 4 am to start work 5 am, so we say goodbye. No character flaws*, will meet again next time I’m in Khon Kaen.

*Except maybe this one: when chatting on Line, he wrote he lives in Khon Kaen city, but despite me asking, he didn’t specify where. Now it turns out he lives 10 km outside. I guess he didn’t say so at first in order not to lose me over traveling problems.

Tuesday 03.05.2016 (2nd day of Esan trip with M)
Invite the boy Jo from Song Dao (Sakon Nakon province) to join me and Farang friend to Bueng Kan. I met Jo last year in Sakon Nakon and then two no-show on subsequent visits, not a good start. But he called me several times, and always picked up phone immediately when I called him, so I had a good feeling.

Small detours from Khon Kaen to Bueng Kan to pick up Jo at his place. His father speaks good English. Jo has no luggage, but I told him it will be 2 days 1 night.

Being with a friend, I can justify spending 790 Baht on a hotel room (last time I paid that much was in Thailand was in 2010). In the room, Jo asks me if I have clothes for him for changing after shower, so I lend him a T-shirt.

He comes back from showering in shorts and T-shirt. We go to bed around 22. The bed is so big, 3 people could sleep in it without touching each other, and Jo lies at the very end, so I have to move over so I can touch him. Hand under shirt: no reaction. Then move over shorts, he says something that I interpret as: “If you want to do more, can you buy me phone that can play music and video?” (His current phone is a dumbphone.) I continue groping and then ask “How much will it be?” – “I don’t know either.” Continue groping and ponder what to do next. “Is 1000 Baht ok?” – I don’t understand the answer, but assume it’s a yes.

The boy is a dead fish in bed, I have a wank first, he second, total waste of time and money.

Wednesday 04.05.2016 (3rd day of Esan trip with M)
Continue trip to Sakon Nakon. We arrive in the evening, no more buses to Song Dao, hence Jo stays another night with me at a Thai friend’s place (separate beds in same room, no sex, no money). My farang friend stays in hotel and asked me to ask Jo if he would like to have sex with him for 1000 Baht the following day. Jo is only a bordercase for my Farang friend, and I told him about my disappointment, but nonetheless he wants to try. From observing him, he thinks Jo can give good massage.

Thursday 05.05.2016 (4th day of Esan trip with M)
M picks us up, I stroll in Sakon Nakon town and M spends some time with Jo in his room. M reports J is useless for massage and for gay sex. Sent Jo to bus station and continue trip to Buriram.

In Buriram search on hornet and meet Yok, go to my room for talking (good English), but don’t do anything more (I’m tired and he is a bordercase).

Friday 06.05.2016
Return to Bangkok. Chat with Bom Minburi and agree on 1300. He arrives 20:03, and 20:30 he tells me he has to leave 21. Starts so-so, then gets better, will see him again some day. But next time make sure he has time, I don’t like to rush.

He told me he will buy a school uniform for his sister, but then on facebook I see he posts from Silom Soi 4).

Saturday 07.05.2016
Chat with a cute boy T at Klong Toey slum whom I remember from before and see there often. Talking about where I live and how get to and back, he offers me a ride on mocy (not specifying who will drive). I offer 100 Bath (taxi would cost 50, and bus 8, but mocy would save me quite some walking). But unfortunately, a friend of cute boy does the driving.

K comes to my room (after long chat on Line, says has to hurry, but when I want to cancel suddenly has time).

Seed 00:49-03:05 brimming with about 30 customers, several nice bodies, orgies in darkroom, two Thai in locker room recognize me as blogger. Exchange Line with two boys and get blowjob in darkroom. Update:

Farose 2, stay 03:28-04:12. Over 100 customers, many sleeping, pool no light or water play.

Monday 09.05.2016

In Klong Toey slum again, T’s friends and family tell me to tell them when I want to get home. Ask T: he has a mocy, but no driving license and doesn’t drive outside of the slum. I was hoping I could at least chose will drive me today (there are more cute boys), but it’s the same as yesterday. No brainer: because he already knows the way! I have to devise a new plan to get T in my bed.

Who will be the last boy I have sex with before flying to Germany? Call Pong: not free, Boss Vipa16 doesn’t pick up, Top Suk62 was sleeping, Yoi doesn’t read my message on facebook (he has no phone, I can’t call him).

Message Lee (whom I met in Saphan Khwai gay karaoke, now works X-Size, wants to bring a friend for threesome, but friend is not my type). After long chatting agree on 900 Baht. Last message was 23. After agreement on price and sending location of my room, I expect him to come now, but wonder how he will escape mamasan’s clutches in X-Size. No show, but I don’t call or write again but go to bed around midnight. Update next morning: he writes 1 am that he is free now after work.

Parallel to this play hornet and a boy who looks promising contacts me. He is in Srinakarin which is a bit far, and when we move to Line for videochat, he doesn’t look that appealing any more. Abort.

Spent an hour calling or chatting with several boys, to no avail! Wank alone.

In Germany, continue checking (all in Thai language), on average once per week. Sometimes I see something interesting, and this time spot a record number of four boys that I know from elsewhere. And several new massage places advertise there.

Summary (April 24th – May 9th 2016)
1 free sex: Seed.
1 not sure: K (asks for money after sex, 1000).
5 paid sex: K 300, Kim gboysiam 1500, Jo 1000, Bom 1300, K 300 = 4400.

9 sauna: Déjà vu, Seed, Farose 2, 39 underground, Seed, Farose, MachoX, Seed, Farose 2.
4 hornet: Pai, K, Bank from Khon Kaen, Yok in Buriram.
5 no sex: Pai, Klong Toey slum touch dick 100, N in Farose 2, Bank from Khon Kaen, Yok in Buriram.
3 no show: Kiw screwboys, Top Suk62, Lee.
1 disco: Fake Club Ratchada.
Several wanking.

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  1. Do you have a link to a video with boy Earth?

  2. I don't have links, only fragments/previews of his work saved on my hard drive. But he is on privateboymovie under the name Mike:

  3. Thanx. Looks like "bombom" ads from gboysiam. Was quoted 2500 in December, didn't go because no clear address and limited English. So, they have a room? And who is Kim from them?

    1. Yes. But now new Line. 2500 is far too much, you were right not going. We went to the boy's living room. I might have gotten the names mixed up: I understood Kim, but now asked pimp and (s)he says it's Nawa นาวา. No tattoos and all pictures I know and in real life short hair.


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