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Wat Pa Sawang Bun in Saraburi province

Wat Pa Sawang Bun in Saraburi province
วัดป่าสว่างบุญ ตำบลชะอม อำเภอแก่งคอย จังหวัดสระบุรี

Wat Pa Sawang Bun in Saraburi province houses the longest reclining Buddha in Thailand and a Chedi with 500 golden spires พระมหารัตนโลหะเจดีย์ศรีศาสนโพธิสัตว์สว่างบุญ 500 ยอด.

Location of Chedi:
14.4157787,101.1336028 = 14°24'56.8"N 101°08'01.0"E

Mosaics with mirrors and stained glass in the chedi:

Aerial pictures by a friend's drone (perpendicular view allows counting, there are indeed 500 spires - 1 large central, 99 small around in two rows, 4x7 big and 4x4x7 small on the walkways, 4x(11+11+11+11+9+7+5) big on the seven steps):

The reclining Buddha is under construction and is going to be 209 meters long. That makes it the longest reclining Buddha in Thailand (next longest is around 55 m long) and the longest man-made in the world. There is one in China that is carved out of rock that is 416 m long.

Aerial picture by a friend's drone:

On the way from chedi to reclining Buddha is a building that houses various Ganesha statues carved from wood:

And finally, nearby on a mountain top, another chedi:

Verdict: Highly recommended, worth the trip from Bangkok.

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More information about biggest Buddha statues:

Language note: 
There is no such thing as a "sleeping Buddha" - Buddha does not sleep! 
It's either พระนอน prá non "lying Buddha" or พุทธไสยาสน์ pút-tá săi-yâat "reclining Buddha".

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  1. Wow, great discovery. I will make this trip when, or if I return to Thailand

    1. But why you are not in Thailand?
      What happened?

  2. Who said I'm not in Thailand? I take one or two trips to Germany every year to meet friends and family and look for work.


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