Friday, 27 January 2017

Hin Pad in Khirirat Nikom

Hin Pad in Khirirat Nikom
หินพัด Hin Pad - Stone that looks like a fan.

There is a top-heavy stone near Khirirat Nikom, similar to the stone in Nakon Sawan (

Location of stone:
9.073911, 98.848501 = 9°04'26.1"N 98°50'54.6"E
Location of parking:
9.068853, 98.845977 = 9°04'07.9"N 98°50'45.5"E

From Khirirat Nikom railway station, it's 14 km to parking (can be driven with normal car), and from parking it's 1.1 km to the stone (need 4WD, however due to lack of parking on top they probably wouldn't let you go up). There is a driving service for 200 Baht (per car, up to 4 passengers), I didn't inquire if you can walk for free.

Along the road, there are signs to the stone (the website doesn't work):

And there are other interesting places nearby that I was not aware of:

Pictures of the stone from all three accessible sides:

and aerial pictures (thanks to friend with drone):

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  1. Hi Christian, I think there is a typo, shouldn't it be หินพัด instead of หินพัก? Nice rock!

    1. Yes indeed, corrected it, thank you.


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