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Dating Thai boys (53) A friend in need

Dating Thai boys (53) A friend in need

English: “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”
German: “Freunde in der Not kommen hundert auf ein Lot.”
French: „L'ami dans le besoin est un ami en effet.“
Thai: เพื่อนกินหาง่าย เพื่อนตายหายาก 
(A fair-weather friend is easy to find, a real friend is hard to find)

เพื่อนกิน pêuan gin fair-weather friend; false friend
(literally: friend to eat together, i.e. someone who is your friend as long as there is food on the table, like a "drinking buddy" in the West)
เพื่อนตาย pêuan dtaai real friend; true friend
(dtaai like in "die, death", but not to be taken literally, only figuratively - info from a Thai friend)

On a similar note, weddings between Thai and Farang are not closed with " good times and in bad, in sickness and in health..." but " long as the (Farang's) money lasts...".
Some of my Thai “friends” remember me only when they have a problem and need my help (money). As help is usually a one-way road, I’m nowadays reticent to to go out of my way to help someone. Here some cases in chronological order.
“Headache Boy” (exBFC3in2014, the boy who gave me more headaches than orgasms: I think the day after we met (Aug 2015), a call from Sanam Luang, he got hit by students from a rivaling school (?) and needs my help (my money?) urgently. I was home (Sathorn) with nothing important to do, and infatuated from recent encounter, I jump in a taxi to go there, and find him with no signs of injury or emergency. 
In the course of 2016, I had given up on JJ Bangna. The sex was just not worth the endless chat and drama and no-shows and misbehavior*. JJ has not messaged me for half a year, but now:

*Complete disrespect and lack of decency. I invited JJ to Hua Hin and paid him 1000 Baht. We were lying in bed, and I indicated by some gropes that I would be up for sex, but he had over one hour calls and chats (writing) with other Farang (next customer?), I could read part of that conversation looking over his shoulder, the Farang were in Pattaya or Bangkok!

15:40 JJ Hi
15:40 JJ Hi
15:54 Christian Hello
15:55 JJ You have money for me 500?i give you back when my mom come
15:58 Christian I don't lend money any more. I never get it back.
15:59 Christian But you can come for sex, I can pay you 500.
(Stop talking about the bush. Just say it how it is!)
15:59 Christian I'm in my room in Sathorn, where are you?
15:59 JJ Now I in police station
(This is general. When a specific location is required as answer, I get stuff like “in my friend’s room”, “police station”, etc.)
16:00 Christian Where?
16:02 JJ [Photo] (Police station, but no name or location!)
16:03 JJ You can help me one time?
16:05 JJ [Sticker]
(He is still unaware that “police station” is insufficient for his location!)
16:09 Christian Where?
16:10 JJ Bangna
16:10 JJ You can help me ?when my mom come I give you back or I can go meet you for sex
16:17 JJ [Sticker]
16:18 Christian I can't go to Bangna now. Where is your boyfriend? Can he help you?
16:19 JJ Him not in Thai
16:20 JJ You can not help me?
16:20 JJ [Sticker]
16:20 JJ if ok 
16:20 JJ [Sticker]
16:20 Christian Sorry, cannot.
16:27 JJ Ok

And now he thinks I go to Bangna police station to pay 500 Baht fine for him for a “Thank you. Bye.” No sorry. Judging by his facebook, he got out of the police station quick. The few real friends I have, I would have gone to Bangna to help them.
Burmese Woman however is different. In a remote Burmese refuge village in deepest Tak province (details of travelling there here: and some day I might post about my stay there), I found a sincere person! (Actually we first met in 2013 in Lak Si, that remote refuge village is for dramatic effect.) So when she called me on Fri 12may2017, saying that she just came back to Bangkok (4 days before?), and stays with friends in Rama 2 near Bang Bon Market, and has no money for food, I calculated what other activities I can combine the trip with, and went there to give her 500 Baht (after some chat – we had last met in Dec 2016 – and checking if there are any cute boys around). I’m sure she would do the same for me.

Better than having the money stolen by some greedy Thai boy, or losing value in Europe (inflation rate higher than interest).
After entire year of 2016 without any sign of life, German speaking boy Top is back on facebook. Suddenly, on 24may2017, message and call:

11/11/2015 12:18am 
CPFC: Hello
11/11/2015 9:53am 
CPFC: Guten Morgen.
(messages not read until now)

24/05/2017 Tue 8:43pm 
Top is waving at you!
Top Hallo
CPFC Hello
Top called you. (At least a few sentences of introduction before coming to the point: he needs money for food. I'm on my way home walking, so tell him I will call back from my room, that gives me time to think as well. While walking, the following messages come in:)
Tue 8:48pm
Top: Es tut mir leid für alles, was kommt durch. Ich hoffe, sie wird mir verzeihen. Ich werde um Hilfe bitten, von ihr etwa 500 Baht, ich hoffe, sie wird nicht, mir zu helfen verweigern. (While his spoken German is ok, written is rather idiosyncratic, but somehow cute, and I get the message. I leave it as it is, sorry for my readers who don't speak German. But if you follow the forums, there is a member pong, his English is comparable.)
CPFC: Moment (still walking home)
Top: Sie würde mir jetzt helfen. Ich bin hungrig Ich würde auf sie legen Geld zu essen. Ich verstehe nicht,
You called Top (Call him from my room. Agree on sending money online. Ask about his car: the bank took it when he was unable to pay the monthly rates.)
Tuesday 9:08pm
Top: (his bank account details) Sie übertragen mir 500 Baht Sie. Mehr als das kann ich nicht die ATM schlagen warten. Warten Sie, es zu essen. Denn jetzt mein Magen wirklich hungrig. 
CPFC: (picture of online banking screen)
Top: Danke für die Hilfe
CPFC: Bitte. Gute Nacht.
Tue 10:42pm
Top: Vielen Dank für das Geld zu kommen, Jetzt esse ich, dann bin ich sehr dankbar. Ich hielt jeden Sonntag Wenn sie mich gerade erst kennengelernt hatte. Ich liege, dann sie tat, wenn sie gut schlafen würde. Ich werde eine gute Nacht.

26/05/2017 Fri 6:38am
Top: Hallo Was magch du
CPFC: Was machst du? Schlafen.
Fri 8:43am
Top  called you. (Invitation to join on a trip to his home province Petchabun. Or to hit me up for money once we are on the way? But on the proposed dates I have another plan already. But in principle: yes. Forgot to ask how he gets there, now that the bank took his car. And I would to make a plan and make sure we stick to it, unlike Nakon Nayok 2015 with irregular eating and sleeping times. And no “meet the parents” poverty porn trip)
It all makes no sense: JJ Bangna is slim and brown and gay (but a bit too hairy) and we had sex, but I don't go to rescue him from Bangna police station (because I know he is only interested in me when he is horny, needs money or is bored). Burmese Woman and Top, I wouldn't touch them with a barge barge (sexually), but drive there or send money online. But I have a better feeling than with JJ Bangna. And they even said thank you!

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  1. เห็นฝรั่ง​เห็นสตางค์... เท่านั้น

    1. Translation:
      When they (Thai) see a Farang,
      they only think of his money.


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