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Gay activities in Cambodia Jun 2017

Gay activities in Cambodia Jun 2017

I had three boys in Cambodia (Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Battambang) scheduled for this trip, and as is to be expected, I didn’t get any of them.

Mon 5jun2017 Phnom Penh
I announced my arrival in Phnom Penh days before on facebook (my message “Meet Monday night in Phnom Penh?”, reply “We will see”) and Line (not read). He obviously forgot about my coming (but is forgiven because he is student and it’s exam time judging by his facebook), and in such cases I don’t run after the boy, but go to saunas instead.

Amam 3 USD (price is falling, was 4 USD last time), 17:36-18:22. Big and small white towel of good quality, sauna cold, Jacuzzi dry, computer for internet for customers broken, flat screen TV in video room gone. About 5 customers, one cute but too fat. Opening time 15:30-21:00. Cute receptionist.

Hatha Khmer Spa 4 USD 18:36-19:28. Sauna and steam hot, small pool cold, movie room dark (except for the porn movie). About 50 customers, of which 5 interesting to me and 5 interested in my, however no overlap. Locker room busy with 5 or more throughout.

Love Spa 3 USD 20:03-53. Over 20 customers. Closing time is 22:00, and in locker room more leaving than coming throughout my stay. In the dark steam room, 3 rather feminine boys descend upon me (touching, sucking, giggling), but don’t want to take off their towels (whereas I’m naked). Sharp teeth (?), I have slightly sore foreskin for the next days (apply canesten cream to prevent fungal infection; invisible damage to foreskin from sucking happened to me before in 2013). The Khmer are masters of changing under towel, in the locker room you barely see skin between knees and abdomen.

source: youtube Quick Change Duo

Exchange facebook with the cute boy who groped me in the steam room. He has no Line and I have no Khmer mobile phone number. His phone is a very basic, so I assume it cannot handle data, or he has no data connection or facebook on the phone would be too awkward (I saw it once: with a small, non-touch, screen, you have to scroll and zoom in and out with buttons). My messages still not read. However his not so cute friend who forced his facebook on me was quick: he loves me and wants to meet again. (Update mid-Jun: the cute boy is online, loves me and misses me and wants to meet again.)

Tue 6jun2017 Siem Reap
A Khmer boy June I met twice in Bangkok is based in Siem Reap and free to meet. He recommended a place to stay (Happy Zone Inn, aircon room 15 USD per night), location ok for me, so I take it assuming it’s convenient for him and he will stay with me over night. However, he didn’t say so, and once again:

Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups!
Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995)

Pertinent chat so readers can form their own opinion:
11:12 June What name bus ?
(He had offered to pick me up at bus station. However judging by subsequent events, that would have failed.)
17:29 Christian By car. Still on the road. See you around 8.
17:46 June Ok
19:53 Christian 30 min
20:24 Christian I just arrived
20:30 June Where are you now
20:33 Christian In my room happy zone inn
20:36 Christian Take shower
20:37 June Ok
20:37 June You alone or have friend?
20:40 June Are you eat yet ?
20:40 June I go to bar code when I finish dinner
20:43 Christian Alone now. Eat already.
20:43 June Ok
20:43 Christian Tomorrow travel with friend from (edit).
20:43 June Ok
20:44 June Good
20:44 June We meet in bar gay
20:44 June Close your hotel
20:44 June 5 m
20:44 Christian Ok
20:49 June Your friend come to drink tonight?
20:49 Christian I don't know. I can invite him and his Cambodian friend to join us.
20:49 June In bar code
20:49 June Ok
20:50 June Come
(To me, that pretty much sounds like he is there.)
20:56 Christian Moment
21:01 Christian Bar code now
(Only some staff and few customers, but not June. When meeting a friend in a bar or restaurant, I have a policy of checking inside and then waiting outside without ordering, so in case of no-show I can leave any time and lose only time but no money and don’t have to subject myself to whatever is going on inside.)
21:10 June Not now because I have dinner with friend
21:10 June Sorry
21:10 Christian When are you free?
21:10 June 30 I go bar code
21:11 June 30 minutes I will go to bar code ok
21:11 Christian Ok, see you then.
21:11 June Ok kiss kiss
(In that case, I will have a walk around night markets. And there, suddenly, in a restaurant, before I notice him, June jumps up from company of 3 Farang and rushes out to hug me for hello and for chat. Awkward. Overbooking like in airlines? Agree to meet in barcode later.)
21:47 June I'm in bar code now
(That’s quick. I’m still in night markets area.)
21:47 Christian On the way
(In barcode, June still in company of previous 3 Farang. But spends some time with me. An awkward arrangement. Finally June tells me it’s one of his Farang friend’s last day in Siem Reap, and he does not know when the party will be over, so I go home alone. Anyway, more tired than horny.)
23:06 June Have good night friend

Barcode fruit juice 3 USD 21:51-22:44. Quite busy, about 10 customers. Show (singing, dancing, costumes) too loud, but fortunately long breaks between acts.
In the evening I had a look at hornet and messaged the few interesting profiles, and reply from one of them R. I want to postpone to tomorrow, but he is only free now and just 10 minutes away, so I invite him to my room. Interesting chat, good English. Then take off our clothes, and there everything fine as well, my type and my style BFC6in2017. Stays over night but has to wake up 5:50 (I get up as well to say goodbye), leave 6, start work at 9.

Wed 7jun2017 Siem Reap
It seems there is only one gay sauna left in Siem Reap: MEN's Resort & Spa. Walk there in the evening (dark, light rain), to find it closed just today for staff party. Bummer! Should have called as I do in Thailand. Cambodian boy wonder R works in the bar of a hotel, so join him for the night (about 21-23, low season, few customers, time for chat: has been to Thailand and would like to work there). Still everything positive. Hoping for another night in my room, but at his end of shift 23, replacement still not there, and both of us tired (he probably more than I after getting up 5:50 and working two jobs 9-23!), so hug goodbye and go home alone.

Thu 8jun2017 Phnom Penh
I had plans to visit third boy in Battambang around 10jun, however multiple changes of plan made that unfeasible. Cancel the appointment and blame it on FF with car.

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