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Gay activities June 2017

Gay activities June 2017

Details on Banana Club massage Sukhumvit Soi 23, Chakran sauna, VCK Cool space massage, Super A / Nature Boy / Golden Cock, news about Orion sauna.

Fri 2jun2017
My annual visit to Babylon sauna 18:07-19:34, entry 260 THB. About 100 customers, half White, half Asian, but none my type (as most of my previous visits, hence frequency reduced to once per year, even though it’s the sauna closest to my room). However one shapely staff. Get on the balance in the gym, drop my towel, and shock: 77.5 kg. I have never been that heavy before!

Sat 3jun2017
Free encounter with L2 in his room near my place. Positive, meet again.
39 underground 19:13-20:23, entry 180 THB. Brimming, three shapely boys, one of them very shapely, but not interested.

Mon 5jun- Thu 8jun

Fri 9jun2017
On return from Cambodia to Bangkok stop in Pattaya. Tired so no bar hopping for me, but off the boy Keng from last time and have a good time in my room.

Sat 10jun2017
Farose 2, stay 00:13-1:50. The place is full, on my first round hook up with a boy Art who is cute but a bit too fat. Nonetheless have a good time in room and exchange Line with intention to meet again.

Sun 11jun2017
Babylon 18:23-19:5, entry 260 THB. I said “annual visit”, but this is the second already, because I don’t trust the balances*, however if you get on the same twice, at least you have a trend. After the awful food in Cambodia I expect some weight loss, and indeed: 76.8 kg.

*I don’t think they are calibrated. In this case not accurate, but reproducible. Of course I can have that cheaper at those balances at 7-Eleven for 1 Baht, but after weighing in Babylon before Cambodia, have to get back there. And there I can drop my towel to get my weight naked.

Wed 14jun2017
Meet L2 again in his room, this time only talking and hugging.

Thu 15jun2017
Chakran 17:53-18:34, entry 250 THB (quite expensive!). Only about 5 customers. I haven’t been for about 2 years, some changes: most notably about 15 mainly hunky/muscular massage boys (VCK cool space, former V Club) are now next to the pool, with a window between bar and pool. Some of them shirtless, some good looking but prices outrageous: 1 hour oil massage 850 + 1000 tip, 1.5 hours 950 + 1500 tip, for “hard core” add 500 tip. Neither prices nor pictures of boys on their website

One of the boys has a tattoo of two chemical formulas on his right back shoulder: an amphetamine and a hydroisochinolin as far as I could see.

They have hotel rooms as well now, starting from 600 Baht including one entry to Chakran, check-in 23 (sic!), check out 12. Are those rooms used for massage between 12 and 23?

Sauna next to Jacuzzi in operation but completely dark, steam room next to Jacuzzi not in operation, but steam room upstairs hot. Manager says more customers from 7 or 8 pm, but I won’t wait that long.

From 6 pm new zone “heaven on the roof” (probably the old rooftop garden that I experienced in 2009 and 2010, but that was closed around 2011), but not open during my stay.

39 underground 19:02-20:05, entry 180 THB. About 50 customers, 3 worth a second look. Go with a boy I have seen before and who is a bordercase (at 45 kg and 175 cm, you could call this one too skinny for my taste). I don’t get hard, but wank him.

Call déjà vu: show starts 9 pm. Déjà vu 21:17-(I forgot to take notes, but from memory show in progress, and about 50 customers, but none my type).

Fri 16jun2017
Rit the Muslim comes to my room, apart from taking pictures and videos with my camera (wanking material for him) everything fine. 1020 well deserved. However next time no more pics and vids. He has 1272 unread messages on hornet.

Sat 17jun2017
Nake 22:14-58, entry 140. Sauna out of order, but showers in 2nd floor repaired and now locker room well lit (before I could barely read the numbers). Food on rooftop Geng Khiao Wan delicious (ask reception: ordered from outside). Show (schedule and real 22:30) so-so, fatty from before and a new boy who isn’t slim either. The cute boy Gop/Golf as DJ. During show 10-15 spectators, out of about 30 customers.

Farose 2, stay 23:30-00:29. Full with over 100 customers, some worth a second look. Excessive smoking wherever allowed. One worth a second look in the park, just when I think of passing for that second look, he lights a cigarette. Abort. When I leave another worth a second look in the pavilion, but lights a cigarette, so bypass.

Sun 18jun2017
Meet friend (from Farose 2 last year) Boy in Central Rama 2, wants to work anything in Silom, but doesn’t speak English.

Phoenix 20:48 – 21:28. About 30 customers, and count 35 lockers occupied. Some bordercases. Smoking in staircase is problematic, the smell spreads.

Mon 19jun2017
Banana Club massage in Sukhumvit Soi 23 (moved from Soi 11, where I visited in Sep 2015: Ground floor foot massage; manager asks me if I want boy massage (1 hour oil 700 and minimum tip 1000; was 650+700 in 2015) and leads me up to 2nd floor where about 20 boys in mostly sleeveless shirts are gathered in a room. None of them sticks out, but take the one who looks cutest. Locker room in public area. My boy (Tan from Srisaket) showers with me before and after massage and soaps me. When emerging from the shower, I spot another boy who would have been my first choice, despite a tattoo “F Walker” on his back shoulder. Massage and afters all fine except for cold skin and I don’t like the feeling of oil for sex. Room with aircon, door, mirror on wall, massage table like a single bed (size and level).

From visit in 2015 in Soi 11 and now I can fully recommend the place, however not extraordinary and now too expensive for me.

A friend from Germany is in town and wants to have a look at gay places in Surawong and I join.
Drink at Maxi’s 21:20-22:10. Soi Twilight is quiet, and none of the boys I see in the soi, or through the open doors of Fresh Boys and X-Boys, would entice me to go into a bar. X-Size deserves praise for their promotion of drinks for 300 Baht.

At the Northern end of Patpong, several cute tuk-tuk touts, one of them I would off if he worked in a bar. 

Golden Cock 22:24 about 5 boys, one in underwear and others fully dressed, about 2 other staff, no customer, skip.

Nature Boy 22:26 nobody on stage, 2 staff and one boy outside would be available, skip.

Super A 22:28-23:10. 11 boys in white trunks or boxers (over their individual underwear?) and white sleeveless shirts. Before entering, I ask waiter if they will take off their shirts, and they all do. None of the boys sticks out, I remember two from previous visits. During the course of our stay two other customers.

Silom Soi 4 around 23:30 quiet (there was light rain from 22 on). Have a look into new Jupiter 2018, show is in progress, looks promising. At 250 drink price (staff outside asked us to buy a ticket first, but I enquired to have a look first) I might go some day.

Wed 21jun2017
Kim45 500+160 for taxi, 12:03-13:10.

Thu 22jun2017
Meet a boy CM from hornet in Silom Complex, fluent in English and interesting conversation, but I don’t feel “I want to get my hands into your pants”. A few days later without message, I write him and say so, and he feels the same.

I have to do this more often. There are some boys who write to me every now and then, I have to tell them they are not my type. And there are those whom I write every now and then with intention to meet for sex, but slow reply, not free, whatever, where I think they are not interested or looking for money. Have to ask them if they are interested.

Fri 23jun2017
Macho 20:22-21:33, entry 160 THB. No food. Show in progress and ends about 21:05. Between 5 and 10 spectators out of about 30 customers. The cute boy Gop/Golf is hard and getting wanked or sucked throughout, a real wank-a-thon! But with Gop/Golf sitting and another customer over him, it’s difficult to get access (whereas standing many can get first-row access), nonetheless I work up a full erection from second-row access. I guess he must be straight and around 30 years old, but when I look at hornet I find him: 40 years old! But still great looking! 

Orion 21:57 closed already! But when I knock the door, there is someone in, so I enquire: usually closes 23, but today for lack of customers earlier. Tomorrow will open 1 pm and 3-4 pm busy. 

Orion continues as sauna, in the same building now is a restaurant with the name "WORM UP" (sic!). (Eat - drink - sing a song.)

Sat 24jun2017
Nake 22:24-41. Show and customers nothing to write home about. About 30 customers, about 10 spectators. Show starts about 22:30, fatty from before and new boy who isn’t slim either. Sauna hot, some food left.

Farose 2, stay 23:12-00:29. Some boys I know from before: Boy Rama 2, Lay, Art’s fat friend First from Chiang Mai (but Art not in today). Brimming with customers. Smoking is becoming a problem. Flashing LED band along the spiral staircase (find the power plug and how to change settings, next time I will either unplug or change the setting to not-annoying). Several candidates, let a Cambodian drag me into a room, but don’t get horny so abort.

Sun 25jun2017
State Cinema 15:56-16:12, entry 50 THB. Estimated 50 customers. It’s far too dark, worse than any other cinema visit I remember. I won’t be back.

My longest BTS ride, from Samrong to Saphan Kwai.

39 underground 17:31-18:22. Busy, but nobody for me. No towel upstairs is enforced.

Chakran 19:11-21:13, entry 350 THB including one drink. Overpriced, I won’t be back! However now about 30 customers, and got to a room with a bordercase LP and have a good time.

Mon 26jun2017
Invite Bom (the boy who stole 300 Baht last year, and I haven’t had him in my room since then) to come to my room for 1200. Efficient communication and on time. In the show in the saunas I got pretty horny, but now so-so (despite perfect warm and dry skin). While I take a shower, he steals 500 from my wallet. (I haven’t set up secret recording of video yet, but counted before and after.)

Tue 27 -Thu 29jun2017 Lopburi
Chat with several boys on hornet, and finally meet a moneyboy Dew on Thu morning. Dew was 25 minutes late to appointment (despite living only 5 min walk away, and 30 min advance notice), and constantly playing on his phone while I had lunch, he was not hungry, isn’t a good start either. Certainly shapely, but I didn’t feel “I want to get my hands into your pants”, so I make some excuses.

Fri 30jun2017 Singhburi
I had chatted with a boy from Phromburi (district in Singhburi province) for a while, efficient communication, so I write him I’m going to see him in Singhburi (in combination with Lopburi trip, nowadays I plan all my trips expecting no-show). Chat does not look promising, and when I video call from my hotel room in Singhburi in the afternoon, he tells me he will go to play football, and I leave it at that. No show. One could argue it’s a misunderstanding, he didn’t write that he will come to see me in Singhburi, nor did he write that he won’t come to see me in Singhburi.

Summary Jun 2017 (Cambodia not included):
4 Free sex: L2, Art Farose 2, 39 underground, LP Chakran.
5 Paid sex: Keng 1000 (+500 off fee), Rit 1020, Banana 1000 (+700 massage parlor), Kim45 700 (+160 taxi return), Bom 1200 (+500 stolen) = 4920 (+1860 other expenses = 6780).
Health no expenses.

14 Sauna: Babylon, 39ug, Farose 2, Babylon, Chakran, 39 ug, Deja Vu, Nake, Farose 2, Macho, Nake, Farose 2, 39 ug, Chakran.
2 Gogo: Nice Boys, Super A.
3 no sex: Boy Rama 2, CM, Dew Lopburi.
1 boys from hornet: CM.
1 massage: Banana Club massage Sukhumvit Soi 23.
1 porn cinema: State Cinema.
1 no show: Nio Singhburi.

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  1. I'm glad Banana is still doing well, you inspired me to visit next trip.

    As far as Bom , the thief is going , I need to question your judgementt big time.
    You seem to be careful with money, know he is a thief and still leave 500 in the wallet to be stolen ? Wonder what kind of hold he has on you.

  2. I tend to agree. Anyone who stole from my wallet would be shut out of my life for ever. And what stops him emptying your wallet next time ?

    Anyhow, thank you for the post :)

    1. I can live with thieves, as long as it's just money (the one who tried to steal my camera, and the one who stole my head phones and a T-shirt, they can fuck off). By my standards, unreliability is worse than theft. Theft of money I can plan, unreliability not.


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