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Sake disco near Khao San road

Sake disco near Khao San road
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One of the longest running gay discos in Bangkok. I went there first in 2010 (a Thai friend took me there) and still same name, same location and only few changes*. The only other gay disco that hasn't changed name or location since 2010 is DJ station.

*I think they changed the entrance area (now wall golden color), and the entrance now has two doors to the main area.

The sign "Sakea Coffee pub" (sic!) is not illuminated.

The stairs on the left side lead the the staffs' rooms upstairs:

Notice CDs used as decoration above the coyote boys:

Here notes on selected visits in chronological order:

Friday 04.09.2015 (i.e. Sat morning)
00:40 ladyboy lipsync in progress, music level ok
water plus glass with ice 30 THB
about 200 customers, 2 Farang
00:54-01:17 8 coyote boys (remember one from Wave Ramkhamhaeng Soi 89/2), soda show, music too loud
inside as before, entrance golden
01:30 customers dance on stage
02:18 leave, get groped a few times

along canal ladies ask for 500
invitation for a drink by a group of boys who are setting up one of their friends with one of above ladies
03:15 return to Sake: closed and everyone gone
03:20 taxi, drive past 2 boys in Saranrom
in Chinatown and near Hua Lampong still available ladies

Fri 19.02.2016 (i.e. Sat morning)
Sake 00:55 to 02:25. Coke with glass and ice 30 Baht. About 150 customers, no other Farang. Ladyboy singing in progress, then comedy with customer, then HBD customer. 01:28 to 01:49 coyote boys (10, they look ok) dancing and soda show. Circulate on central stage and small stages in audience.

Soft closing 02:05. Some customers start to smoke (general observation for all discos except DJ station). When I leave 02:25, still about 20 customers in. Some chat on main road (Ratchadamnoen, boys standing in groups, waiting for taxi), I guess everyone gone by 3 am.

Friday 28oct2016
Sake disco 23:26-01:58. Meet a Farang friend there. When I arrive, only about 20% full, but midnight fills up. There is a show 00:26-01:18. First ladyboys, lipsynch and dancing, then 00:55 about 10 coyote boys (none of them my type) who later mingle with audience.

Already posted in monthly report: 

Fri 26may2017
Sake disco arrive 1:02 (i.e. Sat morning). Still some tables free. Coyote boy show 1:06-23. 10 coyote boy in individual white underwear, one my type. Soda show. Afterwards coyote boys mingle with audience, some shirtless. Smoking in front of the toilets, moves inwards in course of the night, and with soft closing (2:32, lights on, different music), everyone lights up. 2:42 half empty, 2:51 door closed.

There is a drunk boy Dome who looks cute and has brown skin and likes me. But his state of drunkenness is that his skin is already getting cold and wet. And he is there with his mother (?) and friend, so I leave it at exchanging facebook. Chatting, hugging and kissing with a drunk boy is a cock block, so I miss the opportunity to chat up some of the other cute boys (over 5) while they eat or wait for taxi (or for someone to go with?). Around 3:10, everyone is dispersed.

Around 3:30, spot 7 available boys along the canal (now that the area around the Grand Palace is not accessible by car, and some not even for pedestrian, the little Saranrom trade that remains seems to be along the canal near City Walk).

Just two houses from Phra Nakorn bar:

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  1. Good Old Sake, I always go there a few evenings when in Bkk.

  2. My first time in BKK was in 2000, DJ station was already DJ Station. In the next Soi they had Freeman Dance Arena, with a nice cruising darkroom upstairs. Later it changed into GOD.


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