Friday, 24 February 2017

Dating Thai boys (48) Tinder

Dating Thai boys (48) Tinder

Tinder is a straight dating app that Black Woman recently (2014, I just dug out this draft and completed it Feb2017) showed me and uses with success. In Soi 4, Black Woman okayed about 4 out of 5 profiles on tinder, whereas I didn't find anyone to my taste in the first pages of hornet.

The praise-worthy feature is that you have to okay a profile (either by clicking on the green heart or swiping) before the profile owner can contact you. That means only if both partner okay each other, they can chat.

A similar feature would be useful for gay dating apps. On hornet, I get dozens of messages per week, but reply only to few of them who are my type. I send out a few messages per week, but usually don't get a reply. Recently hornet introduced "match" if both put each other on "favorite".

More about online dating:

It’s a Match!: 12 tired Tinder cliches in Bangkok:

My pet peeves are (profile pictures where I don't even bother to look for further pictures): sunglasses, more than one person, picture too dark/small/out of focus, no face (only body or dick), the same pic twice. And when you chat it continues: why do people grant and then revoke access to private pictures?

Why do people write "no sex" (English or Thai) in their profiles? This is not a recipe exchange!

Usually I don't message or reply to messages from profiles without facepic, unless they have body pics like these:  

Everything That’s Wrong With Gay Dating Apps in One Hilarious Infographic:

Direct link to the image (saves you the advertising around):

If Guys Acted In Real Life The Way They Do On Gay Apps

Survey: Shocking Number Of Gay Men Admit To Sending Dick Pics on Dating Apps

Unsolicited sending of dick or ass pics is a problem for me as well, look what I recently got, epic fail:

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  1. I used Jack'd and the Chinese Blued in BKK. Two guys that I met were my type but pushy in either coming to my room or asking to meet in theirs asap. It turns out both if them used fake pics lol

  2. Scruff also has the feature where 2 people who 'Like" each other are connected, as well as the usual method of contact.


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