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Ferry between Pattaya and Hua Hin

Ferry between Pattaya and Hua Hin

A lot has been written about the ferry in the news and on the forums:
and now it’s finally running, I got onto the first commercial trip on 1feb2017 (in January it was free for trial).

For news and schedule (changes with tides) see their facebook page
(my questions were answered within reasonable delay).

My trip in logical order. Buy ticket at ticket office in parking building at Bali Hai pier (2nd floor, north-west corner). Promotion 999 Baht for economy throughout February. (No ticket booth in ground floor - where tickets for Koh Larn are sold - or on the pier.)

Go to pier, the ferry is here:
12.929050, 100.867752 = 12°55'44.6"N 100°52'03.9"E

Go through security.

I have to leave my pocket knife with staff, who take it on the boat and return it in Hua Hin. Alcohol is not allowed either, someone else had to leave a can of beer.

Find your seat. Ticket has seat number, however at under 20% occupancy, I take a seat closer to aisle.

Business class is on upper floor and has tables:

Ferry leaves on time 10:30 without any announcement. Passengers have to stay inside throughout the trip, pictures taken through window.

Screenshot from google maps on my phone (notice no mobile connection on the ferry, I didn't ask about WiFi):

12:20 mountains appear vaguely on the horizon.
12:25 mountains are clearly visible.
12:30 can clearly recognize Khao Takiap.

12:40 ferry is at the pier at
12.513340, 99.980940 = 12°30'48.0"N 99°58'51.4"E
12:48 I step on the pier.

A pleasant ride, I wish them success and I will take the ferry again whenever I can combine Pattaya and Hua Hin.

The same spot, picture taken on 1jan2017 during a recce trip in that area:

There is no signage for the ferry at the soi that leads to the pier.

ซอยอ่าวหัวดอน 3 Soi Ao Hua Don 3 (in google maps as
ซอย อ่าวตะเกียบ 1 Ta-Kiap Bay 1 Alley, I submitted correction).
There is a Family Mart เลขที่ 13/93 4435 สาขา หัวหิน เขาตัเกียบ Family Mart Branch 4435 Hua Hin Khao Takiap at the corner.

Getting to and from the pier in Hua Hin Khao Takiap leaves passengers with a transportation problem. Green songtheo Airport - Khao Takiap ends here 12.518906,99.976186 = 12°31'08.1"N 99°58'34.3"E which is 1.0 km walk to/from the pier.

I was lucky, there was a green songtheo standing and people with suitcases were boarding. I asked them if they hired it or if it is a regular songtheo: regular. But obviously, they didn't know the difference (they showed their hotel bookings to driver, which means they hired the songtheo). Nonetheless, I stay on and see where it leads me. A quick ride along hwy4, then into Soi 65 to Wannara hotel where some get off and pay 180 Baht per person as far as I understood. Then songtheo turns around and drives south, I press the bell, get off and give the driver 10 Baht, which he takes with a disapproving remark. From here, I can easily walk.

There is a fishing pier centrally located in Hua Hin (between soi 53 and 55), with construction work going on, I hope this will become the ferry pier in Hua Hin:

Someone commented somewhere that ferries in Thailand walk a fine line between sinking from overcrowded and not economically viable due to lack of passengers.

Update: more reports can be found on the forums 
(and indeed, I noticed that there are different numbering systems for seats, but didn't point it out in this post)

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  1. thank you for a great report, now we need to wait how economically viable this service will be

  2. *(my questions were answered within a reasonable time).


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