Monday, 6 February 2017

Pattaya 30jan-1feb2017

Pattaya 30jan-1feb2017

Monday 30jan2017
Bus from Bangkok to North Pattaya Bus station. I’m lucky and instantly (but had to wait long on other occasions) get a songtheo that passes on North Pattaya road and goes to Walking Street for 10 Baht (at the bus station they ask for 50).

My favorite place Baan Dok Mai is booked out, so I have to look around for some place to stay. Marina Inn, Ting Tong red, Baan Lek, the Thai place (advertisement “room for rent” only in Thai) diagonally across all full, finally Ben Sri has rooms for 800.  

I haven't paid that much for a room since 2010, but size and standard of the room is good, and I don't want to walk around any longer looking for room. 1000 Baht deposit, and originally they even wanted to keep my passport at reception, but waive that when I refuse. All boys I brought had to leave their ID at reception, and when they left alone reception called me in my room.

Nice Boys 20:22-21:01. Orange juice 150 Baht (no pineapple juice). 7 boys and no customers when I arrive. Boys in individual underwear (trunks, briefs) and closed shoes. Some cock on display. #12 (tattoo on right upper arm) is the cutest, tip him 100 Baht and check skin temperature: ok. Might take him another time. When I leave, 10 boys and 5 customers.

Say hello to Farang friends in Sunee. I should have opened “No handshake, I just touched a boy’s cock.” Witty reply would have been “In that case, I want to suck on your fingers.”

Pass Boys-Boys-Boys, one very cute, tall slim boy in jeans outside. Several tattoos, one a stylized depiction of two people in intercourse on his abdomen. Does anyone know him?

Spot 3 available boys on Beach Road.

Cupidol 21:48-22:47. Pineapple juice 160 Baht. Up to 20 boys on stage and 5 sitting with customer, in white individual underwear (briefs, trunks), bare feet. About 20 customers. The place is full, stage and audience. Two cute boys: #40 Tor whom I know from before and #51, but crab ladder. Tip Tor 100 (we chatted on Line a month ago, can get him directly when I want).

Have a look into 360 degree bar: about 5 boys in jeans on stage, didn’t spot any customer. Tell mamasan that I want to see boys in underwear. The very cute boy with big cock and owl tattoo on chest, whom I was enamored with on my last visit, is there again, sitting outside, but doesn’t notice me.

Dream Boy 22:58-23:24. Hot tea 170. Only 5 boys and no customer when I enter, but one of the boys is worth a closer look. Individual underwear, closed shoes. Staff says they had 15 boys when they opened, but now most taken off. I chatted with the cute boy Pet on hornet Aug-Dec 2015, now I see him in real life first time, and take him off (400). As soon as I call the boy over, staff who was sitting next to me gets up to get him a drink without waiting for my confirmation. But I don’t want to sit and drink, I want to get the boy back to my room. When the bill comes, I refuse to pay the boy drink (200), and it is taken off my bill without discussion.

Pet speaks some English, so we do all chat in English. I spot 844 unread messages on his hornet. He is surprised that I have his old hornet (where we chatted Aug-Dec 2015) on my phone. Gayromeo deletes these abandoned accounts, but on hornet they accumulate. He is not on gayromeo, but we exchange facebook.

Screenshot of his old hornet (current is @dy4w6):

Very shapely and talented, but medium size dick (didn’t get hard) and balls/crotch too hairy for my taste. 1000 well deserved. From Lao; I have had at least 5 Lao money boys in Thailand, and all good. Out 00:22, and after that I sleep. 

Tue 31jan2017
Visit two Farang friends in Huay Yai, then go to a temple. Back in hotel 19:30. I should have booked only one night and left my luggage at reception, then I could return to Bangkok now.

But with another night paid for, I have to do something. Tor (#40 Cupidol) takes the decision out of my hands. He remembered me and found our chat on Line and wants to come. On time 21:00, dinner first, then to my room. The best mannered boy I have met, excuses for using his phone during dinner, later asks if he can smoke (that’s a clear “NO” from me). Very shapely, big cock, no hair on balls or crotch, but I can’t rekindle the excitement when I met him first time on 12nov2014: Nonetheless, 1000 well deserved. We leave 22:35, too early for me to sleep.

Walk past Good Boys, many boys and several I would take, same as yesterday.

Power Boys 22:50-23:25. Hot tea 135 (no pineapple juice). 8 boys on stage, 3 customers who have 5 boys sitting with them. Individual underwear, bare feet. When I leave 11 boys on stage and 3 sitting with customers, 7 customers.

Both days on hornet surprisingly low number of messages, about 5 boys wrote to me. Find some old acquaintances again on hornet.

New Queens bar closed, there is a long dark stretch now at night (places next to it vacant as well).

Former Funny Boys (gogo bar) now converted to a beer bar Prism.

Wed 1feb2017

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  1. I can second your opinion about Lao boys , always good , can recall only one disappointment and this was greed related , not performance

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