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Royal Barges Museum in Bangkok

Royal Barges Museum in Bangkok

National Museum of Royal Barges
พิพิธภัณฑสถานแห่งชาติ เรือพระราชพิธี

13.761955, 100.484557 = 13°45'43.0"N 100°29'04.4"E
Easily accessible by bus 19, 57, 91, 127, 146, 149, 157, 169, 177. From main road (Thanon Arun Amarin ถนนอรุณอมรินทร์) it's about 300 m walk, with many turns, through a slum. Signs at every turn. The museum has a pier, but no public boats stops there.

Open 9-17 every day, entry 100 Baht, for taking pictures additional 100 Baht.

All explanations are in English and Thai.

The museum seen from the pier (high water level in Nov):

I went with a friend, we spent half an hour in the museum, and there were few other visitors.

When passing on main road, I spotted royal barges on the western side (the museum is on eastern side), and satellite image shows royal barges in the open (the museum I went to is the large white/metal roof, there might be another with the multiple small red rooves/roofs, requires further reseach):

further reading:

update 2mar2017: the other museum has a website
พิพิธภัณฑ์อู่เรือหลวงเฉลิมพระเกียรติ ๘๔ พรรษา  

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  1. "When driving on main road by bus,"
    Change to "When riding on main road by bus, "

    You are not the driver :)

    1. Thanks. I clearly remember, I made the same mistake before. Changed from "When driving on main road by bus" to "When passing on main road".

  2. bus 19 is ceased since by now at least 7-8 yrs.
    169 is changed company and route and not there anymore.
    Also bus 710-always free, but no sensible connection to anywhere for the usual tourist.
    Surprised that a geizkragen like yuou (or has that chanegd?) had paid and not taken use of the free entry after his Majesties death till 31/1 for all state-musea

    1. The bus lines I quoted are from bus map. All I can personally confirm is that 149 passes. I've never seen bus 710, where does it go? Please share more about Bangkok buses.

      Look at the time stamps, I went there in November.


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