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Buddha Park in Nong Khai (2)

Buddha Park in Nong Khai (2)
Wheel of Life and aerial pictures

Enter and exit the Wheel of Life through the mouth:

Inscriptions outside, top to bottom:
เทวลึงค์ คือ คุณพระมารดา
The angel's penis is the obligation of the mother
go through the gate to enter the (city of the) body
(only now do I notice there is one more line,
that is difficult to see and not on my pictures)

เทวลึงค์ คือ คุณพระบิดา
The angel's penis is the obligation of the father
go through the gate to enter the (city of the) body
(no translation)

Inscriptions inside, top to bottom:
บิดา - มารดา - เป็นเทพเจ้าของบุตร ถ้าบุตรที่ดี
father and mother are the gods of the child
ควรสักการะและสนองคุณบิดา - มารดา
a good child should worship and appreciate the parents
the doorway for people with (dharma,karma,sin/merit) who have to stay in the circle of birth and death
(addendum by educated Thai friend: In Buddism, die and are born again until you reach enlightenment, and nirvana is the land of those who have reached enlightenment and have no more birth/death)
จะคิดผู้ใจรักใครก็ตาม แต่ไม่ควรเหยียดหวาม
พระคุณผู้เป็น บิดา - มารดา

In the center of the Circle of Life is a statue of the four faces of King Chitarat:

inscription in crown above each face:
The sinner face of King Chitarat
The face with no merit no sin of King Chitarat
(and two more same face but different inscriptions)

มีกรรมตีกัน เพราะผัวมีเมียน้อยเมียหลวง
(husband and wife) hit each other because the husband has a minor and first wife
ชีวิตจึงต้องมีปัญหา หมุนไปตามกงกรรมกงเกวียน
therefore there is a problem in their life and they have to stay in the circle or birth and death

hug even as skeleton

Aerial view of the entire park (25jan2017). View from south with Mekong and Lao in the background.

Selected detailed views:

further reading:
(with diagram of Wheel of Life to download as pdf)

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  1. Interesting Wheel Of Life. Looks like the best years of your life between marriage and old age is when you are living in Adultery :>)


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