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Prathat Glang Nam and Prathat Lanong in Nong Khai

Prathat Glang Nam and Prathat Lanong in Nong Khai
พระธาตุกลางน้ำ พระธาตุหล้าหนอง ในเมืองหนองคาย

These two pagodas are in the Mekong and on the Thai shore of the Mekong, in Nong Khai town, about half way between the two Buddha parks (see following articles).
17.899777, 102.766845 = 17°53'59.2"N 102°46'00.6"E 
17.899222, 102.769044 = 17°53'57.2"N 102°46'08.6"E
View of the Prathat Glang Nam (literally: pagoda in the water) from drone on 25jan2017 (Lao shore in background):

It's too far from shore to get a good picture with camera (even with 3fold optical zoom, Lao shore in background):

It would be interesting to see it at low water. A new one, Prathat Lanong, has been erected on the shore:

Thanks to a Farang friend for aerial pictures by drone:

further reading:วัดสิริมหากัจจายน์ (in Thai)
history of the pagoda in Thai posted at Prathat Lanong

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