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Dating Thai boys (49) The boy on the bus

Dating Thai boys (49) The boy on the bus

I used to joke that I prefer bus over taxi because it’s cheaper and I might meet my future boyfriend on a bus, but I will not meet my future boyfriend on a taxi. Here the first time that I had sex with a boy I met on a bus.

Sat 12nov2016
Take free bus 203 from Pata Pinklao to Sanam Luang. There is a cute boy in the bus, we exchange looks and I think he might be interested. Follow him when he gets out, again exchange looks a few times. Finally he eats at a street restaurant, so I eat there as well. We have some small talk. Ball seems to know the people around the restaurant. He leaves before me, and when I’m done I walk the same direction he left and spot him in a group. Without turning my head, just turning my eye, I notice that he follows me and finally catches up and asks what I’m looking for.
“I’m just walking around.”
“But you followed me, and when I stopped you stopped, and when I ate at the restaurant you ate there too.”
“I think you are cute.”
“I’m with my friends now.”
“Do you have Line?”
“I don’t even have a phone. But I have facebook.”
(Let him type his name in facebook. We are in a dark corner without others around, the perfect spot for a robbery.)
“I will take bus home now. Good night. See you again some day.”
“Can I have some money for food?”
(I give him 100 Baht.)
That was unusual. Let’s see if anything useful comes out of it.

His facebook made me laugh:
Went to กูไม่เรียน ความรู้กูเยอะแล้ว
“I don’t study. I know everything already.”

Mon 21nov2016
Ball is free and wants to meet, I offer 500 Baht for hugging (let’s start slowly and see where it leads). Getting boys to come to my room for the first time is usually like pulling teeth: “It’s so far!”, “I don’t know where you live.”, “It’s too late/dark/sunny/wet/hot/…”, “Can you come and pick me up?”.

But not this one. I gave him directions to come by bus once (and frankly didn’t expect him to come), but two hours later (reasonable time considering distance and traffic) he called from in front of my building.

An amazing achievement, taking bus 203 from his place in Charansanitawong to Sanam Luang, changing to bus 47 to Bon Gai, then asking mocy taxi driver and finally calling from mocy taxi driver’s phone (Ball had no phone at that time). Most university students I have met wouldn’t be able to do this.

In my room, we have small talk and Ball tells me he is unwell, so I give him 500 and let him go without any indecent activities. (I’m in no hurry and I’m sure he will come again.)

The following in italic are copies from monthly reports:

Fri 23dec2016
Ball in my room 15:35-17:55, we get nude and some indecent touches, 510 Baht.

Thu 5jan2017
Ball from Sanam Luang comes to my room, 520 for wanking. Skin temperature and dryness ok, but can’t remove ตะกรุด dtà-grùt (string around his waist to carry amulets like ปลัดขิก bpà-làt-kìk - penis shaped amulet).

Mon 16jan2017
Ball comes in the evening and stays over night, no activities, 300 Baht.

Fri 27jan2017
Back in Bangkok (I just came from Taipei). Ball messages me and is not deterred when I tell him I’m busy. Plays on his mobile phone while I’m on computer. No sign of him leaving any time soon. Telling him that nothing will happen tonight, and I want to be alone in my room now, would be rude. So at 21:00 I leave and take him out with me and give him 100. Afterwards some drama online: it took him long time to come to see me and long time to get back, he will not come again (update: he quickly got over that).

Sat 4feb2017
Ball comes at night to join for sightseeing tomorrow (start at 8:30 which is early by my standards, and the best way to make sure the boy is there is to keep him over night, as I will travel with a Farang friend and we will not wait).

Sun 5feb2017
Ball is good company during the day trip. I give him 300 Baht (100 each for breakfast, lunch, dinner), but at the end of the day he somehow managed to spend 260 of it, and the remaining 40 is not enough to get home, so I give him another 100.

I am now at a point where I pay some boys more for no sex than for sex. They are Top, Kot, Ball who call/message me more often than I want to meet them, but even if I don’t want sex I sometimes invite them to keep them on my list.

Fri 10feb2017
Ball messages me in the morning (11:30?) and wants to come in the afternoon. Finally arrives 17:30.

I have to do something about it. He didn’t specify when he would arrive, but 17:30 is not afternoon any more. And 6 hours after first contact, it was just luck for him that I was still in my room. But next time I will have to tell him that I need to use my computer, and he can choose any book to read from my vast collection.

Have some fun in bed, then let him play on my computer while I read. Give him total of 440 Baht. Stays over night.

Probably not gay (I might have asked him but forgot), but talented.

One of the brightest boys I have met, only a day laborer, but much cleverer and more entertaining than many students I have met. Actually I don’t know what he works, he was supposed to start apprenticeship as aircon service, but that stopped after some days because his boss became sick.

Efficient communication and can write in full sentences in Thai, something that cannot be said about many university students I have met.
Surprising that he stays over night, in fact when we meet in the evening/night and I want to go out later and don’t want to leave him alone in my room, I have to tell him, otherwise he will just stay over night. (Compare reports on the forums, what tricks money boys resort to to change long time to short time.)

Everything sounds perfect? Alas, he is a bit fat for my taste! Nonetheless, this could be the begin of a long lasting friendship with benefits.

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  1. Stays overnight, communicates and uses the bus.
    Very promising.
    I've never understood why people on a very low hourly rate use taxis, when the cost of time saved does not justify it.

  2. I'd agree, looks as promising long term friend with benefits.
    I don't believe a bit that he is too fat, ,just get over it


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