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Gay activities Feb 2017

Gay activities Feb 2017

Details about Pumarin sauna near Zeer Rangsit and dating Thai boys.

Sat 4feb2017
FB1in2016 Top comes in the morning, but I’m not in the mood for sex, some chat and send him away with 300 Baht.

Phoenix 22:10-35. Entry 160. Over 20 customers. Construction work on top floor (sauna, steam room) completed and both in operation: sauna hot, steam room luke warm. Activities in dark areas, nothing for me.

Ball comes at night to join for sightseeing tomorrow (start at 8:30 which is early by my standards, and the best way to make sure the boy is there is to keep him over night, as I will travel with a Farang friend and we will not wait).

Sun 5feb2017
Ball is good company during the day trip. I give him 300 Baht (100 each for breakfast, lunch, dinner), but at the end of the day he somehow managed to spend 260 of it, and the remaining 40 is not enough to get home, so I give him another 100.

I am now at a point where I pay some boys more for no sex than for sex. They are Top, Kot, Ball who call/message me more often than I want to meet them, but even if I don’t want sex I sometimes invite them to keep them on my list.

Tue 7feb2017
Kot comes in the afternoon. He shows me his mobile phone, the screen is broken and part of glass is missing at a corner, but touchscreen still works. He has 5,515 (sic!) unread messages on Line and 999+ unread SMS (?). Repair is 1300, and he saved 300 already and needs just 1000 more from me. Sorry, cannot.
But we have a wank and I give him 500 for wanking.

Help a Thai boy once he has a problem, and he will come to you every time he has a problem!

In the evening, meet Austrian* friend for chat in restaurant. Actually I was just passing, but we got to talk about politics. We spent about 17:30-22:00 , during which my friend had 5 beer and dinner. All we could agree on after over 4 hours (I left for 10 min to do the errand I went out for) is that the security across the road is cute.

* Geographical and cultural note: Some people confuse Austria with Australia. Australia is a continent / big island and country in the southern hemisphere, whereas Austria is a small country south of Germany, with a common border. Austria and Germany speak the same language (German) and have a similar culture, and some great Germans are in fact Austrians, like Mozart and Hitler.

After that, Top comes to my room 23:03-28, but I’m not horny and there is not much else apart from sex we can do, and can’t give him 300 or 500 Baht for nothing every time, so this time tell him so and send him home with 100. Smells of cigarette, not the first time, I have to address this next time he wants to meet.

In 2016 I used to call Top when I wanted to meet (for sex), now he calls me when he wants to meet (because he needs money).

Thu 9feb2017
Sauna marathon (4 saunas in one night, which shares a “4” with marathon run which is about 42 km; with what I call Blitz-sauna-visit of often less than 30 minutes).

M-Place 19:18-58. Entry 120. About 15 customers, all too old and/or fat. One regular chats me up, this is the busiest time. Now easily accessible by MRT purple line, and the best value for money in entire Bangkok.

Déjà vu 21:05-55. Naked day and staff naked party. Show starts about 21:30, but is rather lame. None of the participants my type, and too dark, and MC comments what’s happening and shines flashlight.  Under 50 customers, one shapely but not interested, some bordercases. Jacuzzi dry, sauna not in operation, steam room hot. Karaoke room locked. Open 4 pm to midnight. I leave while show is still going on on upper floors.

Nake 22:12-21. Entry 120. I counted 6 customers, none of them my type. Part of sauna is blocked (to save cleaning when number of customers is low, several places do this).

Farose 2, stay 22:53-23:13. Entry 160. About 20 customers, nobody my type.

Fri 10feb2017
Ball messages me in the morning (11:30?) and wants to come in the afternoon. Finally arrives 17:30.

I have to do something about it. He didn’t specify when he would arrive, but 17:30 is not afternoon any more. And 6 hours after first contact, it was just luck for him that I was still in my room.

Have some fun in bed, then let him play on my computer while I read. But next time I will have to tell him that I need to use my computer, and he can choose any book to read from my vast collection. Give him total of 440 Baht. Stays over night.

Sat 11feb2017
Pumarin sauna 18:45-19:50, entry 180 Baht. The place is near Zeer Rangsit, 28 km by air from Malaysia hotel. I have been only once before, in 2013, and everything as I remember. Premises are ok, but distance from central Bangkok and rather high entry price do not warrant a repeat visit soon. And it’s 940 m walk from bus stop on main road (hwy 1 = Pahonyothin). There is a Spa (house number 807/61) of the same name next to the sauna (can’t find house number). Location of sauna:

Small towels, customers in underwear. Jacuzzi warm, steam room hot (open 17-23), infrared sauna (open 18-23) lukewarm but well lit from infrared radiators. Cupless machine for cold drinking water. About 15 customers throughout my stay, 2 bordercases. Have some hanky-panky with one in the steam room, to find out he has hairy upper legs, abort.

Several rooms with porn: 2 Japanese pixelated, other Asian not pixelated, one German fisting. 

A weird font for their locker, just as in 2013:

Sake disco 23:58-1:17. Invitiation by Farang friend. When we arrive, about 20 customers, when we leave, about 100. Spot several cute, but don’t take action.

Farose 2, stay 1:53-3:59. Entry 170. Would have expected more customers, maybe because later than my usual visits or Makha Bucha the day before? Just when I enter, Boy Rama 2 says hello, but we leave it at that (has to come to my room if he wants sex). Some bordercases. Around 2:50 show (ladyboy in costume singing and dancing, 4 boys fully dressed dancing), not long. Customer numbers decline towards end of my stay. Chat with one cute boy Keng and give him my name card (calls two days later).

Sun 12feb2017
After swimming, chat up cute boy K45 who is sitting outside with friend (but was swimming before). Tells me he is hungry, a good start. I invite them for lunch nearby, but he doesn’t seem interested. Change my approach to “grab ‘em by the balls”*, and ask him “I like boys. Do you want to come to my room for a wank? I will give you 500 Baht.” And after short consultation with his friend, we are on the way!

*Positive influence by my Austrian friend and by Donald Trump (“grab ‘em by the pussy”) and at 1:17

from internet
My Austrian friend has the approach “say what you want, and you might get it”, whereas I like to beat around the bush. And surely the boy cannot know that I want to get my hands into his pants until I tell him. Figuratively speaking, my Austrian friend grabs them by the balls (and takes them to his room), while I wait until they kick me in the balls (but so far it has only been the undesirables that approached me and offered sex for free or for money).

They are there by mocy, so I get a ride back included. However there is a problem: a friend was staying over night and is still in my room. Message him that I will be back within minutes, and take the boys to 7-Eleven first to buy some drinks (I have only water) to give my friend time to get out. And indeed, when I walk up the stairs, I can just hear my door closing and spot him getting up the stairs.

In my room, quickly get K45 to bed while his friend is in my bathroom playing on his phone. A bit shy, and doesn’t get hard, and small dick and balls, but nonetheless worth a repeat some day.

For dinner, meet a boy M from hornet whom I met a year ago already. Good English, efficient communication, on time, some pictures on hornet look cute, but in real life I just can’t imagine getting in bed with him (too pale, make-up on face, painted eyebrows). Fortunately, he is not fishing for an invitation to my room (we were about 100 m away).

At night I get a call from an unknown number, it’s K45. How did he get my phone number? We exchanged only facebook.

Tue 14feb2017 (Valentine’s day)
Meet Keng from Farose 2 near his place (Ramkhamhaeng soi 65, convenient as I can go to Nake or Farose if something goes wrong). His family and friends live nearby and he invites me to their room. Then we go food shopping at Bangkapi market and return to prepare dinner (around midnight now). Not a hint of money request. He even bought a rose for me (here my light Asperger kicks in: I don’t want anything to do with cut flowers, so I refused to take it, in hindsight not a clever move).

Years ago, the first visits to family or village were interesting, but I’ve had enough poverty porn and nowadays it’s just boring, and I consider the few instances per year atonement for my sins.

It’s 1 am, and I still don’t have a Valentine’s fuck! Probe if he wants to come to my room: cannot. But he accompanies me to taxi and tells me his mother doesn’t want him to leave tonight, as they have a family trip to Wat Sothon in Chachoengsao tomorrow. He invited me to this trip earlier, and just some years ago I would have jumped at this occasion, but I’ve been already and even if I hadn’t been, I would rather go alone.

Divert taxi to Farose 2 sauna (when I got in I told the driver Sathorn, because Keng could hear the destination) to see if I can salvage Valentine’s day.

Farose 2, stay 1:33-2:39, entry 170. About 50 customers. Go with one boy into a room, but can’t get hard, abort. Spot another cute boy, but not interested.

Back home around 3 am. 5 hours away from home and nothing to show.

Thu 16feb2017
Another Austrian friend is in town for just a few days. This is my last night before going to Germany, and years ago it would have been a hard decision whether to spend my last night looking for a boy or with a Farang friend, but not it’s very clear. Spend over 4 hours, almost same time as with other Austrian friend, but different subjects.

Fri 17feb2017
Fly to Germany.

Summary 1-17feb20176:
3 paid sex: Kot 500, Ball 440, K45 500 = 1440.

7 Saunas: Phoenix, M-Place, Déjà vu, Nake, Farose 2, Pumarin, Farose 2.
4 no sex: Top 300, Ball 400, Top 100, M (hornet), Keng = 800.
1 disco: Sake.
1 boy from street: K45.

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  1. Only two in your Great Austrian serie?

  2. Light Asperger's only?

  3. and some great Germans are in fact Austrians, like Mozart and Hitler.
    So, you are Hitler admirer and hence a fascist?

    1. WARNING! Reader discretion is strongly advised, as this blog contains material which some readers may regard as offensive. Specific examples include: racist, antisemitic, pedophile, women, starving children and disabled jokes.

      This is one example of such a joke.

  4. So pathetic and sad.

  5. Just wanna know, is there still gay activity at Sarannom Park and Sanam Luang still? Thanks.

    1. No. The area is full of mourners day and night.

      In 2013 is was just boys and punters at night, then by gentrification businesses that are open at night (bars and restaurants) attracted general public, and now mourners.


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