Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Buddha Park near Vientiane

Buddha Park near Vientiane
also called Xieng Khuan (Lao: ຊຽງຄວນ, Thai: เซียงควน)

Location of pumpkin:
17.912624, 102.764618 = 17°54'45.5"N 102°45'52.6"E 
From border crossing (Thai-Lao friendship bridge) 7.6 km by road to the east. 

I went there the following way:
(Trip on 1feb2014, 1 THB = 245 Kip)
bus line 14 (12 kKip, 11:01-43 from Vientiane to border crossing)
songtheo (20 kKip for 2, shared with 11 others, one way, 11:47-12:12) to Buddha park on a dusty dirt track along the Mekong
entry 10kKip (for 2)
songtheo (20 kKip for 2, 13:33-55 to Friendship bridge)
bus 132 (12 kKip for 2, 13:58-14:38 to bus station in Vientiane)

Unfortunately, I had data loss, I could only recover few pictures from that trip:

View from roof of pumpkin:

Entrance to pumpkin (inside two stories with statues depicting Buddhist hell and heaven):

Aerial view by drone on 25jan2017:

Further reading:
(gone, but still on archive with picture inside pumpkin)

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