Thursday, 30 November 2017

Abandoned Cinemas (3)

Abandoned Cinemas (3)

Prince Theater ปรินซ์ราม่า in Bangkok Bang Rak

The theater is currently (visit 26 and 29aug2017) being gutted, construction work inside, but the walls will remain. 
13°43'14.3"N 100°30'59.7"E = 13.720633, 100.516591 
Accessible from Charoenkrung road or Sri Viang road; 
between BTS Saphan Taksin and State Tower.   

Pictures of interior through gaps/holes in the corrugated iron or wall:

Best point for viewing is the car park of State Tower:

Further reading and background information: "However, before you get your hopes up, be forewarned that in its present state the showing of films is only done to provide a faint light source for the men enjoying themselves on the inside." 

Pak Nam Rama ปากน้ำราม่า in Samut Prakarn 

An accidental find, I drove past on Sukhumvit by bus or car and noticed a large building that looked like a cinema, requiring further research on a separate trip.
13°36'07.5"N 100°35'52.8"E = 13.602083, 100.598000 
About 50 m east of Sukhumvit road, near BTS E19 Pak Nam (station complete 22nov2017 but not open to public).

All openings closed and locked, I couldn't see a way to get in. The area around the cinema is freely accessible and used as paid parking.

No article in - Samut Prakarn but mentioned three times with pictures (search for "Pak Nam Rama").

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  1. Hi Christian,

    Any ideas if SEED internet in Ramkhamhaeng re-opens? Or any places like that to recommend??

    1. Seed Ramkhamhaeng is gone and there is no similar place that I know of. However Nake sauna in Happyland (no relationship to Seed as far as I know) often has my type. By coincidence, Nake sauna is only about 20 m away from original location of Seed (Happyland, then moved to Ramkhamhaeng).


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