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Bangkok bus tidbits 2017

Bangkok bus tidbits 2017

Make Bus Stops Great Again
Someone with a sense of humor and an interest in world politics started a campaign "Make bus stops great again!" (Imitating Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign: "Make America great again!".)


And a lot of other public-transport-related good stuff, mostly in Thai, on
and a good blog article about Bangkok buses in English:

and a post I made last year: 

And indeed, I have seen some of them (but only on Ratchadamoen) road:

New Bus Lines
New routes to revitalise Bangkok bus network begin test run next week The National August 10, 2017
Be Prepared: Bangkok Buses Getting New Routes August 4, 2017
facebook page of รถเมล์ไทย.คอม

I saw some of the buses, but couldn't take a picture, so one from internet has to fill in:


But the new bus signs are ubiquitous, on plastic board and wire to attach them to the existing bus sign they won't last much longer than the test run!

I saw a bus 556 on Ratchadamoen, that was labelled Victory Monument - Wat Rai Khing, but is on no map!

Update 11jan2018: It seems line 145 has been split, Mega Bangna - Happyland and Happyland - Mor Chit. The bus I was on turned from Srinakarin to Seri Thai (whereas I wanted to go to Ladprao), and when I got out I saw "Happyland" written as destination.
Unusual fares
I recently (27sep2017) was on bus 180 (expressway, no fan) which cost 8.50 THB. I didn't have a fare of 8.50 THB before, so I asked, and then saw it written in Thai as well: it's composed of 6.50 THB for bus without fan and 2 THB fee for expressway. Wonders never cease in Bangkok!

Bus 46 fan after 10 pm fare 10 THB (30sep2017).

Note in bus "fare 9 THB, after 10 pm 10 THB, starts 10 Feb 2015". Furthermore, bus 46 now (I first noticed in oct2017) goes via Phichai Sawat Alley =  Sukhumvit 44/1 and passes BTS Phra Khanong, thus avoiding the Rama 4 / Sukhumvit intersection.

Bus 507 aircon no 25 and 50 Satang coins accepted (10oct2017). Tried to get rid of 25 and 50 Satang coins by paying 12 THB fare in 10 THB + 2x50 + 4x25 Satang; cashier asked if I have 1 or 2 THB coin which I denied, then handed me the Satang back and gave me the 12 THB ticket for which I only paid 10 THB! 

New electronics on buses
I noticed LCD displays behind driver (displaying next station, history of Bangkok buses and new lines in bus network):

and camera above driver (picture above) and sensors above the door (to detect if someone is standing there?):

And a box next to dashboard where video from camera is displayed, and where driver has to register with ID card?

This device next to the doors, still in bubble wrap, might the the reader for mangmoom card (Picture taken end of Sep, might be unwrapped at time of posting.)

Flat tire
I was riding on bus 44 when there was an usual sound, and the bus pulling to the side. It was a flat tire, everyone got off, and I was close enough to my destination to walk.

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  1. did they publish updated map with new bus numbers already?

    1. No. All maps I know are partially outdated (estimated 95% accurate).

  2. Neither old nor new bus stop signs have indication of direction for the lines. The old bus stops have arrows "inbound" and "outbound", and in most cases I know anyway which direction to go, but the tourist without local knowledge does not! And in a few tricky cases I don't know from which side of the road to take the bus to my destination.

  3. Some buses do not go to end of line. I noticed that before for line 46 is which is supposed to go along Rama 4 road to Rong Mueang, but kicks all passengers out at MRT Sam Yan.

    And on recent trip (21-22nov2017) to Samut Prakan it hit me twice: bus 507 along Sukhumvit road ends in Naval Academy, and bus 145 along Srinakarin U-turns at Sukhumvit road, both about 1 km short of town center.


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