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Pattaya Fri 10nov2017

Pattaya Fri 10nov2017

A farang friend goes by his own car and invites me, and with only 2 hours travel time instead of 4 with public transports (and 2 changes!), one night in Pattaya is viable.

Not just one, but two lovely ginger cats opposite Eros! The trip a success before I even set foot in a bar. Maybe I should stop pursuing boys and go and work in an animal shelter?

Nice Boys 20:11-48, orange juice (no pineapple juice available) 150 THB. 9 boys and 2 customers, and the cutest boy #9 offed shortly after I enter. 3 boys have a cigarette behind their ear, a turn-off. One customer smokes. I would take #6 and #30 for free. 10 boys and 7 customers when I leave.

Power Boys 20:58-21:25, hot tea 145 THB and Leo beer boy drink 190 THB. Only 5 boys and 1 customer, but one of the boys is my current favorite and he saw me, so it would be rude not to enter and invite him for a drink and a grope and a tip 100 THB, but no off today. One boy offed during my stay, maximum 2 customers.

Chat with Farang and Thai friends.

Winner Boys 21:30-22:06, pineapple juice 79 THB. Over 12 boys and about 10 customers, half of the boys busy with customers. Boys in towels (some without underwear underneath). #3 Add, #7 and #16 are worth a second look.

Someone tried to break into closed Krazy Dragon:

To Boystown. The entire Soi 13/3 is now a construction site (new sewers) but bar operation continues. However, you have to go through/over mud:

Kawaii 22:25-50, hot tea 150 THB. 7 boys 1 customer to 8 boys 1 customer. Most of the boys I remember from before.

Surprisingly, Kawaii did reopen after renovation (only minor changes inside and outside, I would barely have noticed if I hadn’t known). 

Toy Boys 23:00-15, pj 230 THB. Full of boys and customers. Slow rotation. #3 Tor and one other boy cute. Individual white underwear and bare feet.

Have a look in Prisma and Cupidol but skip for low number of boys (<10 and none sticks out). In passing BoysBoysBoys, I see they still have boys in jeans on stage, I will not set food in this bar before everyone is in underwear.

With no clear hit and upcoming disco visit, I didn’t off a boy.

Jomtien Complex 00:00-10 Busy with boys and customers, but no boy my type. On the beach (south of construction site) groups of people, some seem to be available.

Sinlapin Esan ศิลปินอีสาน disco 01:12-02:02. 
Translation from Thai2English:
ศิลปิน sĭn-lá-bpin (Noun, of Pali/Sanskrit origin) artist
อีสาน ee săan (Noun, of Pali/Sanskrit origin) Isaan (the north-eastern region of Thailand)

A pretty new place (on google satellite view there is only field) at
Walking distance to Sunee and Tuk-Com!

and here what I posted there:

By chance (invitation by a friend, else I would not have gone, not even known about this place) I went on Fri 10nov2017 about 1 to 2 am. Music level is bearable without earplugs, and real chairs and tables are nice, but unfortunately smoking is allowed. Beware of staff in the toilet, massaging your back (when you wash your hands, it used to be when you pee years ago) and handing you towel and expecting tips. This is a mixed venue, during our stay I didn't see anyone gay, so I left and walked back to Sunee (conveniently close). 

Read between the lines: Not my style, I won't be back. I will only go to disco if there is a chance for  a hook-up.

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  1. I saw you in Winner that night. I came in and sat just to your left. I was going to say hello but didn't want to intrude...

    1. I vaguely remember someone who looked familiar. Are you bald? Next time say hello, most of my time in a gogo bar is being indecisive whether to take a boy or not, where to go next. Maybe you can even recommend a boy based on experience!

    2. Indeed, that was me. Next time I'll definitely say hello.

  2. Christian, you can meet every boy in the disco---straight or gay--if you buy a bottle and mixes at your table. Yes, it takes money, yes you get a lot of freeloading ughs, but eventually you will meet Mr tonight, I can almost guarantee it. Whats even more fun is to do this when you are not trying to pick someone up. You are lucky in that you can speak Thai, but you would be surprised how many Thais can speak English when they get a buzz on. Really try this, you might find just being friendly won't kill you.

    1. In principle yes, and the problem is not the money, but: i don't sing, I don't dance, I don't drink, I don't like loud music, I don't want to stay up that late. The ONLY reason for me to go a disco is to hook up, and if I don't (which is usually the case) it's a huge waste of time and money for me. Enduring all that crap, for nothing! Blessed are those who can enjoy disco in itself, with hooking up just a bonus.


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