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Dating Thai boys (61) Recruiting straight boys for gay activities

Dating Thai boys (61) Recruiting straight boys for gay activities

When it comes to recruiting straight boys for gay activities, there are several scenarios from my experience:

The Easy to get (3 Bon bus 203, Kim Chan45, Gaen Lai)
(3 cases, names of boys)
The boy has an open mind and accepts a reasonable offer (that would be 500 Baht for boys who have not been spoiled by Farang) because it's easy money. Everything goes quick. Meet the boy first time, make an offer of 500 THB, the boy accepts, and off we go. When saying goodbye, the boy will ask: “When can we meet again?”

Hard to get = The Reluctant (3 Boss Vipa16, Yoi, Top Suk62)
The boy would go, but doesn't want to travel, is afraid his friends will know about it, is afraid I will rape him once we are alone in my room, has unrealistic expectations (3000 Baht!).

Being consistent and coming back to renew the offer might help here. Have to meet the boy a few times, over weeks or months, to proposition him in a suitable moment. Once the ice is broken, he will ask: “When can we meet again?”.

In case of Top Suk62 it was not so much that he was reluctant, it was me who took too long to make the first step, which I did only on third meeting in my room. This can be generalized, I had several boys in my room over the years, but waited for them to touch me indecently, instead of touching them indecently.

The Disgusted (1 In front of Chinatown brothel)
Every now and then, I chat with a group of Thais, and chat quickly comes to boyfriend/girlfriend, and when I say that I’m gay and like that boy in the group, the boy in question just walks away.

The boy is aghast at the idea of gay sex, or prostitution in general. A lost case. That could be helped by offering a lot of money, but I don't want to have sex with someone whom I have to pay over the top, and whose only thoughts are how to get out my room as quick as possible.

At least everything is clear after one proposition, move on.

The Mercenary (2 Halbneger, Wut Roi Et)
On the way to my room starts to negotiate about which activity costs how much (starting at undressing), sick relatives, hasn't eaten for days and is very hungry now, wants me to invite him and his circle of friends for drinking before sex (and then come up with an excuse not to have sex The Scammer) needs taxi money, whatever.

The Scammer (2 Wut Roi Et, Nat)
He knows what I want, but he is not going to give it to me. But he doesn’t say so, instead he tries to drain me for as much money as possible.

The boy Nat who asked for a 300 THB advance to go to hospital in the afternoon, and would come to see me at night for a wank and to collect 200 more. It can be generalized that all forms of prostitution that involve and advance are forms of scams.

The boy Wut from Roi Et. I spent many hours and over 1000 THB (for seafood dinner for 3 and small gifts) courting him around 2014-2015, but we didn’t get into business: he wanted between 1000 and 2000 THB. But then h came to my room with a friend, and offered to do a show for me, but he needed 10,000 THB to release his mocy from police, and he offered a Samsung mobile phone as a pawn. He could have brought whatever pawn he wants, I would not have taken it as I’m sure whatever it was, the value is much less than 10,000 THB.

When I did not pick him up on the offer, he was close to tears, and I had difficulty keeping a sorrow expression on my face, when I wanted to laugh out loud and show him both middle fingers and shout: “FUCK YOU! SCAM SOMEONE ELSE!”. But better not offend a Thai, especially in presence of a friend, he might snap. So I displayed it that I don’t have 10 k, and I don’t have 5 k, and I don’t have 2 k, and I don’t have 1000, all I have is 500, and I won’t lend it to him, but he has to earn it (his friend can wait outside).

The boys left without money or sexual activities. A loss-loss situation. But I still think back at that encounter with schadenfreude/glee. That expression on his face when he realized I’m not going to lent him 10 k was priceless. In his little brain he carefully devised this plan to trick me out of 10 k, but it didn’t work out!

The Reluctant (3 Wut Roi Et, Doy, Golf Laksi)
But not much later, Wut came to my room alone, finally I got him for a wank for 500 THB (+200 for the tuk-tuk that he borrowed from someone else, + 100 for food, see The Mercenary). However, he wouldn’t take his clothes off, only pull up his shirt and pull down his pants, and wouldn’t stand up so I could have a good grope at his ass, and talked incessantly, altogether I didn’t have fun.

I had hoped that this has opened the door (he knows where I live and can come here, and we have set the price 500 THB and I have had my hands on his dick once), and now I just have to discuss details. But next time I called he started at 1500 THB and there I gave up. No contact until Sep 2017, where I suddenly spot him as a tuk-tuk driver on Ratchadamri in front of Central World. Some friendly chat, but I don’t think we will get into business again.

The Talker (2 Wut Roi Et, Doy)
Boys you can have a normal conversation with in public, but in my room they would start talking like a waterfall. Wut from Roi Et above. And another one Doy in Sathorn, who was that bad, I couldn’t even get hard. After he came, I gave him the 500 THB and said goodbye. Passed on the street a few times, but haven’t gotten together again.

The Scared (Nin and Non Klong Toey)
Scared of what? That I rape him? Has been warned (by who?) of people like me? Never go with a stranger who offers candy? I know two brothers in Klong Toey who will let me put my hands into their pants for 100 THB in a secluded corner in Klong Toey (not easy to find, there are people everywhere), and I did so twice to show my sincerity, but will not come to my room. I would even take an open-minded friend who is not my type and take him to my room, do some sexual activities and and pay him, just so he can go back and report to the brothers. I have been pursuing these two for over a year, the question is what type will they turn out to be once the ice is broken?

The subject of straight boys sometimes comes up on gay Thailand forums, with some avoiding straight boys, others seeking straight boys for gay sex, and the above post is an extension of a post I made here:

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  1. re this statement from above :

    "That could be helped by offering a lot of money, but I don't want to have sex with someone whom I have to pay over the top, and whose only thoughts are how to get out my room as quick as possible"

    In my opinion even if offer would be free it doesn't make sense to get involved with someone who wants to get out ASAP. As far as I'm concerned boy should leave when I indicate he can , not at time of his choosing.

    But it needs to be said I like straight boys, less drama and more business oriented in a good sense from my experience.

  2. Oh it sounds like so much work!

  3. "Halbneger"??? Is that really his nickname?

    1. Not his nickname. That's how I refer to him for myself and with German friends. "Halbneger" is German for half-negro; his father is African and from him the boy got wonderful brown skin and big dick.

  4. is that bottom talk ? I am an old hairy farang and there are so many Thais out there who are just dreaming of a big Eurocock to satisfy them. Avoid Pattaya and Central BKK and you will meet so many horny Thais (if you are not only into very young boys, that is.


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