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Abandoned cinemas in Bangkok (1)

Abandoned cinemas in Bangkok (1)

The Southeast Asia Movie Theater Project is an excellent website that covers old movie theaters in southeast Asia. See here as well:

My interest in these places is for art deco architecture, urban decay and porn theaters, the latter treated here extensively:

Paris Theater โรงภาพยนต์ปารีส or โรงภาพยนตร์ปารีส
13.7562921,100.5173899 = 13°45'22.6"N 100°31'02.6"E

Lan Luang Road ถนนหลานหลวง corner to Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem คลองผดุงกรุงเกษม.

When I first drove or walked past in 2013 I immediately thought "this looks like an old cinema", a suspicion that was confirmed on a recent visit. Nearby 7/11 branch 2473 is named after it: โรงหนังปารีส. View from Lan Luang road (better view from bus):

Former entrance area ground floor is used for storage:

There is a bas relief along the wall, probably painted plaster (white spots where the paint has come off):


View from the side outside, the theater has a connection to a circular building that is around it and has shops and living quarters, see satellite picture.

The area across Lan Luang looks similar in satellite picture, but has been renovated:

I went in and couldn't find a tilted ceiling (which means tilted floor in the room above, the audience seating), but there is a note from 2010 about development of the area of Paris Theater and Ambassador Theater โรงภาพยนตร์แอมบาสเดอร์ on the front of Paris Theater (no other information of Ambassador Theater on the internet):

There were no movie posters left in Paris Theater (only empty windows "now showing" and "coming up"), so I asked locals: the theater was closed in the year when แฟนฉัน was playing, which was 2003.

The Southeast Asia Movie Theater Project: 
and it's mentioned here โรงหนังปารีส

update 26nov2016: 

Oscar Theater โรงหนัง ออสก้า เพชรบุรี 39
13.7502599,100.5567991 = 13°45'00.9"N 100°33'24.5"E

Petchaburi between Soi 39 and 41, next to 7/11 branch 0367 เพชรบุรี 39. (Thai name from here

Detailed information see here: Currently has some lady sex massage shops inside and around.

View from across Petchaburi, no sign of cinema:

Was used as a church, decoration still in place:

Sala Chaloem Thani โรงภาพยนตร์เฉลิมธานี
aka Nang Loeng Cinema โรงหนังนางเลิ้ง
13.7588154,100.5117145 = 13°45'31.7"N 100°30'42.2"E

The oldest movie theater in South-East Asia (opened 1918, closed 1993).

Information about the neighborhood:

Language note: translation for cinema is โรงภาพยนตร์ rohng pâap-pá-yon with alternative spelling โรงภาพยนต์ but same pronunciation, or โรงหนัง rohng năng.

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