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Gay activities Oct 2015

Gay activities Oct 2015

Details about Wave Club, Mor Lam, Classic Boys, Saranrom, gay dating.

Thursday 08.10.2015
Return from Germany.

Friday, 09.10.2015
At night stroll in Soi Twilight: quiet. On my way back, I spot 4 boys in sport clothes, one is cute and one looks like an old acquaintance Poi (lost contact on Line last year). Follow them, they notice my interest. Pretend playing on my phone while they stop to talk about where to eat. Finally they sit down at a street restaurant. I have given up and walk past slowly, suddenly I hear one of them call my name. It is indeed Poi, he has gone the ladyboy route further than last time we met. Have a chat with Poi; the cute boy opens Grindr on his phone, so I open Hornet on my phone to let him know I’m online as well. Should have asked him where he comes from (as a conversation starter, he wore a shirt “Lamnarai”, I have been in Lamnarai=Chaibadan in Lopburi province twice!) and his name! Exchange Line with Poi and say goodbye.

Wave Club Ramkhamhaeng, stay 00:27-02:20. There are about 20 customers throughout. Pretty few for a Friday night. A friend was in Fake and reported it was packed. Show reduced:
01:19-24 ladyboy comedy
01:26-42 4 coyote boys
There is one cute boy on a table of 3. Exchange a smile in the disco and in the toilet. On the table, he is with his side or back to me, unsuitable for interaction. Furthermore, there are public displays of affection with another boy on the table (his boyfriend?). When he goes to toilet again, I follow him. Wash my hands and exchange smiles through the mirrow. He walks to the exit, but then turns around and goes back to the row of urinaries. I follow him, chat him up and give him my name card. Finish my drink and leave soon after. Outside, I notice Bom is following me, taking the way through the closed foodcourt, whereas I am on the main soi. We meet and chat on main road. He might have been fishing for an invitation to go with me now, and I was hoping for a suggestion to come with me now, but finally he says goodbye and I go home alone.

Saturday 10.10.2015
Meet two Farang friends (C and J) at night and cancel planned trip to Saranrom due to rain. 21:35 Missed call from an unknown number, call back, it is Bom. Move conversation to Line (reading Thai is easier than listening for me, and you have a record). It takes us a full 40 minutes (21:40-22:20) to figure out the details of meeting (mode of transport, place). I offer to pay for taxi (600 Baht return, Bom lives in Minburi, about 30 km by road one way), but he doesn’t know Rama 4 road and Lumpini park and asks if we can meet at Victory Monument. Finally I can get him to take MRT to Klong Toey. He refused to come unless I pick him up at MRT station. That still means I have to go (at night, in rain) to MRT Klong Toey and wait there for 10 minutes (23:10-20), and then walk back to my room with repeated “how far is it?”.

Once in my room, he asks for money for taxi. I have a generous moment and put a 1000 Baht note on the table, thus he will have 400 left. In bed everything ok, when it comes to fucking he asks for 500 more and in another weak moment I agree, just when he lowers to 300. Overall a pleasant encounter (slim body, warm skin, cute face, big cock – he could make a lot of money in a bar, but he doesn’t speak English) with room for improvement (underwear, more hugging and cuddling, taxi directly to my room). Will see him again some day. Don’t know how important the money was and how much attraction was there. (Update: by chance, find out a Farang friend met him too, he is clearly available for money.) Can’t stay overnight, has to get up 6 am for some event at university and parents are waiting (and they don’t know where he went and why). What an effort for a quick shag (60 km travel for him, 1500 Baht for me)!

Sunday 11.10.2015
In the morning, a knock on my door. I open and it is Z. I wrote I won’t let him in my room again, but using the moment of surprise, he enters but doesn’t stay for long, so I don’t have to kick him out. He moved into a room on my floor! That’s why some careful Farang never take prostitutes back to their room! (Update: he didn’t move in, just looking for places to stay. Days later, door was open and landlord was in, room was empty. Furthermore check electricity meter in hallway: no consumption!)

Monday 12.10.2015
Seed 22:02-23:50. Underwear day, about 10 customers at the beginning, gets busier later. Spend about half of my time on computer, someone else left tabs in browser open and what I see is interesting: gay Thai on twitter (my first interaction with twitter). Seed got new furniture (2nd hand). Have sex with one boy who is not so much my type, but twig my statistics paid/free sex.

Tuesday 13.-Friday 16.10.2015
Hua Hin, details separately.

Friday 16.10.2015
An old acquaintance money boy P comes to see me in my room 19:20-20:12. Then introduce him to a Farang friend who is interested. Afterwards 20:30 take taxi to Mor Lam concert in Minburi (about 40 km, 1 hour, 330 Baht fare + 90 Baht tolls!). Neither P nor his friend at the concert knew the exact location, finally I had to enter “ไทยวัสดุ มีนบุรี” (Thai Watsadu Minburi) into google maps to get the location. Entry 140 Baht. I stay about 21:40-22:00. Too loud and anyway I’m not interested in music and dancing, but the customer base is interesting. Spotted cute boys outside, who I guess don’t have 140 to enter, but listen to music behind the wall or peek through holes in the wall. That would be fertile preying ground!

Mor Lam is an interesting cultural experience, but not so much my style (loud music, standing unless you bring a chair). I have been to four, on average one per year, and mostly only for quick look. For my readers' benefit, here some pictures from this Mor Lam.

Advertising: 16 September 2015, Thai Watsadu Minburi. 
(On the parking lot next to Thai Watsadu supermarket Minburi Branch, Romkhlao intersection, between Ramkhamhaeng Soi 194 and 196.)

Outside the entrance (which is below the colored fluorescent light tubes). Ticket counter next to entrance. Mobile toilet (in bus) in the background), food stalls. The Mor Lam area (parking next to Thai Watsadu) is surrounded by corrugated iron so you can't look at the stage unless you buy a ticket.

There were plenty of cute boys in the audience and I guess most of the performers are gay. Living quarters and changing room are beside/behind/below the stage. Sometimes you can see them from the public area, via a friend whose friend works in Mor Lam I got a tour behind the scenes: there were hammocks hanging between the scaffolding underneath the stage, that's where some of them rest or sleep! 

A Farang acquaintance whose boyfriend works in Mor Lam says there is always hook-up opportunity whenever he meets his bf wherever in Thailand the Mor Lam is performing at that time.

P is actually the only money boy who messages me regularly because he wants to meet me (sex for money not mentioned, but understood). What is sometimes reported on the forums (constant calls from moneyboys), is not my experience (but that might be due to different circumstances, I guess living in Bangkok or Pattaya makes a difference, and I am not so much looking for money boys).

Bus to Lamsalee junction, meet an acquaintance Golf from hornet for chat. Positive, will meet another day for more. He mentioned that he has no money, so for once I played walking ATM: meet the boy at a place of his choice (I was passing anyway) and give him 300 Baht (under the pretext that he can take taxi to come to see me at my room next time we meet) to see what happens.

Bus to Esplanade Ratchada, go to train market about 00:00-30. Some stalls disassembled and far more people leaving than entering, but restaurants still busy. Look for cute boy I spotted in July and find him, but nothing more.

Before going home check former location of App Arena: the building has been razed to the ground, now only rubble. Still signs “App Arena” on corrugated iron wall of the soi. Hollywood disco now clearly visible (view was blocked by App Arena). App Arena moved to soi 4, have yet to go.

Saturday 17.10.2015
Meet contact from hornet who lives near my place on the way to Klong Toey market and then do shopping together. Almost got fooled into believing the boy speaks good English, but then it turned out he uses translation program. Promising, will meet again some day.

Sunday 18.10.2015
Soi Twilight nothing new. Curb stone construction work on both sides of Surawong.

Massage with my favorite masseur, this time no sex.

Super A 23:31-00:22. 9 boys, a good selection, 2 doable (they have been there for months, I saw them several times before). During my stay three paying customers, one takes boy upstairs, and two potential customers only sitting and discussing with waiter, then leaving.

Silom Soi 6 new venue: The Paradise Massage and Spa with massage boys and girls.

Tuesday 20.10.2015
Dinner in Maxi’s. Then Classic Boys, invitation by German friend B (and his Thai boyfriend N comes along). Negotiate drink price of 300 (instead of 350). Enter 21:15, 1 other customer and 15 boys on stage, of which one fully dressed and one shirtless. Music too loud, too cold. I would take boys 42, 53, 65 and fully dressed (no number) for free. Leave 22:16, about 20 boys (2 fully dressed, 3 shirtless) and about 10 customers. A waste of time and money, couldn't wait to get out and would have left alone, but B and N wanted to leave as well.

Intention to go to Fresh Boys or Hotmale, but show already started or starts soon. Head to Screw Boys and ask for drinks for 250 (instead of 300): cannot. Similar was reported on Sawatdeenetwork. First time I don’t go into a bar over drink price disagreement, and it feels good! Taxi home.

Wednesday 21.10.2015

Chat with Golf on Line. When it comes to details of meeting, he asks for money, then breakdown of communication. Message other boys on Line: 4 no reply, one busy, one will not come to my room.

Plan to go to Saranrom. Bus 4 to Saphan Phut, then walk along Saphan Phut market and Pak Klong Talad. At the end, it starts to rain. Having not yet reached areas with boys, a boy whom I vaguely remember passes me and we both look back, so I chat him up and take him home (already uncomfortably wet, want to change clothes only one more time into pajama). From taxi (detour via Ratchadamnoen due to festival in Chinatown?) I can see some boys.

Smell of glue sniffer. Ok in bed. Give him 500 plus 200 for taxi. He asks for 100 more for mobile phone, I give him. Then he points out that his shorts are borrowed from a friend, so I rummage through my wardrobe until I find a pair of pants I haven’t worn for years and bestow it upon him. Finally, one of his flip flops is damaged, so I rummage through my collection of old shoes until I find something that fits.

Thursday 22.10. to Wednesday 28.11.2015 Sakon Nakhon and Nong Khai

Hornet in Sakon Nakhon looks promising, but I don’t have time and a place (staying with friends) to meet someone. But there is a cute boy James in the nearby temple who helps decorating, and I chat him up and he seems interested. Exchange phone number and Line. Invite him to come with me to Nong Khai for Naga festival (actually he said he would like to go, so I invited him to come along).

He is interested, but I have a premonition that it won’t materialize. And I was right: set time for departure the night before, even chat in the morning one hour before, and then finally no reply (and message not read) on Line and when calling.

The premonition comes from him writing he has no money; I wrote back I will invite him. A day later the same. Then asking how he will get back to Sakon Nakhon, I wrote I will give him money for bus. Maybe he was not free (but I asked: no job, no study at the moment). Maybe he didn’t get permission from his parents or didn’t even ask? Or realized what intentions I have? Or wanted pointing out that he has no money was a request for money, beyond the invitiation (of course, I would have given ample pocket money to easy future encounters). Or was afraid of going with a foreigner, or that people would talk? In case of talking, that was an utter fail. Due to non-appearance, I had to discuss this with my hosts, now the whole village is talking!

I will analyze the chat with the help of a Thai friend to find out where the problem lies. Two years ago that (agreeing and then not showing up and breakdown of communication) would have puzzled and saddened me immensely, but now I can only say “I guessed right!”.

Update: Thai friend couldn’t find anything wrong in our conversation. Communication with James resumed, he says he is sorry, injured his foot (hospital, sent picture) and damaged his phone on that morning. Strange story, but from further communication he is really interested in meeting me. Will invite him to Bangkok.

Apart from James, chat up a construction worker and exchange phone numbers, and a cute boy at the wax castle parade (exchange Line), and barely miss exchanging contact information with another cute boy.

Friday 30.10.2015
Massage with Bank, good massage and good erotic part, but this time no cum.

Saturday 31.10.2015
Attention-deficit-hyperactivity-syndrome boy wants to meet in Khao San. Appointment for 22:30, then 23:30, but on 20:30 he messages me he is there already with friends. Take taxi, traffic jam on Ratchadamoen, which already gives an idea of what is to come. Walk the last few 100 meters.

I takes me about 21:40 to 22:05 from one end of Khao San to the other. The absolute horror! Packed with people (some cute boys) and loud music. I just say hello to my friend and leave because I can’t bear it (loud music, crowded).  

My friend was slightly drunk (nice warm skin, but already getting sweaty), if I had stayed (no way!) the outcome would have been the following: I would have had to endure the loud music, pay the bill at the end and go home alone because boy goes with his friends, or if he comes with me I'm too tired and he too drunk for sex.

Continue to Saranrom. One round 22:50 to 23:35, count 22 boys, none of them I would take for free. There has been a decline in quality and quantity over the years. 23:03 Walk past City Walk (restaurant, bar, karaoke), it’s full and there are boys in underwear outside preparing for some kind of show. At the end of my round it starts to rain, The Lord’s punishment for immoral activities at Khao San?

3 visits to host bars in Hua Hin
2 visits to gogo bars Super A, Classic Boys
2 visits to Saranrom, take one boy
2 disco visits Wave, Mor Lam
2 new contacts from online Golf, Oil (both meet in neutral territory, no sex)
2 massages (genuine, no sex) James, Bank
1 sauna visit Seed

1 free sex in Seed
4 paid sex in Hua Hin, Bom, Pong, Saranrom (1000+1500+800+700=4000)

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