Friday, 20 November 2015

ChristianPFC catches a thief in his room

ChristianPFC catches a thief in his room

Sunday 15.11.2015

Message Art in the afternoon: no reply.

Home at night, Art replies. He is free and in Ekamai now. He wants to come to see me, but it will be late, he doesn’t commit to a time, he will call me. That means: probably not.

Midnight surprise: Art calls, he will come to see me now. Don’t know why it takes several calls and messages and why it takes over one hours from Ekamai to Sathorn, but 1:05 I get a call he is in front of the 7/11. I go down, nobody to be seen. Call him: will arrive soon. And indeed, 1:10 he arrives by taxi.

Without a written record I can’t say if it’s a misunderstanding or a deception, but this has happened to me many times that I thought a Thai boy is already at the meeting point waiting for me, only to find he isn’t there yet. Will address in detail in a different post.

Go to bed, ponder to have sex now or tomorrow. But remember last time hasty departure in the morning, and now he has warm and dry skin. Have lackluster sex, then sleep.

Monday 16.11.2015
In the morning cold skin, glad we had sex yesterday! Eating, showering, reading, internet for some hours. I notice my camera (Sony RX100-II, price was 22 kTHB* in July 2013) is missing. I have suspected the boy of stealing money before**, today I prepared my wallet: 1x500, 9x100, 2x50 and 1x20 to make decision easy for him and limit my loss. Take my wallet to take out train ticket I bought yesterday. It was flat in the back, now it is folded in front, don’t even have to count money to know he was in my wallet (count when he is gone: 2x100 missing). He was rummaging in my wardrobe (without asking); when we first met he took one piece of underwear*** and a T-shirt to wear and take home (without asking, this could be interpreted as misunderstanding or cultural differences) and left his underwear and T-shirt.

*kTHB = 1000 THB, like in kg = 1000 g and km = 1000 m.

**28.08.2015 in my notes: did he steal 2000 from my wallet?

***Picture on his facebook shortly after our first encounter in June 2015. First I thought: this mirror needs cleaning. Then I realized: this is my bathroom! And then I saw he wears one of my underwear and didn't return it.

I'm not sure whether to let the stolen money pass or count it out to him when he will ask for taxi money, but for the camera, I have to take action. How to address this issue? The boy is in no hurry to leave, plays on computer while I read.

In course of hugging check underwear: a piece from my collection. Ask him if he took it from my wardrobe, he says it’s his own and he brought it. Check my vast collection (about 20 pieces in several bags): can’t find the one he is wearing. Not only a thief, a liar as well!

Ask him if he saw my camera (and point to where I put it) and if I can have a look in his backpack. He hasn’t seen it either and agrees. Then he rummages in his bag pack and can’t find anything. I grab his bag pack, but he won’t let me search the main compartment. However I find 3 of my underwear in a side compartment. He says he thought it’s a gift for him.

After some to and fro (both of us holding bag pack, open and close zipper, change location (bag pack on floor, on bed, Art takes it to the bathroom, I follow to make sure he doesn’t lock himself in), I take stuff out from top and Art puts it back, Art tells me he is missing something as well, did I take a card out of his back pocket when I hugged him?), get everything out of the backpack and lo and behold, my camera is at the bottom!

Have him take off the underwear and tell him to leave. He has the audacity to ask for money for taxi, I open the door and put his shoes on the floor outside, hand him his bag pack and shove him out of the door. I didn’t tell him that I noticed he took 200 Baht already, not divulge all my tricks.

A liar, a thief and what I generously interpreted as misunderstandings before were deceptions! In 5 months from boyfriend candidate to phase out of my life (I will keep his mobile number, Line and facebook but won’t meet him again).

Pondering over this incident, I realize I can’t lock my room door from inside to prevent a boy from leaving. But I can unlock my bathroom door from outside with a screwdriver (test with a friend some time) should a boy lock himself in.

That puts a new light on one of our previous encounters. I told him I was going to leave soon and he started to put on cosmetics. It took half an hour, I was thinking “can we leave now?” but didn’t say anything. He might have delayed hoping I would leave him behind, so he has time to search my entire room or take my laptop. Money is no problem and usually I wouldn’t notice unless I count, but camera or laptop, I would notice the difference and it would inconvenience me.

Some statistics: Out of estimated 50 boys I had in my room, 2 are convicted thieves (by counting money before and after boy) and maybe one more (didn’t count money). Art is out, the other one (attention-deficit-hyperactivity-syndrome boy) I still see because he is so cute, admitted the theft and says he won’t do it again and at least doesn’t lie or deceive. Talked about this with a friend, similar ratio: estimated 10 thieves out of 200 boys.

On previous encounters, Art didn’t ask for money, I gave taxi fare plus a few hundred extra. From his point of view, he might just have taken what I owe him for sex.

This encounter was a full success on all aspects: I wanted to see if I could rekindle the effect from our first meeting of getting an erection just from hugging, it’s gone. I wanted to see if he is a thief, confirmed. And these two reinforce each other.

Will do this every time I have a boy in my room: leave my pants with limited (no 1000 notes) counted amount of money in my room while showering (instead of going into bathroom with pants) and leave my old camera on my table.

On the subject of theft, here a hilarious video sent to me by a Thai friend (friend says language is Chinese):

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  1. With the thieves, what will you gain by allowing them to attempt to steal your old camera?
    With such useless police, going to them would be futile.
    Also, you always have the possibility that your latest aquaintance exits whilst you are in the bathroom, with camera and your wallet.

    I suggest you just buy a large laptop safe & permanently store your valuables in it. If you unexpectedly bring someone back, invite him to shower first and lock your stuff up whilst he's in the bathroom.

  2. It looks like you permanently taken for the ride and getting ripped off. E.g. the only reason they took you to the last trip, they needed somebody paying for everything.
    The current guy seems to perceive you as total idiot: just taking your camera...
    You really have a worthless, miserable life.

    1. you are guest on his blog so behave yourself, no need to insult your host while hiding namelessly

    2. heh, there are 1 or 2 guys always insultinh ChristianPFC, I have a feeling they are people from the gay web boards, someone who ChristianPFC has crossed there. And now they are here with their lame insults lol

  3. just curious, why do you need his mobile, line etc. if you are removing him from your life ?
    To warn others?

    1. To warn others and as a digital form of hoarding. I just can't let go of old stuff, physical and digital.

  4. Like an old friend told me after a guy in Brasil I had known for 2 yrs suddenly stole a camera (not expensive) from me one time....he blew my mind, never saw it coming.

    If they are willing to suck cock for money.... it's not if they will steal but when.

    Some guys have LONG time relationships to build trust/confidence and when they see it fit or have the need for something, they take it...justifying it by however they can, you were too cheap, you are foreigner and are rich, etc...

    I just had a guy in BKK last night who I know is a money boy and hasn't been charging me..... he was VERY intent on staying over in my apt last night even though he knows I don't like sleeping with anyone (mostly true, I just don't like sleeping with 1 eye open). But I felt something was up and he wanted to use this "sleepover" to take something and was VERY pissed off when I said no.... his room is about a 4 minute walk from my place, btw

    1. I'm counting my blessings. I always have an overnight company in LOS and never had anything missing from my room

    2. I have a few boys who I've known for long time and who I let sleep in my room when I have have other activities outside, i.e. I leave my room and leave the boy some money on the table and he leaves when he wakes up. Seems I'm just asking for the next theft.

  5. Title should be "ChristainPFC invites a thief into his room"
    Why would you let a known thief into your room tho ? He did what you expected him to do, so why kick him out ?

    1. I expected him to be a thief, now I have proof and can remove him from my list of boys to meet again.

  6. That's why I enjoyed staying in tarntawan in bkk and ambiance in pattaya. They take the bois Id and call you before giving it back to them to make sure everything is okay. It's a great system!

    1. That works in some cases. But I would not have noticed theft of camera until hours later, and theft of underwear until days later, if I hadn't been prepared.


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