Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Trip to Nakon Nayok with some Thai friends

Trip to Nakon Nayok with some Thai friends

Tuesday 10.11.2015
In Saranrom, meet a boy Top who speaks good German because he lived in Germany for 3 years as a child (with Thai parent and German step-parent) and went to school. Our seminal conversation was (from memory):

Top “Where do you come from?”
CPFC “Germany”
Top “Sprichst Du Deutsch?” (Do you speak German?)
CPFC “Ja. Und Du?” (Yes. And you?)
Top „Ich auch.“ (Me too.)
CPFC „Wo hast Du Deutsch gelernt?” (Where did you learn German?)
Top “In Köln auf der Hauptschule.” (In Cologne at school.)

Most of our subsequent communication in German, with Thai for clarification. There is room for improvement (grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension), but nonetheless I’m impressed!

I had few other contacts with Thai who speak some German, it was ghastly/tortuous (vocabulary limited to some words, poor pronunciation) and these encounters were awkward and embarrassing.

Side note: I met a boy in Pattaya (2012 or 2013) who is fluent in French and Thai and even has French and Thai passport, but rather works as gogo in Pattaya because he doesn't like weather in France.

Top is not my type, but good attitude so I consider his invitation to join him and some friends for two days and one night in Nakon Nayok province on Friday. There will be alcohol and music (not my interest), but temples and waterfall as well (sounds better). Top has a car and no job other than Saranrom. For car repair or rate payment (4620 THB per month), he had to sell or pawn his mobile phone, communication via his sister’s phone.

The reason for my visit was to check on a friend’s report who saw the boys being detained by police. They are back (so the detainment was only temporary), but now I can ask Top for background information. Police come and fine them often, he shows me a receipt for 100 Baht fine for ติดต่อ ชักชวน (soliciting).

Friday 11.11.2015
Meeting will be 3 am (!!!). Staying up is better than sleeping and waking up at that time. To my surprise (forgetting or not calling would not have surprised me), Tops call 02:42, meet at BTS Sala Daeng (before he offered me to pick me up at my place). He is there 03:07, I arrive 3:11.

Then an odyssey through nocturnal Bangkok begins to pick up stuff and other participants (total 8 boys and 5 girls in 4 cars), here some times and places. 3:30 pick up food at fish market Charoenkrung Soi 58. 4:15 McDonalds Ratchadamnoen. 4:45 Charan Sanitawong. 5:10-5:15 through Charan Sanitawong Soi 75 to Western Ring Road.

If these times and places don’t mean anything to you: by now we have driven around in Bangkok as long and as far as it would take to Nakon Nayok, and now we are on the wrong side of Bangkok! By now I am tired, feel cold (car aircon), it’s loud and I’m hungry!

6:00-20 breakfast near Rangsit floating market. 7:40 look at rooms in one resort in Nakon Nayok (Wang Takrai near Khun Dan dam). 8:10-45 look at rooms in another resort, stay there. I go to bed 8:45 to get some hour’s sleep while the other are busy outside with food.

Top wakes me up 10:45 for breakfast and to borrow 2500 Baht for the bungalow (which houses us 15), which I give him. Go to bed 10:55 and continue sleeping.

Wake up around 13:30. Top asks for another 300, which I give him. 14:00 Birthday party for one of the boys. Most of the cake ends in a cake battle, everyone gets cakes smeared into face (me too, but only a symbolic amount).

Then to the river, where the boys spend the afternoon. Two are my type, and among other customers are some cute boys, too. River shore is largely concrete plus stones for easy access.

I spend the afternoon in the shade overlooking the river (don’t want to get sunburn), reading. Chat up the cute kitchen helper (Khmer boy Pirung). Can’t read and write Thai, has never been to Bangkok. His room is 50 meter from our bungalow.

Afternoon/evening eating, drinking, sometimes boys go by car to get food/drink, sleeping.

Chat up cute boy Boss from our party. Has been in wet swimwear the entire evening. No reaction when I put hand on shoulder first, then knee, then upper thigh every time I talk to him.

Walk around the resort at night to enjoy smell of flowers of Alstonia Scholaris tree and chat up other people who work there, another cut boy around.

Then I spot Pirung taking the mocy into his room, I guess this is the sign work is over (21:00). Ask if I can come into his room for chat. He plays on his mobile on facebook (lots of pictures of girls) and friends me. Then hug him from behind and kiss his neck. Tell him to get up and take off his shirt (I was out during the day shirtless already) and hug him. Now his body language becomes evasive-defensive. After he tells me three times he wants to sleep now because has to get up early tomorrow, I say goodnight and leave. A minute later, I think I should have offered money.

Everyone inside bungalow sleeping. Aircon and duvets (which I much prefer over fan and no cover). Those who have girlfriend are wrapped around each other. Put my hand under Boss’ duvet and into his underwear to feel his dick: big and no hair on balls. When I stroke it, he changes position and makes some sound, so I leave him alone. (Spoiler: it won’t get any sexier in this post.) Unfortunately, there was no space next to him in bed, otherwise I would have slept there for more groping.

Go to bed and watch movie on my mobile. Around 23, boys still awake play tricks with sleeping boys (put ice on face or in hand). Sleep midnight. Keep my pants with wallet, mobile, camera on during night after theft in friendly territory in Sakon Nakon in July.

Saturday 14.11.2015
6:00 loud waking call (shouting, banging on metal), everyone gets up. Drive to Khun Dan dam (spot van line 967 from Bangkok to the dam). 

Then back to bungalow to pick up all our stuff. Continue to Nang Rong waterfall. To my surprise, no entry fee (the waterfall belongs to Khao Yai National Park). Later ask Top for explanation: when there was entry fee, nobody came, so they dropped it. The way to upper levels was blocked with a warning sign, I found the lower levels underwhelming.

When we arrived 8:20, we were the first. Later more people came, estimated 50 visitors. There is no ban on food (styrofoam and plastic bags) and glass bottles like in other national parks. I saw plenty of empty glass bottles scattered around, even near the rocks and water.

I stay on the shore and read for a while, don't want to get wet and sunburn. But when I realize they are going to stay much longer, I change into swimwear and join. Around midday, it starts to rain, everyone gets wet. When cleaning up our waste, we drop several empty glass bottles into the current and they are washed away. (Difficult to carry stuff and walk on uneven ground in a current.)

Give 500 for petrol to one boy so he can go home now to start work in the afternoon. One boy Game is missing. We wait about one hour, then communication by mobile is resumed: He is at Wat Prommanee already (how did he get there). Top tells me that the 2500 was thought as a loan, but something went wrong and he can't return it (sounds like the boy who was in charge of finances embezzled it). 

Visit Wat Khao Daeng (วัดเขาแดง, my suggestion) and Ganesh park, then return to Bangkok.

Dinner on boat in Klong Rangsit, they boys have no money left so I invite everyone (800 for 10 people, the bill was presented as number on pocket calculator where staff added up the individual dishes and drinks, highly unprofessional). A boy Boss Vipa16 calls, I will pick him up at Hua Lampong on my way home.

From Rangsit, bringing people in our car home will be the following way: Western ringroad to Southern bus terminal, then Sathorn for me, then Samrong, then Sirirat (where Top lives). (If you look at map you will see this makes little sense and will take hours in traffic jam.) My suggestion would have been Nakon Nayok, Eastern ringroad, Samrong, Sathorn, Sirirat, Southern bus terminal.

When we pass Future Rangsit 17:16 I think of getting out here to get bus 29 or 34 Hua Lampong, which will take as long as going by car via Western ring road and Southern bus terminal and has no vagaries (keep vagaries in mind, we will come back to this next paragraph). And no further money requests possible, and I can pick up a boy Boss Vipa16 at Hua Lampong.

Reach Western ring road 17:36. Shortly afterwards, Top tells me he is tired (little sleep at night, driving all day) and asks if I can take bus from Southern bus terminal. Yes, can (line 507, can take the others to Samrong as well!). I thought of suggesting that anyway.

Arrive at Southern bus terminal 18:06. Top asks for money for food, I give him 100. Wait at the bus stop in front of the bus terminal. Several buses pass, but no 507. Ask others: we are on the wrong side, have to cross road (Boromratchachonnani). On the other side, still no 507. Check the bus stop on google maps: 507 not listed! I vaguely remember I had a similar problem before, and 507 bus garage is behind Southern bus station, and 507 does not pass in front on either way (maybe Pong can clarify on this?).

Get bus onto bus 149 at 18:28. The other two get off at Pata Pinklao to change bus to go to City Walk (instead of changing bus on Rama 4 to go to Samrong), I get off on Rama 4 at 19:41.

Bus 149 doesn’t pass Hua Lampong, so I can’t pick up Boss Vipa16. Call him from my room: he doesn’t know how to get to me and is tired, postpone. Top Suk62 called me 16:26, I told him I will be back in 3 hours. Call him 21:00 from my room, can meet in 30 minutes (still no message from him when I go to bed around 23). Wut Roi Et wants 5000, I offered 500. We have been through this a few times (5000 or 4000 or an expensive mobile phone, wonder where the boy gets these ideas?).

Conclusion: the absolute chaos, no plan at all, but it works somehow. Boys were sleeping or eating at any possible time of the day. My hopes of an all-male trip with boners in the morning were not fulfilled. Traveling alone, I could have done the sightseeing faster, cheaper and more conveniently.

The boy Top is an amazing social experiment. Incredible how much punctuality, common sense, sense of orientation (he used google maps for navigation) and manners a 3-year stint in Germany  during his youth instilled in him. (On the other hand, I wonder how detrimental 3 years in Thailand have been to my punctuality, work commitment and character.) Future meetings will provide more insight.

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  1. As always very entertaining. Maybe no sex, but enough miles!

  2. ChristianPFC, this entry is tytled 'Trip To NN with some Thai friends'

    Man, they are NOT your friends, they are a group of Thai friends, and you may have met one of them before. You were invited to pay for it.
    Now, I pay for people sometimes, but I take advantage of them as well, so at the end it all evens out. But to give some questionable Thai guy 2500 baht, nd in return you MAY be able to group them in bed is a bad deal. You are over paying, grouping in bed should not cost more than 500 baht.

    Christiaan, I know you are smart guy and you know excatly whats going on, what happened on this trip didn't come to you as some surprise, you knew beforehand what your function is gonna be during tht trip, and why you were invited. Your calculation went something like this, correct me where Im wrong - they use me, but I will use them as well, both parties win, and you maay even come up on top. Well, you didnt! This trip was a disaster!

    Please, ChristianPFC, don't fall for shit like this, you know this country, you know Thais.. why do you fall for the same shit over aand over and OVER again! Pls stop, dude! Yur generosity is perceived as stupidity by Thais. Don't think you make friends, you are just paying bills, that is our purpose here.
    If I was on trip like this, I would leave in the midddle of it, by any means possible, there is nothing more humiliating than being made a fool.

    1. I agree, "friend" is far fetched. The trip was entertaining, but certainly not worth leaving at 3am or getting up at 6am or spending a total of 2500+300+500+800+100=4200 Baht!

      I think I know when I'm being taken for a ride financially, but in this case I think it my wallet was a fringe benefit for them.

    2. Going out on a limb here, I'm guessing, but are a type of guy who a collects new experiences, situations you haven't been before. Is it little bit like that? Some people collect stamps, some people collect sexual partners, trying to have as many as physically possible, and the rules are that the guy with the most partners wins.

      But not you. You don't collect raw sex acts, you don't seem to be in search of perfect partner. And you are not chasing the number of partners, the number of partners is of no interest to you, and certainly not a challenge, you are after the experience itself, the process leading up to it.

      You are testing people. Most recent example, the guy attempting to steal your camera. You knowingly leave an opening, and you observe how the test ssubject reacts. You are conducting an experiment. This recent trip here was another experiment, you knew before you ever joined this group of Thais what was your intended purpose in their minds, yet you went for it, because you wanted to be proven right or wrong. Even tho you knew the outcome with 90% accuracy. And your prediction was correct. The experiment carried a cost, experiments always do, this time 4200 baht, and this is little more than I would be willing to part with.

      I'm reading your life, and it is fascinating! I have never read any blog like this, not even close to it. From body temepraatures to cab fares. This here is unique. I wish people who want to learn about Thailand, and gay life here in particular found your blog, and read every page of it! It would save SO much money and time for people who haven't been here, but plan moving here in hopes to find their true love, Thailand is Land Of Smiles, afterall lol.

      ChristianPFC, you have said your hope is to find a Thai boyfriend, but I hope it will never happen! I sincerely hope it won't happen to you, you are such a nice, sincere, sweet guy, you deserve a good, happy life!

    3. "conduct an experiment" partially describes it. I create situations or enter situations created by other to see what happens. I have some ideas, and these are usually correct. All I can lose is some money, time and in this case sleep, and sometimes miss the opportunity to do something more productive with my time and money.

      The last paragraph is a bit hard on Thai boys. There are decent Thai boys out there, and there are Thai boys I am sexually attracted to out there, but so far both attributes have been exclusive.

  3. Hi Christian

    I just went through some of your blogs they're pretty interesting. Thanks for sharing and I hope to see you :)


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