Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Pattaya Nov 2015

Pattaya Nov 2015

Low numbers of customers, but still plenty of cute boys. Apart from pockets of activity (5 customers at the same time in Eros), pretty quiet.

Tuesday 03.11.2015
Van from Victory Monument to Tuk Com now only 92 Baht (was 99). 15:39-17:16, petrol/toilet/food stop, 17:31-18:19. Food court in basement of Tuk-Com is gone (had the one or other meal there and brought or spotted the one or other boy there), now there is a Tops market. Walking from Tuk-Com to Sunee, I meet one old acquaintance by chance. Then I pass a cute boy, we smile at each other, look back, stop, walk back for chat, exchange contact information (Mai in Paradise massage). Meet Farang friend for dinner, then go to bars alone.

Power Boys 20:48-21:21. Total 4 other customers during my stay, 10 boys in individual underwear (briefs or trunks) and bare feet on stage. Music too loud, too cold (move to get out of air stream), no rotation. Orange juice 145, beer for boy 170, off fee 400.

A boy (number 3, Song สอง) I remember from before is my type and smiles at me, so I take him off. Good English, cute face, nice body. In my room everything fine (hugging, cuddling, kissing, sucking; no resistance when I fingered him – there might be room for more, literally; big dick about 5 inch limp and 6 inch hard), not rushed and overall good attitude. 1100 Baht well deserved (usually I tip 1000), highly recommended!

Eros 22:43-23:18. Total estimated 8 customers during my stay. 12 boys in shorts (some of them with underwear underneath, but that easily comes off when necessary) and bare feet. Some good old sleaze; I’m content with watching others. One new boy (2 days in bar) looks cute and I think it’s a boy Bank from Rayong whom I met 4 years ago. Call him over for a chat: Mai from Pathum Thani. Tip him 100 and leave.

Kawaii boys 23:50-01:12. Total 3 customers during my stay. About 15 boys in individual underwear and bare feet. Music, light and rotation ok, too cold and smoking allowed. Numbers 11, 21 and 26 are cute, tip 11 100 Baht and leave, they close shortly afterwards.

Stroll along Walking street, a boy First I had before spots me and exchange Line, then to bed alone.

Wednesday 04.11.2015
Spend day at Koh Larn (see separate post). A boy I had before spotted me and messages me on Line.

Go to Paradise massage (near Tuk Com) to meet Mai for 1 hour oil massage (300 Baht). Massage takes place on ground floor, and only a curtain as separation. Had to ask to switch off the music (too loud and would better fit in a disco than massage). Good massage, then quickly turns to afters. He gets naked and we both get hard, but I’m not horny (tired from walking all day; Mai has long fingernails, a bit too cold and hairy). Tip him 400 Baht and notice I was seriously short-changed time-wise (18:25-19:05 in massage room).

Party at Francois’ place at 19:30. As last year, Francois is a great host and there is little reason to complain (aircon too cold). Food was great, short of caviar and oysters, but we had salmon, can’t judge about the wine as I don’t drink. Some interesting conversations. Finally leave 1:00 am. Postpone visit to BoysBoysBoys to next time, chat with Farang friends is more interesting!

On way home pick up Mai at Paradise massage to stay overnight with me.

Thursday 05.11.2015
Didn’t sleep well (aircon fan was noisy, so switched off aircon and use fan instead for Mai, but I can’t sleep with wind so had to fully cover my body with duvet). In the morning some hugging and groping, both of us hard. Mai fucks me, then takes shower and dresses. I have to ask him to come to me for assisted wanking before leaving (start work at 11). He asks for money, so I give him 500.

It started promising on Tuesday, and ended so-so on Thursday. Will probably leave it at genuine massage next time we meet.

Breakfast and visit to TAT office (Tourism Authority of Thailand), then van to Bangkok.

No time for online activities during this trip.

Now I can finally confirm: for me, Pattaya has lost her magic! I was excited after almost 3 months of absence and reading others' reports on gaythailand, but once I’m there, just so-so. Even Walking Street, the craziest place on earth, can only elicit a “mildly entertaining” from me. Pattaya fatigue? 

If you are looking for more exiting report, go here: 
Vessey's Trip Report August 2015

The "mildly entertaining" is for watching fatties like this one, with a crease on the back of his head where sweat collects to form a dark line and who is so fat he can't put his arms down so his hands touch his thighs:

Big cock show at BoysBoysBoys can be postponed, chat with Farang friends is more interesting! Luckily, TAT office opening times (8:30-16:30) do not overlap with bars, otherwise I would have to decide where to go!

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  1. ChristianPFC and Pattaya fatigue, who would thought ? ! ?

  2. Forgot to mention shirtless freelancers at Jasmine bar and guesthouse (between Elephant Plaza and Forest House), good idea! ChristianPFC

  3. The TOPS supermarket has been in the Tuk Com basement for at least 8 years as far as I know. Has it now expanded into the space occupied by the food court ?

  4. You are right, it was there before and has expanded. I didn't pay notice to the TOPS (but now that you say it I remember), but the food court is a loss.

  5. ChristianPFC, what is a fair tip fo a gogo Boy to take for a drink in a bar but don't take him away. Is 20 bath or 50 bath enough ?

    1. If I invite a boy, I buy him a drink and pay him 100. 50 might be ok, 20 a bit miserly. If I didn't invite the boy, I don't buy drink and don't tip unless I like him. Sometimes I off a boy immediately, then no drink and no tip in bar.

  6. I'm looking at the photo of a guy on Walking St, and I wonder.. how do guys like he pee? I don't think he can reach his penis, the belly fat, and the layers and layers of skin and fat must cover the penis. So how do they do it?

    Do they just stand up, and just let it flow, and shower afterwards, to wash off all the pee that stays on the skin?

  7. i didnt feel the magic this time either in pty & after talking to 2 other guys still working & visiting like me they sadly said the same, they might be back soon but i sadly wont after a lovely time of 15 years visiting but no more! bored after a week!!
    id come back for a week if possible but travelling from UK for just a week dont really work unless maybe a side trip, fairwell thailand you will sadly be missed :(

  8. Party at Francois’ place at 19:30. As last year, Francois is a great host and there is little reason to complain (aircon too cold). Food was great, short of caviar and oysters, but we had salmon, can’t judge about the wine as I don’t drink.

    Francois'Thai boyfriend loves oysters and ate all of them before arrival of guests. He said, "I eat หอย before young German man come; him eat everything."



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