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Phraya Nakhon cave in Sam Roi Yot National Park

Phraya Nakhon cave in Sam Roi Yot National Park
ถ้ำพระยานคร อช.สามร้อยยอด

I have seen pictures of this cave with pavilion built in it and sunlight through hole in the ceiling before. Now with B and N staying in Hua Hin and renting a car, it’s within reach.

Khuha Kharuehat Pavillion พระที่นั่งคูหาคฤหาสน์ has become the symbol of Prachuap Khiri Khan province ประจวบคีรีขันธ์.

Location (hole in ceiling/ground on satellite image):

No public transport. 42 km by air or 51 km by road south of Hua Hin Railway station. From closest point on AH2 = hwy4 = Phetkasem road still 28 km. 

Entry 200 Baht for foreigner, 40 for Thai. Several km drive from national park entrance (ticket sale, information) to car park for cave. Then, at the entrance booth, there is a distance of 2 km shown and a steep stairway up the mountain. I didn't know that before.

That weeds out the old, fat, sick and unfit (sorry if this applies to any of my readers). After 5 steps, B gives up and N stays with him (out of solidarity or out of laziness?). 

This allows for an interesting comparison of our lifestyles: B has worked hard his life and now can enjoy his retirement in luxury, but is unable to climb 2 km, which is just warming up for me. I enjoy my life while I'm young, but will spend old age in poverty if I continue this way (or commit suicide once I realize it will only go down financially, physically, psychically).

View back to parking, restaurant, beach, mountains:

Along the way, there was a rock slide. The brown spots are crystalline quartz (?) on limestone:

On the other side of the promontory, there is Laem Sala Beach หาดแหลมศาลา which is inaccessible by car, but there is a boat service from car park for 300 THB according to

From beach, it's only 430 m to cave, but again rocky.

past stalactites that look like a waterfall

into first cave, which has two holes on the ceiling

Second cave with pavilion. Judging from sunlight, the light should fall on the pavilion in the morning, confirmed by asking staff (11 am is best time).

and more stalactites and stalagmites and handwriting of Thai kings who visited the cave

these spots on the ground are from dripping water

but I've no idea where these structures come from (looks similar, but smaller, to Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park Phitsanulok)

Back to car park with restaurant with sea view where B and N were waiting for me, recovering from car ride and lunch. They have menus in English and in Thai language, with prices in English higher:

Finally, nearby Wat Bang Pu วัดบางปู has a roof covered with green glass bottles. That makes 6 bottle temples, the other 5 see here:

The cave alone is worth the trip from Hua Hin. We missed the viewpoint Khao Daeng (B and N too lazy and wouldn't wait for me) and the lotus swamp บึงบัว (construction work on hwy 4, entrance blocked).

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  1. another perfect piece of travel report from you, danke schoen

  2. Hi ChristianPFC.............why don't you ever go to the outdoor mor lam shows? I got sent a video of one recently - they're just great.

    1. I have been to Mor Lam, about one per year. But it's not so much my style: too loud, I don't like standing long time, I don't sing and I don't dance unless I'm drunk, but I don't drink either!

  3. Old, fat, sick, unfit etc? How cruel of you Christian. Someday you will also be old.5555



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