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Wat Khao Angkarn in Buriram province

Wat Khao Angkarn in Buriram province
วัดเขาอังคาร ต.เจริญสุข อ.เฉลิมพระเกียรติ จ.บุรีรัมย์

Famous four unusual architectural style, ancient Sema stones ใบเสมา, location on top of an extinct volcano Khao Phra Angkarn เขาพระอังคาร. Other names and spellings Wat Khao Phra Angkarn / Angkhan.

14.5347402,102.8341074 = 14°32'05.1"N 102°50'02.8"E
18 km by car south-east of Nang Rong bus station.

There is no public transport. From Nang Rong bus station, I hired car for 500 Baht return (go 10:02-30, stay there one hour, return 11:31-12:02). Inquire about round trips Nang Rong - Phanom Rung - Mueang Tam - Nang Rong: 800 Baht.

Didn't spot any locals there, but two other white tourists.

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